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What's it all about?

How do I know which products I'll receive?

Out of fairness to all savvy circle members, all successful applicants will receive, completely at random, two hair removal products from Braun to try out with their partner.

What products are available in our project?

For the ladies, we'll be trying out the Braun Silk-épil 5 and Braun Silk-épil 9 epilators, as well as the Braun FACE epilator and facial cleanser (plus various refill packs)

For the other halves, we have the Braun Series 3 and Series 9 electric shavers.

What is expected of successful applicants?

We'd like, in return for receiving a fab Braun Starter Kit, all successful applicants to write two honest reviews of the products they receive on supersavvyme. It's as simple as that!

About the Silk-épil epilators

What's special about the Silk-épil 5?

The Silk-épil 5 is ideal for women who are new to epilation, it includes a cooling glove to soothe the skin after epilation, perfect to leave you with summer-ready pins.

What's special about the Silk-épil 9?

The Silk-épil 9 removes 4x shorter hair than wax. With 40 tweezers and a 40% wider head it delivers fast, precise epilation. It also has a comfort system with massage rollers that stimulates the skin, and can be used in the shower or bath for extra comfort.

About the Braun Face

What's special about the Braun Face cleanser & epilator?

Braun Face offers outstanding epilation, removing even the shortest hairs for up to 4 weeks, and also pore-deep cleaning for skin that glows. The compact design allows you to handle it like a mascara wand for ultimate precision and control - perfect for removing pesky hairs on the chin, upper lip, forehead and eyebrows. The unique cleansing system promises to restore glow to your skin by removing make-up and impurities. With its hundreds of micro-oscillations, the Braun Face cleansing brush works 6 times better than manual cleansing. It exfoliates, removes dead skin cells and encourages skin rejuvenation.

The Braun men's Series 3 & 9 shavers

What is the benefit of using the Series 3 shaver?

The Braun Series 3 is the latest generation of the world's best-selling foil shaver, it delivers better shaving performance on 3-day beards as well as being incredibly smooth on skin. The Wet and Dry models can even be used in the shower to speed up your morning skincare routine. And last but by no means least, the Series 3 combines the world-famous Braun design with the highest Braun quality.

What is the benefit of using the Series 9 shaver?

The Braun Series 9 is Braun’s most efficient and comfortable shaver. The Syncrosonic technology delivers 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute for an outstandingly thorough shave and amazing skin comfort.

Our online reviews

Where do we find the right pages to review our products?

Successful applicants will find their two personal links in their dashboard area.

Click here to go to your Braun dashboard. From there you'll see two links. Simply click each one to go through to supersavvyme and write your reviews!

How do we confirm we've written a review?

Once you've written a review on supersavvyme it's important you share this with us.

To do this, simply click on "Write a Conversation Report" alternatively click here to go to our online form and add the relevant info. It's as simple as that.