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Braun Silk-expert IPL

Braun Silk-expert IPL results

230 savvy circlers tested out the Braun Silk-expert over four weeks, left their honest reviews across the web and helped women throughout the country decide if IPL is right for them. Take a look at just some of their results!

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What is your general impression of the Braun Silk-expert IPL? - 190 ratings
99% will continue to use the Braun Silk-expert after our project - 190 ratings
What star rating would you give the Braun Silk-expert IPL? - 190 ratings

Braun Silk-expert IPL info

  • Uses intense pulsed light technology to safely and permanently remove body hair

  • Unique SensoAdapt skin tone sensor measures your skin tone and adjusts the intensity of the light treatment automatically before every flash

    Silk-expert results

  • Results visible after just 4 weekly treatments
  • RRP £399
Ambassador opinions
Silk-expert results

I love the device. So pleased with it so far! Easy to use at home. I used it on my legs, chin and underarms. I noticed very little hair regrowth after 3 treatments. Love the fact that I do not need an expensive salon treatment anymore!

savvy circler Kira 1979

Ambassador Opinions
Silk-expert results

I have nothing bad to say about it - it was very easy to use and I’ve told all of my family and friends about it :) You have made a very hairy lady very happy to be hair-free and feeling good about myself for a change.

savvy circler 88Shirley88

Ambassador opinions
Silk-expert results

I really like the Silk-expert as it's easy to hold and convenient to use. I used it on arms, underarms, legs and chin area. It seems quite effective on arm and underarm area [...] I am very satisfied with the use to date - it's pain free and easy to use!

savvy circler Bhanu

Ambassador opinions
Silk-expert results

This product actually works and is not just another gimmick on the market. It is so easy to use and I can definitely see the change and difference in my hair growth. [...] No more worrying about breaking the bank on the expensive salon IPL treatment, you can have your own IPL in the comfort of your own home. [...] I loved every moment of this trial and I will continue using this gadget!

savvy circler Emilie