Time for some spring savings!

Hello savvy circlers – can you feel the spring springing? That’s right – the first glimmers of bright sunshine are arriving, and the bare-skin season is almost upon us once more. So before the really warm weather kicks in, let’s take the chance to get our ultra-smooth skin ready – for ourselves and our friends! ☀

As Braun IPL Ambassadors, we’ve already got the perfect tools for the job – but there’s friends and loved ones out there who are still struggling to find just the right thing: which IPL should they choose? What kind of discounts can they get? So let them all know that the worry is over – because we’ve got a list of our recommendations right here!

And every single one of them is on sale at the until 27th February, which – combined with YOUR 5% discount code – entitles them to up to 55% off the total price. If that’s not the deal of the pre-summer, we don’t know what is!

So here’s our recommendations:

Now, if you needed any extra tips and tricks for spreading the good word, why not share this blog post with your friends? Seeing all those deals listed in one place is sure to get them excited.

Or better yet – take a screenshot and share it in your Insta/Facebook stories! Don’t forget to include your unique discount code, and a link sticker to the Braun shop:

Remember, these promotions only last until midnight - so get sharing now!❗

@all: How were you first product demonstrations? What are your friends most excited by?

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Elsan13 • 1 month ago

First of all I want to thank you for being part of this project and I would like to express my admiration for the fact that I can share my personal opinion both in front of my family and friends and here on the blog. As a proud owner of this product I can call myself truly happy that I can take advantage of its services and deal with unwanted hair in a very modern and painless way. I have a small cottage in the outskirts of London and sometimes we visit it as a family but this time I wanted to organize a great weekend for me and my girlfriends there as our guest of honour was my BRAUN IPL. We were all very excited as it was a weekend with girlfriends where we could celebrate our femininity and make ourselves even more beautiful for our partners and for our own self-esteem, of course. I felt very good in the role of presenter as I had a lot of things to talk about and share with them such as different tips that were given to them during the course of use as well as how to clean and store. I felt the attention on me and everyone was focused on what I was showing and explaining to them. Тhere were a number of questions followed by comprehensive answers from my side which definitely made this demo a huge success.

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