Ready to make savvy circle history with Braun IPL?

Hello and welcome to this one-of-a-kind project. If you’ve received an email to welcome you aboard then you’re in the right place and we couldn’t be more delighted to have you here. 💕

Get chatting and find out who wants to know more about IPLs!

You’re joining an exclusive group of Braun IPL lovers who are ready to spread the word and share positive experiences (and whopping discounts) for the Braun IPL. If your friends choose to get involved, you could earn up to £200 in Amazon Gift Cards! 💰

Your very special missions 💬

  1. Talk to your friends about IPL IRL

    The success of this project really does come down to communication. Some of your pals may be perfectly happy with their razors or fortnightly trip to the salon but others might just love the idea of up to 1 year of smooth skin from head to toe. Get chatting and find out who wants to know more.

  2. Host product demonstrations at your place

    This will be the most important part of the project! Once you’ve worked out which of your pals are interested, invite them over, or take the IPL with you when you meet up. Show them how it's used on your skin, and encourage them to have a go themselves. While you're chatting, share your own experiences with the Braun IPL and answer any questions they might have.

  3. Share your discount code

    If your pals are considering getting a Braun IPL, share your 5% discount code with them! When they use it alongside current promotions on before 13th March, they'll enjoy a whopping discount of up to 44%!

    Find your unique codes here

  4. Share your survey

    As this project is the first of its kind, we’d love you to share a quick online survey with your pals so we can find out what they think too.

Your reward 🎁

When your unique code is used for the first 5 times, you'll receive a £40 Amazon Gift Card for each purchase made. This means you can earn up to a total of £200 in Amazon Gift Cards by the end of the project*. Our project runs until 31st March, so you have more than 6 weeks to reach the maximum financial reward. The promotions on, however, only run until 13th March, so your friends have until then to bag up to 44% off their Braun IPL.

Your very first task 🎯

Ready to get started? Reach out to friends, relatives and colleagues and start the conversation about IPL. Are they happy with their current method of hair removal or does the sound of smooth skin for a year (without a fiddly razor or pricey salon visit in sight!) sound appealing? If they're interested, invite them over and let them try your Braun IPL!

@all: What do you think your friends will find most interesting about Braun IPLs?

*Click here for full terms and conditions


Lynne45 • 3 months ago

Finally invested in a product that works! No more painful and ongoing waxing. Literally this was besr product I've ever bought! My legs are smooth and ready for spring reveal 💕

Mariya86 • 3 months ago

Oh that's so lovely. Thank you for choosing me to spread a good word about Braun IPL. Will do my best to promote it here and there and help the brand with sellings.

komqas • 3 months ago

I think the most interesting thing about this Braun IPL is the painless method. I did laser a few years back and hated it so much because of the burning of skin and then found out about Braun IPL. I have seen a huge difference in hair growth and would happily willing to spread the word

xjessxdun • 3 months ago

Devastated I didn't make it to be honest. But happy for everyone chosen. I bet this IPL works better than the one I've used. Excited to find out what everyone is saying - might buy one if the results impress

MissMary • 3 months ago

Hi xjessxdun, thank you for your kind understanding! We're sorry you couldn't join us this time. Just to clarify, for this project, participants needed their own Braun IPL as we don't send out products. We hope to see you in a different project soon! 😊

MrsA2017 • 3 months ago

I’m so glad I got chosen to be on the team. It’s a great product and it’s so simple to use. Looking forward to get the girls together and do demos with them and I’ll post pics and codes too xx

Emzl85 • 3 months ago

I’m soooo glad to be chosen to spread the word about this amazing product. It’s easy to use and has reduced the growth of my hair with no pain! The aim is to be hair free for a year. I’m excited to see more results in the coming weeks.

Mariya86 • 2 months ago

The funny thing is that I've got mine January on my birthday, a gift from my partner. And he said "This is your Christmas and Birthday present, for many many years ahead!" Only if we knew about this promotion or if it was done earlier, we could of saved so much money 😄 Nevermind, when you really want something, you'll sooner or later get it, discounted or full price. In the end of the day, the treat is a treat and I'm glad I have the opportunity to help others to save some money and get such a lovely treat! ❤️

Tracyjohnstacey • 2 months ago

Would love to try this at my age 0f 60 you get more facial hair and you can't shave I use a spring to remove it but it's painful would love to give this a try to make it less painful for je

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