Looking for some final-stretch inspiration? We’ve got you.

We’re sure all your friends are impressed with your expert demonstrations and the irresistibly smooth skin you’ve been getting. So don’t stop now! There’s still time to get the word out even further, but the clock is ticking – and now there’s just over a week to go to secure that £200 in Amazon gift cards!

3 social posts on smart phone

What you can do, and where, and how.

Luckily, it’s a simple enough task – your unique code and the Braun shop link in as many DMs is really all it takes to earn big. But just in case you want something a bit more creative, here’s a few ideas to get you going:

Review your IPL on your socials.

Post your favourite things about your Braun, wherever your friends can see it! Whether it’s a picture or a video, share your experiences and let everyone know why you can’t live without the IPL. And don’t forget to mention the potential 55% discount (and your unique discount code)!

Post in groups

From Facebook hobby groups and parenting groups to local neighbourhood chat rooms – post a link to the Braun shop with your own discount code.

Get your unique discount code

Get talking, wherever you’re going.

At the office water cooler, in the coffee queue, at the gym, in the farmer’s market or over the garden fence – wherever there’s people, let them know what the Braun IPL can do for them. And don’t forget to take your leaflets with your discount codes!

Remember special occasions.

Mother's day is approaching – and so is International Women’s Day! So why not branch out and talk to people who might be in the gift-giving mood?

Take your IPL with you

Got a meet-up planned already? Why not bring your IPL along, just in case? You never know when a live demonstration might come in handy. And again – remember those discount codes!

And whatever it is you’re posting, remember the following:

  • Always include the link to the Braun Shop:
  • Always include your online discount code
  • Always remind people that there’s up to 55% off until 13th March, on ALL IPLs - including the new Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7!
  • And always invite your followers to ask any questions, online or in-person – it’s what you’re there for!
  • And finally, always use the hashtags #ad, #BraunIPLambassador, and #savvycircle

Don’t forget to report back to us!

Whether you’re posting online or talking to your friends in person, the Braun team would love to see the pictures. So share your photos and links - and remember, your activity will always show up on future savvy circle project applications.

Upload photos Upload links

Just a few days left! Whatever you’ve got planned, make sure you finish up by the 13th to get those big rewards!

So, let’s see what’s next!

@all Do you have any special plans for the last few days of the campaign?


komqas • 2 months ago

I am unable to post photos, it's not giving any option to upload photos

Fodzilla • 2 months ago

I’ve been unable to load photos too and a bit hit and miss with Loading URL for posts so no idea if the links have gone through.

MissMary • 2 months ago

Hi Fodzilla, thanks for your comment! I can confirm that we received your URLs, but haven't received your photos. 😕 I'll send you an e-mail with next steps!

komqas • 2 months ago

Yes Godzilla, even I emailed them and it's not been corrected yet
I don't think they are taking this campaign seriously

MissMary • 2 months ago

Hi komqas, thanks for letting us know! We've been receiving photos from other participants, so we would need more details from you to be able to determine the cause of this. We haven't received any e-mails from you but we just sent you one now with further steps! 😊

Rowson • 1 month ago

Love to try Heidi rowson ❤

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