Aussie Super Serum

Aussie Super Serum

Say G’day to Aussomely good hair 🦘

Dry, damaged hair crying out for help? 😨 Good news: it’s time to say g’day to Aussie Super Serum Leave-In Treatment. This all-in-one wonder serum moisturises, smooths, softens and detangles hair. It also controls frizz and fly-aways and helps prevent split ends. Not only that, it moisturises for up to 100 hours* . 💧 Bonza!

Fancy spending more time living your life, and less time worrying about your hair? Aussie Super Serum Leave-In Treatment is about to become your new best buddy.

Apply now!

  • Picture of Aussie Super Serum with product benefits listed
  • For all dry hair in distress
  • Use after your shower routine or on-the-go between washes
  • From silky cream to liquid moisture gleam
  • How to use

Fancy joining the Aussie crew? 🦘

We’re looking for 980 savvy circlers to discover the magic of the brand new Aussie Super Serum. As member of the team, you will:

  1. Try out Aussie Super Serum and experience smooth, soft hydration in an instant ✨

  2. Share super cute video content to TikTok and Insta 📷

  3. Leave a review on SuperSavvyMe 💬

Your starter kit will include

  • 1x Aussie Super Serum
  • A project handbook to give you all of the info you need

EXTREMELY DRY HAIR IN DISTRESS calling SOS? We're throwing an Aussie lifeline to leave you with aussomely moisturised hair for 100 hours*.

Submit your application now

If your dry and distressed hair is calling out for a bit of love then say G’day to your new hair bestie.

@all: Fancy 100 hours* of moisturised hair in seconds?

*vs. shampoo only

💻If you are not a member of the SuperSavvyMe and savvy circle community, make sure to register here first.


Arshzan • 14 days ago

Fingers crossed🤞

cs31 • 14 days ago

Sounds like a great product especially for the hot weather we are starting to get.

Mamafish23 • 14 days ago

With bleached blonde hair my hairs constantly in need of hydration it’s dryer than the Sahara desert

MrsA2017 • 14 days ago

I’ve tried to join the Aussie ambassador project but when I’m clicking on it it’s just taking me back to the same page? #aussieambassador

MissMary • 7 days ago

Hi MrsA2017, you already filled out the application. 😊

Siankelsey • 12 days ago

Im so excited!!! My hair is extremely dry from bleaching!! fingers crossed!! x

SavvycirclerChelle33 • 12 days ago

🤞 how exciting... xx

CharlotteC94 • 11 days ago

Good luck everyone :)

Leona21 • 11 days ago

Can't access VIP applications when clicking apply now just keeps going back to same page would love to apply hair like Beatle juice and in need of desperate attention and what better than filling socials with video proof the products are fantastic @supersavvyme @savvycircle

MissMary • 7 days ago

Hi Leona21, we received your application, good luck! 🦘

lucyfunnell22 • 10 days ago

Would love this get this, my hair so so damaged for bleach and heat. Ive also got postpartum hair loss so hopefully this would save my hair. Fingers crossed

Monika42 • 10 days ago

I looking for one product help me with dry hair and this look perfectly 👌 great

MissMary • 7 days ago

Sounds like a perfect match! 🤩

Abcmoniz • 10 days ago

Fingers crossed 🤞

Niceboyss • 10 days ago

I’d love to try this on my dry frizzy hair .

reggaequeen • 10 days ago

I would be absolutely honoured to trial the Aussie super serum. My hair is in desperate need of tlc. I have curly hair so it frizzes all the time. I haven't seen a hair dressers in a couple of years. My hair is also coloured. Really hope I'm chosen for this 🙏

Cleanandsparkeatlauras • 8 days ago

Ohhh just applied for this would love to be chosen for this project good luck all

MissMary • 7 days ago

Good luck! 😊🤞

Demmi • 7 days ago

Just applied :) My hair could do with a little nurishment. Good luck everyone!!

asu78 • 5 days ago

My hair is dry and in dull condition, needs Tender loving care - Thanks so much

simo692 • 5 days ago

Very excited to take part in this fantastic Aussie Super Serum project.. Can't wait to share it on Instagram and TikTok🤞😊🙏🤩

reggaequeen • 4 days ago

ooh not long now before application phase has ended and we found out who are savvy circler's are! good luck everyone :)

Meljel • 4 days ago

My hair is in desperate need of some TLC ☺️

Leesa • 4 days ago

Fingers crossed

Shammi • 3 days ago

Very excited to use it..

sammy174 • 3 days ago

Can't wait to find out if I've been chosen 🤔

Gw1358 • 3 days ago

No good for me I don’t do video or use tic toc

eph19 • 3 days ago

just what I need

cetommy • 3 days ago


Rhodes51 • 3 days ago

Can not wait to take part my hair needs this product. Good luck to all

Eileenxxx • 3 days ago

Fingers crossed 🤞

Elise09 • 3 days ago

Fingers crossed 🤞

Sandybooth7 • 2 days ago

Fingers crossed good luck all

Louise80 • 2 days ago

Really hope I get to test this my hair really needs some TLC

Taff12011971 • 2 days ago

I'm so excited. I hope I'm chosen for this project. My hair is in desperate need of moisture!

Superbless • 2 days ago

Good luck all ❤️

Eileenxxx • 2 days ago

Been checking this all day , good luck all 🍀

reggaequeen • 2 days ago

I'm so excited for this project. I keep checking my emails hourly 😁
Really hope I'm chosen to take part and feel life and smoothness back into my hair ❤❤❤

Leona21 • 2 days ago

Fingers crossed for this as with having dry frizzy hair like Beatle juice and in need of desperate attention and what better than filling socials with video proof the products are fantastic this would be a great opportunity...good luck everyone

kt1000 • 2 days ago

I’d absolutely love to test this my hair is dry, damaged and frizzy and in need of a moisture boost. Fingers crossed I make the team.

Leona21 • 1 day ago

I am stalking emails🤣🤞this sounds fantastic I have mad hair and tried so many different products but nothing has tamed it yet.. so my hair would definitely put it through the test as my hair couldn't possibly get any worse ....even the post man looks scared 🤣good luck all you savvy members...even if I don't get choose I look forward to all the pictures and videos of them in my groups so you get those urls in I love being savvy 💯

Missmarshall • 1 day ago

Good luck everyone!

Demmi • 1 day ago

Good luck 👍🏾

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