Aussie SOS Save My Lengths!

Save lifeless locks as an Aussie SOS Save My Lengths! ambassador!

Are you an experienced Instagram user and looking for a solution for your long but dry hair to be saved? Then we are looking for you! In this Aussie SOS project, our goal will be to share exciting and creative posts and stories on Instagram, to show the nation that lifeless locks can be saved!

❗ You must be a member of both SuperSavvyMe and the savvy circle to apply for our projects. ❗

  1. Register to SuperSavvyMe: Click here to register.
  2. Upgrade your profile to become a savvy circle ambassador: Click here to upgrade your account.
  3. Apply for the project.

🙋 Join the #AussieATeam and become an Ambassador for Aussie SOS

The Aussie SOS ranges use exciting authentic Australian superfoods such as Tasmanian Pepper Berry and Caviar Lime and infuses hair with much-needed moisture. Working with local farmers and using sustainably sourced ingredients, all Aussie products are cruelty-free and the vegan. Save My Lengths! range is designed to give long hair the love it needs without a visit to the hairdresser. Fast-acting ingredients and long-lasting results make the SOS range the superhero your long hair has been waiting for.

As an #AussieATeam member, we will:

  • Test the Aussie SOS Save My Lengths! range on our hair
  • Share 2 posts on Instagram about our #AussieATeam experiences

👩🏾👩🏼 As part of a team of 1,000 savvy circlers, you will get to try…:

SOS Save My Lengths! Shampoo, and one of either:

  • SOS Save My Lengths! Supercharged Repair Hair Mask
  • SOS Save My Lengths! Supercharged Moisture Hair Mask
  • SOS Save My Lengths! 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment

Applications for this project are now closed.

@all: Which Aussie SOS Save My Lengths! product are you most excited to try?


aausrytiaa • 7 months ago

I'd love to make a team. Looking for a good product for my hear to get that super nice smooth lenght!!! 😎

lolabel • 7 months ago

I really do hope I make the dream team for this I have such unmanageable hair I’d love to find a new product to try and to use please pick me

peppermint_fairy • 7 months ago

Fingers crossed. The new range looks amazing!

sadiaanjum • 7 months ago

I hope I make it to the team my hair is need of growing as I have had it cut

sadiaanjum • 7 months ago

I am interested in the miracle dream mask as my hair is very dry and is in need of some nourishment.

sadiaanjum • 7 months ago

I hope I make it to the team my hair is need of growing as I have had it cut

sunshinemommy • 7 months ago

i hope i make the team ,my hair is in need of rescue

michelledone • 7 months ago

I hope I get to try this, hair is in definite need

Shaixo • 7 months ago

Would love to try these out they look amazing!

Eleyr126 • 7 months ago

I have my fingers and toes crossed for this one guys!! Would love to make the team xx

sumaya • 7 months ago

Anxiously waiting, this looks fantastic.
Would love to try this products on my curly locks, hope to get selected as this would be a lovely treat to my hair before the holidays.

Nikkib128 • 7 months ago

Fingers crossed I get invited in I love Aussie products and would love ❤️ to try these.

ClareJones16 • 7 months ago

Looking forward for the results from this one! Hoping I get chosen! My hair would certainly benefit from this haha! Good luck to everyone! :)

Light44 • 7 months ago

So hope I make the team too :)

Stresshead1 • 7 months ago

I would love to try this as my curly hair is so dry afterwashing.

QUEEN31KAY • 7 months ago

I would love love love to try this out please this is 1of my favourite hair care brands it's lasts a long time too would love to make an b apart of the team please fingers crossed. . Thank u . Good Luck to us all xoxo

lisea85 • 7 months ago

Would love to try this

hanenenasr • 7 months ago

Very excited about this project, hope I get cosen

Sheree13 • 7 months ago

I'd love to test this one , my hair feels lifeless and dull at the moment. This could be what it needs in these wintry months ❤

Alisauskaite • 7 months ago

Tikiuosi turėsiu galimybę išbandyti šį produktą. Ačiū.

Rosesparks • 7 months ago

I have hair half way down my back and use straighteners every week, or I leave it curly and in ringlets which need conditioning well because of the split ends, so keeping my fingers crossed for the Aussie team.
Really need help in keeping my frizzy locks well groomed and soft.

Kayl1987 • 7 months ago

I would love to try this, it smells amazing

Zoozoospetals • 7 months ago

My hair really needs saving after the past 18 months. Fingers crossed

Cutiepiechloe • 7 months ago

Fingers crossed hope I get to try this out.

Dawn_p • 7 months ago

Really hope I make this team as I really need to find something to sort my 4 & 1/2 foot long hair out. It is really in need of some attention after lockdown. I am still unable to get to a hairdressers. Fingers crossed

Jakki1 • 7 months ago

Oooo fingers crossed everyone x

kellyhathaway • 7 months ago

Fingers crossed 🤞🏽 hopefully chosen xx
Good luck c

Oli2015 • 7 months ago

Fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞.

Niceboys • 7 months ago

I’ve got my fingers crossed that I get chosen for this project as I have long dry hair that’s in need of rescuing 🙏

filizince • 7 months ago

I am so excited and waiting my project result.

MsAmberUk • 7 months ago

I’ve apply ….would love to get picked…I’ve heard great things about this range 👏🏾

Natalieardis • 7 months ago

I would love to be a part of this amazing hair is in serious need of some TLC.I have long bleached /highlighted hair and unfortunately my ends have suffered 😭.I love all of the aussie brand and so would be over the moon to be able to test this range. Please aussie so's SAVE MY HAIR 🤞🏼🙌💆🏼‍♀️ XX

strong • 7 months ago

I'm in need of this aussie products as I have been told how brilliant it is. My locks need saving so much so would love to be picked for this. Good luck to all. Thanks for this great opportunity.

Soniaxoxo84 • 7 months ago

I hope I get to test this my hair really needs this it will be the perfect test 🤞🏽🍀

gemmad4it • 6 months ago

argggh I can't wait to SAVE MY LENGTHS! 🆘 MY HAIR IS JUST SO all fluffy. coily curls fine but now thicker. and I'm an avid reviewer. I gotta try this mask! 😂 🤣 PLEASE SAVE MY HAIRS SOUL! 👍 🌹 🥰 🧚‍♀️ 🥰 🎀 🎀 🎀

margaret123456 • 6 months ago

Keeping fingers crossed to be able to joint this great campaign - I love Aussie as a brand. 🤞😃

henry133 • 6 months ago

I would love to try the Aussie project, I have never used or tried any of these but would love to be part of the team to test these exciting products. I have my fingers crossed and am ready to try now if I am a team tester.

lorka • 6 months ago

Fingers crossed

Kika.00 • 6 months ago

After giving birth my hair are not the same. Dull, easy to break. Need a rescue for my poor hair

Kayz123 • 6 months ago

I really hope I make the team, this looks like a great project and my hair really needs it

sparkledcitrine • 6 months ago

fingers crossed i get picked to test. i need my straw like hair to be saved

Lottiemc • 6 months ago

Awesome haircare

Luckyclare • 6 months ago

I hope to get to be picked for this one I have heard how good it is would like to find out for myself fingers crossed

Paro • 6 months ago

I hope to be on this project.

Eternia • 6 months ago

Hopefully worth the wait---as really need to get onto this project for my poor, poor hair.

Rhodes51 • 6 months ago

Love this product need for great hair for Christmas time

SavvycirclerChelle33 • 6 months ago

🤞 we make this project, my daughters hair will be great to try either of these on. Good luck everyone xx

SarahLucia • Supercharged Moisture Hair Mask team • 6 months ago

Such a fabulous project!! I would love to try to repair mask or 3 minute miracle deep treatment. An amazing band with amazing values- thank you so much for this opportunity to be a part of your journey x

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