Ariel Gel

Ariel Gel

Experience brilliant cleaning with Ariel Gel 💪

Imagine getting a brilliant clean for your clothes, even at temperatures as low as 15°C! A powerful formula, so that with just a squeeze you can perfectly dose what you need for sparkling laundry. A mess-free laundry experience, with no grubby/icky dosing drawers.

Sound good? Then you’re going to be very interested in this project with Ariel Gel.👇🏼

Applications for this project are now closed.

We’re looking for an exclusive group of 1,500 savvy circlers who will put Ariel Gel to the test before posting online, chatting to friends and family and giving our feedback directly to the brand.

Why choose Ariel Gel? ✨

Ariel Gel is powerful and concentrated, allowing you to achieve brrrilliant results with just a little squeeze. It comes in an easy-to-use squeezable bottle & viscous formula for precision dosing control, which means you can be flexible with your dose, depending on the size of your load! The doser also goes straight into the drum, meaning no messy drawers.

As members of the team, we will:

  1. Try out Ariel Gel – We’ll put Ariel Gel to the test and try the easy-dose formula on a cold wash.🧺

  2. Talk to pals offline – Then, we’ll chat with friends and family about our new laundry routine and share our money off coupons. 📣

  3. Post online – Next, we’ll share videos and images to our social channels of our experiences with Ariel Gel. We’ll show how easy it is to use, and how well it works.📸

  4. Feedback to the brand – At the end of the project, we’ll complete a short online survey and send our opinions directly to the team at Ariel.📝

🎁Our Starter Kit:

• 1x Ariel Original Gel
• 10x Money-off Coupons to share with friends
• 1x Project handbook with briefing

💻If you are not a member of the SuperSavvyMe and savvy circle community, make sure to register here first.

So, what do you think? Ready to add some seriously powerful cleaning to your next laundry load?

Applications for this project are now closed.

We can’t wait to hear from you. 💚

@all: Are you ready to power up your wash?


flowerfromheaven • 2 months ago

I'm ready to try Ariel Original Gel, l have never used a gel l would love to see if it works as good as Ariel liquid.

Biancamoniz • 2 months ago

Great opportunity 👍 👏

Smurf78 • 2 months ago

Would love to try Ariel gel , love trying new products , fingers crossed 🤞

hampshire2012 • 2 months ago

I would give anything to be part of this sounds like such an exciting project😍

TinkerBell1986 • 2 months ago

Would like to try a gel liquid so see if it's any better on stains than the liquid I have been using 🤞

Samona • 2 months ago

I’d love to try this liquid gel especially on the colder wash to see if it does exactly what it says it does for clothes with tough stains and smells so fingers crossed 🤞

Kmills13 • 2 months ago

I’ve just applied 💚 fingers crossed as I love gel for doing my washings!

angelxx1590xx • 2 months ago

Just applied! Got every thing crossed for this one

Selz • 2 months ago

Would love to try this product

Woof • 2 months ago

Love try it wash every day make my clothes clean fresh

PennyB • 2 months ago

Never used a gel before, sounds interesting

hazeld15 • 2 months ago

Using a gel sounds very interesting

Ruvierose • 2 months ago

Sounds mess free

kxxngbr • 2 months ago

Lets bring on the challenge and make washing easy for all.

Lizzie224 • 2 months ago

Really hoping to try this one! Getting my girls’ school shirts clean at 15 degrees sounds like a dream!

Rakel93 • 2 months ago

OMG another great campaign :)) Good luck everyone.

SJD76 • 2 months ago

Would love to try Ariel gel and share coupons with friends and followers. Mess free so no cleaning what a dream product and at 15 degrees so less electric too, sounds sooo good

madrasa • 2 months ago

Would love to take part in the wash colder challenge!

CharlotteC94 • 2 months ago

I have just submitted my application to join the project. Good luck everyone! :)

Greg360ta • 2 months ago

Looking forwards to trying out Ariel Gel and in return I'd give concise feedback as to how it performed on various items of clothing. We tend to do a lot of home cooking so there would be a variety of items with different cleaning needs which would be an ideal test situation. Thanks.

Oreo123 • 2 months ago

I would love to get the chance to test and review this brilliant product.

PwoperBrownie • 2 months ago

Just applied! Very excited about it. So good that the packaging can be recycled too!

Liza-Marie • 2 months ago

Wow I could really test this to the max having 4 men in construction and playing sport plus I love spread and sharing my options with others . Good luck everyone 👍🏼

Ajreid85 • 2 months ago

Wow this sounds great let me be one of your team member to this website . Hi all and good luck

LEANNE165 • 2 months ago

My last experience with a gel product was underwhelming to say the least. I don’t think it had even heard of stain removal, let alone be good enough to actually do it.
So many products fail to live up to their claims, so it will be really interesting to see if this one does. Having two children, and a 6 month old GSD puppy means that I have many items that are ready and waiting to be saved from the bin!

Andrea.Burns99 • 2 months ago

Would love to try as my hubby is a stain magnet! Also have a little doggy so an effective laundry product is so important! Never tried Ariel Gel so would love to give it go!
#BrilliantArielGel & #SavvyCircle

ANNETTE • 2 months ago

Hope i get chosen,would love to try.

ercot • 2 months ago

Would love to try.

Markey011 • 2 months ago

Would be great to try and get a man's view on washing if I get chosen . Thank you

rie01 • 2 months ago

Would love to try this 🫰I get picked

ladypenelopy • 2 months ago

love the idea of low temperatures washes , would love to see if this actually works

mandy64 • 2 months ago

Would love to try , as I don't use Gel so would be interesting to see if it works on all stains at lower temperatures, good luck everyone x

AmTheBest • 2 months ago

I love the idea of low temperature washes. Would love to try it.

lorka • 2 months ago

Would love to try the Ariel gel at lower temperatures to see how well it works

Shamima1 • 2 months ago

I would love to try this product

asu78 • 2 months ago

I am excited to try the new Ariel gel to see if it does clean, remove odours and stains at low temperature

sweety • 2 months ago

WOW what a brilliant ARIEL GEL campaign💚Hope i get picked this time 🫰

Alexandra832 • 2 months ago

Loving this campaign! Fingers crossed!🤞🏻

neels115 • 2 months ago

Hope to be chosen for this - good luck to all!

Prosterena • 2 months ago

Yes please! Ariel is the best. Never tried this one but really love ariel original liquid🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻so fingers crossed

Margaret12 • 2 months ago

I have completed my application form and would love to try this Ariel Gel I have not tried any detergent gel so this would be good to try here's hoping

Steffie_m17 • 2 months ago

Would love to try this on my messy boys clothes

MrsJackson14 • 2 months ago

Never tried but would love too. See if its any good against the school uniform. Good Luck everyone 😊

Meljel • 2 months ago

Would love to try this

Meljel • 2 months ago

Would love to see if this works against dogs beds

Zuzu • 2 months ago

Amazing product im. Sure

Leesa • 2 months ago

Would love to be chosen looks a good project

Aj13 • 1 month ago

Would love to be picked, fingers crossed, love trying new products.🫰🫰

Donna83miller • 1 month ago

So I've tried the bold version - let's give this one a go!!

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