Our project with Always Discreet
Our project with Always Discreet

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All about Always Discreet

What is the Always Discreet product line?

Always Discreet is a line of adult bladder sensitivity products designed specifically for women of all ages. Always Discreet products are specially designed to offer protection against leakage - from the smallest of leaks right up to heavy loss - and reduce odours in seconds.

How do I know if I have a sensitive bladder?

If you’re not sure, a medical professional will be able to advise on any bladder issues that you may be experiencing. If you and your doctor identify a need for a bladder sensitivity product then we hope you’ll try Always Discreet. Always Discreet is a line of bladder sensitivity products that are designed specifically for women.

Are Always Discreet pads breathable?

Always Discreet pads are not breathable products.

How often should I change my Always Discreet pad?

How often you change your Always Discreet product is based upon your personal needs and preferences.

How can I tell the front from the back of my Always Discreet product?

Always Discreet Pads do not have a designated front/back.

Why do Always Discreet pads have elastic leg cuffs?

The double-leakguard elastic leg cuffs, made of soft non-woven materials, act as a barrier to help stop leaks.

My Always Discreet product has leaked (liner/pad/pants)

Always Discreet offers an entire line of products to help meet a range of needs, from those little leaks up to heavier loss. Please try a higher protection product from the Always Discreet range if you are looking for more protection. Bladder sensitivity is a specific and personal matter, so we recommend trying a few products to see which works best for you.

Are Always Discreet products scented/do they contain a perfume?

The light scent you notice comes from the exclusive OdorLock™ technology. This technology is made up of a mixture of ingredients that neutralise odours but also releases a slight scent. To allow you to make an informed choice, the presence of the light scent in Always Discreet is communicated on the package.

Are Always Discreet incontinence products flushable and/or bio-degradable?

Always Discreet products are not flushable. While portions of the products' absorbent core may break down and bio-degrade in the right conditions, like all disposable feminine hygiene products, Always Discreet is intended to be placed in the household waste for disposal.

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