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Always Discreet – results from 3,000 testers


For 8 weeks 3,000 savvy circlers took part in an exclusive project with Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladder. The team tested the product and shared with family and friends before feeding back to us. Check out the results below:

The final opinions of the project team:

95% trust Always Discreet Liners & Pads to provide me the best combination of discretion and protection. 1,576 ratings
93% believe Always Discreet Liners & Pads are thinner, but protect me as well as the leading brand. 1,576 ratings
What is your general impression of Always Discreet? - 1,576 ratings

Always Discreet
Ambassador mumtodiva10

I always associated bladder weakness with older people until I gave birth, since then I’ve lived with it in silence and didn’t even buy any products. Since doing this project I’ve started using Always Discreet and feel liberated. I was shocked to find my friends and family members were exactly the same. Thank you for making such a difference to my life.

savvy circler mumtodiva10
Always Discreet
Ambassador helenrachel123

Great project! I’ve spoken to friends and acquaintances about this topic and also found out I’m not alone in suffering from bladder weakness. I think this project has converted myself and all of those I gave samples and coupons to. We’re all united in saying thank you Always Discreet for giving us confidence and giving us our lives back.

savvy circler helenrachel123
Ambassador Comment

Always Discreet can help. I definitely agree that there are so many women out there suffering from this condition in silence, not knowing there is something they can use to help. It's rather sad. As a sufferer myself, I'm so pleased to be able to take part in this very important project and spread the word around that we're not alone and all by ourselves. Always Discreet can help!

savvy circler Daria
Ambassador comment

Always Discreet is life changing. It's amazing how Always Discreet has changed people's lives. My neighbour's confidence has changed a lot: she never went out anywhere until I showed her Always - she now goes to the bingo every day and she has gotten her spark back! Thank you savvy circle and Always for changing my friend's life - she is so happy now!

savvy circler fluffymuffy
Ambassador comment

I no longer feel ashamed thanks to Always Discreet. This project is the best thing that's happened to me, I was so embarrassed before even to just talk about a weak bladder, but having the samples and vouchers it's been so easy to bring the subject up. I'm so relieved and at last I no longer feel ashamed, embarrassed or uncomfortable. Thank you Always Discreet.

savvy circler valerib10