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Results from Always Discreet

3,000 savvy circlers tested Always Discreet for eight weeks. They then shared their experiences with their friends and families and reported back to us. Take a look at just some of the results below:

The final opinions of the project team

97% say that they feel comfortable & protected with Always Discreet - 1,801 ratings.
95% say that Always Discreet is their number one choice for sensitive bladder - 1,801 ratings.
What is your general impression of Always Discreet? 6.4/7 - 1,801 ratings

From the 20th October to the 11th December 2015, 3,000 ambassadors tested Always Discreet's range of liners, pads & pants as part of an exclusive savvy circle project team.

Always Discreet Info

  • Contains innovative OdourLock™ technology that is designed to neutralise odours instantly.
  • Absorbs leaks & odours in seconds.
  • Contain a unique, triple layer core that helps absorb wetness and lock away odour, and the soft, high waist is especially designed to hug your curves to offer comfort and protection.
Ambassador Opinions
Ambassador Opinions

Always Discreet gives me the feeling of independence and not having to worry about having that little mishap which can happen at any time. Also the pads are so comfortable that although they are thin you do notice they are there and keep you feeling secure. The packaging is great too. Thanks Always Discreet - you're my new best friend.

savvy circler debray

Ambassador opinions
Ambassador Opinions

I love how slim the Always Discreet pads are and more importantly how comfortable they are! I feel much better going about my daily life knowing I'll be safe from any embarrassing moments! I can even cough without having to cross my legs haha!

savvy circler Crazymum

Ambassador Opinions
Ambassador Opinions

I feel like a different person since starting this project. I'm no longer worried about always locating the closest loo and can wear whatever I want without thinking about how difficult it is to get off/down when rushing for a loo. I was so relieved to find out so many ladies are suffering with the same problem, I thought I was in the minority. Thank you Always Discreet!

savvy circler florenceat50

Ambassador Opinions
Ambassador Opinions

I'd recommend Always Discreet to all ladies, it's a must for daily life, it provides ladies with extra comfort and you can go about your daily life without any embarrassing moments. Thank you Always Discreet for providing a product that helps us go about our daily life with no worries!

savvy circler Olivia3020