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23/05/2014 - 09:00

Today marks our project's final day


We’ve done it – after an exciting two months trying out and spreading the word about Viakal limescale remover, our project has finally reached its last day!

Together we’ve been able to achieve so much. We’ve produced literally thousands of Conversation Reports, shared over 1,500 photos and spread the word far and wide about Viakal limescale remover. Well done to the whole team!

But just because it is the final day on the blog doesn’t mean the project is over just yet – we’ve still got one last chance to send through our closing thoughts on the product in the Final Survey.

Update 23/05: Survey now closed - thanks for your feedback!

What’s in the Final Survey?

The survey is an important chance to let the team know how many conversations you’ve had about Viakal over the course of the project. As part of the project team, we’ve put all the hard work in by spreading the word about Viakal; let’s make sure we let them know!

If you’ve already taken the time to fill out the Final Survey, great! You can continue to upload Conversation Reports and of course share comments on the blog – the team at Viakal are still listening.

@all: Thanks again for helping to make this such a great project, hope to see you again soon.

21/05/2014 - 08:00

Our last week with Viakal


We’ve all become Viakal experts over the last few weeks. We’ve used it on sinks, showers, washing machines, taps and just about everywhere else that we found limescale.

We’re heading towards final survey time and the end of this fantastic project together. But as they say, ‘it ain’t over until the surveys are in’…or something like that!

We know that you’ve had a great time testing the product and now we want to know what comes top of your pops. Yup, we want you to share your project highlight.

Did you love opening up your Starter Kit? Maybe it was that smug feeling when you realised that your kitchen sink was shining for the first time in years? Or perhaps you had a particularly unusual spread the word session?

Whatever it is, we want to hear.

Add a Conversation Report

@all: what has been your favourite moment of the project so far? Share it with the rest of the team!

15/05/2014 - 08:22

A Word from the Pro's


We’re already doing a stellar job of spreading the word about Viakal and this little announcement could help to spread it even further...

Viakal is recommended by Maintracts plumbers.

Plumbers are often the most reliable source when it comes to recommending products for eliminating limescale and it’s great to know that the professionals are as enthusiastic about Viakal as we are.

So next time you tell a friend all about Viakal, let them know that Viakal is recommended by Maintracts plumbers.

A Word from the Pro's

12/05/2014 - 09:00

Summing up Viakal in a sentence


After using the Viakal limescale remover over the past seven weeks we have all become real Viakal experts!

In our project we’ve all used the Viakal limescale remover in a range of situations and with lots of different people, as well as shared lots of tips and tricks for removing our limescale – meaning we’ve got a lot to report about!

In the project handbook we already provided you with a message to spread, but you no doubt have your own fantastic ideas and suggestions to spread the word about the Viakal limescale remover among your friends and families.

@all: What’s the key message you’d use to sum up what you like about the limescale remover? Be creative with your ideas and share them below!

08/05/2014 - 09:00

Zap! Boom! Kapow!


Have your sinks gone from zero to hero? Is limescale still your kryptonite?

“The amazing results appear right before your eyes” - Hampshire2012 “Wow, wow, wow” - Superjack

We've passed the halfway point with our Viakal project and we’re well on the way to being limescale-removing superheroes!

Whether it’s a long lasting shine or the ability to clean things that you thought were past hope, it seems that Viakal has had a big impact on your cleaning routine. And now, we’d like to know what you think Viakal’s most impressive powers are.

Comment on this post, or better still, have a chat with your neighbour/mum/best friend and submit a conversation report!

Submit your conversation reports here****

@all: We can’t wait to read your thoughts!