Viakal limescale remover

Viakal limescale remover

The Viakal final survey will be online tomorrow.


The Viakal final survey will be online tomorrow (04/05/2012), and will run for two weeks - have a look on your Savvy Circle profile page tomorrow and fill it out!

We've been testing the Viakal limescale remover for nine weeks now, so should all be verging on experts in the subject of limescale removal. Although this is the last few days of our project you will still be able to submit your feedback via the usual methods (conversation reports & market research sheets) for a couple more weeks to come.

The final survey is by far the most important feedback method that is available to us during the entire project. Not only are we able to give our overall impression of the limescale remover but we can show the Viakal team just how far and to whom we have 'spread the word' to about the Viakal limescale remover. So if you've yet to fully embrace our Viakal project then it is never too late, just be sure to spend a few minutes filling out our final survey tomorrow.

As project members we have the unique opportunity to give our valuable feedback. Obviously, the more people who participate in this final survey, the more useful it will be to Cleo and everyone at Viakal. Let's all fill out the survey and do our part to make this project a success.It goes without saying that your chances of being picked again would increase a lot by showing a willingness to join in on our project, so help us make our results even better!


rose1001 • 03/05/2012 - 11:51

Hi everyone, have yo noticed the new project? Unfortunately I don't have a dishwasher but good luck to all of you who do. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another project soon that I CAN take part in. I've really enjoyed this one and chatting to everyone on here. Hope to see you all again soon :-)

KymLouise • 03/05/2012 - 12:12

Oh Brilliant!!!! Ive been looking for some good dishwasher tablets as i only got one last week :)

unhinged01 • 11/05/2012 - 19:17

I have been having problems getting back to you with my reviews. I really am grateful for being included in this trial & I have enjoyed taking part. I live in a hard water area & Viakal has done a brilliant job on removing the limescale. All I have talked to has been impressed with this product :)

VanMonsoon • 06/07/2012 - 12:47

I am still using Viakal since I signed up for the project and am so over the moon with the results it produces - it is truly fantastic and I highly recommend this product to anyone who is fanatic about a sparkling clean limescale free bathroom and kitchen!!!

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