Viakal limescale remover
04/05/2012 - 09:34

Viakal limescale remover: Highlights from our nine project weeks.


The nine weeks of our Viakal limescale remover project are up!

Over the last 9 weeks we’ve been astounded by the number of conversation reports, research sheets and photos that we have received, and have been amazed at the 2,500+ comments on our project blog! So, our final blogpost takes a look back at the highlights of our nine-week project, in which we've:

Posted… loads of online reviews. Whether on the Tried & Tested page on, on one of the many product review platforms, or even your personal blogs, the reviews are there for all to see!

Snapped... away with our cameras to produce more than 1,100 photos for our Viakal photo gallery. The Viakal team love seeing their product used in everyday life and in different situations, so a huge pat on the back to everybody who sent in a photo!

Amazed… our contact at Viakal. Not just Cleo but the whole Viakal team was thrilled to be a part of our project and to see and read all of the fantastic feedback that came in over the 9 weeks. On their behalf, thank you for the hard work!

And last but not least… I’d like to say a massive thank you to everybody on the project team and everybody who contributed to making this project such a success, regardless of whether you were able to demonstrate the new range to masses of people or simply joined in with the discussion on our blog here. It’s been great fun, and I am already looking forward to our next project together.

I am sure you'll agree that it has been an exciting nine weeks!

Your Savvy Circle member joni

PS: Although our project is set to end we have a short period of time left to gather our final market research sheets and write any final conversation reports.

We'd love to hear your final thoughts on the product and what others have said in the last few days, so don't leave it too late - send in your conversation reports and research sheets now! Click to write a conversation report. Click to send in a research sheet.

03/05/2012 - 09:00

The Viakal final survey will be online tomorrow.


The Viakal final survey will be online tomorrow (04/05/2012), and will run for two weeks - have a look on your Savvy Circle profile page tomorrow and fill it out!

We've been testing the Viakal limescale remover for nine weeks now, so should all be verging on experts in the subject of limescale removal. Although this is the last few days of our project you will still be able to submit your feedback via the usual methods (conversation reports & market research sheets) for a couple more weeks to come.

The final survey is by far the most important feedback method that is available to us during the entire project. Not only are we able to give our overall impression of the limescale remover but we can show the Viakal team just how far and to whom we have 'spread the word' to about the Viakal limescale remover. So if you've yet to fully embrace our Viakal project then it is never too late, just be sure to spend a few minutes filling out our final survey tomorrow.

As project members we have the unique opportunity to give our valuable feedback. Obviously, the more people who participate in this final survey, the more useful it will be to Cleo and everyone at Viakal. Let's all fill out the survey and do our part to make this project a success.It goes without saying that your chances of being picked again would increase a lot by showing a willingness to join in on our project, so help us make our results even better!

30/04/2012 - 09:00

Update from our contact at Viakal.


Here in the Viakal team we have been delighted at the response to the Viakal limescale remover. It’s been great to see all of your photos and comments here on the blog... we can’t wait to see how you get on in the final week of the project!

I've heard there have been many great word-of-mouth actions during this project so far! I'm really pleased with how things have been turning out. I'll certainly be keeping a vigilant eye on the blog for the remainder of the project, and I hope you to do the same.

The final survey will be starting this week, and as you are in a unique position to influence the Viakal brand and our products, I and the rest of the team would really appreciate you taking a minute or two to complete the survey and give us your honest feedback. This project is a rare opportunity for you to tell us exactly what you think of Viakal; be sure and let us know!

It's been fabulous to hear everyone's personal tales of spreading the word about Viakal. Please do remember to get your final conversation reports in, as it's been a pleasure to read them.

Thanks for all your hard work. I can't wait to find out what the last week of the project will bring!

Bye for now! Cleo

25/04/2012 - 09:00

Our Viakal project will be extended by a week.

We’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the project team’s response to our Savvy Circle project for Viakal. Thanks for your fantastic work so far!

Your feedback has been passed on to Viakal on a weekly basis and the team there is delighted with all of the conversation reports, blog comments, market research sheets and photos that have been sent in.

As a result it has been decided to extend our eight week project by a further week, meaning we now have until 04 May to keep sending in feedback and spreading the word so that we can continue delighting the Viakal team in our joint Savvy Circle project!

Keep your conversation reports coming in, and remember to check the blog on a daily basis to join in with the various topics we’ll be discussing.

Your Savvy Circle member joni

24/04/2012 - 09:00

Summing up Viakal in a sentence.


After using the Viakal limescale remover over the past eight weeks we have all become real Viakal experts!

In our project we’ve all used the Viakal limescale remover in a range of situations and with lots of different people, as well as shared lots of tips and tricks for removing our limescale – meaning we've got a lot to report about!

In the project handbook we already provided you with a message to spread, but you no doubt have your own fantastic ideas and suggestions to spread the word about the Viakal limescale remover among your friends and families.

@all: What’s the key message you’d use to sum up what you like about the limescale remover? Be creative with your ideas and share them below!