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Starter kits have begun landing on doormats up and down the country and this project has officially started 🎉 Have you received your Viakal kit yet? Don’t worry if not, it’s on its way, check your emails for your exact delivery date.

Photo collage of Viakal Classic Limescale Remover Spray bottles

Absolutely stunning shots team - kudos! 💙

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Let’s hit the ground running and share our first Viakal posts right away. We want you to use your usual creative flair when it comes to your social posts but if you could use a few pointers, look at some of top post ideas:

🛁 Your very own #ViakalShine bathroom

Take pics of your wonderfully clean and shiny shower screens, showerheads, and other chrome surfaces once you’ve cleaned with Viakal. Make sure your Viakal bottle is in frame and say a few words in the caption about the difference Viakal make to your bathroom.

📸 The before-and-after carousel

Snap a before pic of your showerheads, shower screens, taps, and more to show the effects of hard water around your home. Then, take another after you’ve cleaned them with Viakal (with your Viakal spray bottle in the frame). Start with the “after” pic so your followers can see the Viakal shine and encourage them to swipe to see the “before”.

🚿 The stylish flatlay

Create a gorgeous flatlay that shows off your Viakal bottle. We’d love to see polished chrome, colour co-ordinating cloths and props to complement your Viakal shine.

The all-important caption

In the caption, let your followers know that Viakal is No. 1 against limescale. Say a few words about how quick and easy it is to use and how it can prevent limescale from returning. What’s not to love?

For every share use: #ad #ViakalShine #savvycircle and tag @supersavvymeofficial and

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At the end of this competition, the 10 best social posts will each win a £50 Amazon voucher. Get your first post in now for the best chance to win! And remember, you have to upload your post with us to win.

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@all: What are your first impressions of Viakal?


Ann1957 • 8 days ago

Love this product my taps have never been so clean with little effort will definitely be using this in future

Cheapside73 • 8 days ago

My product came and very happy with the cleaning as it makes the taps really shiny, but I'm not too keen on the smell.

shazza3 • 7 days ago

wow just received my Viakal used alittle bit on my sink the shine of it was fabulous cannot wait to do a good clean with this now definately recommend

Marol • 7 days ago

Mine arrived yesterday, ive been in the bathroom armed with my Viakal and it looks like a new bathroom even after one use. Will deffinately be using it regularly and spreading the word along with vouchers.

Terrick • 7 days ago

I have used Viakal in my kitchen and bathroom. The no1 against Limescale and I have to say I am very impressed it definitely left taps and shower head sparkling and clean. I will be buying Viakal very impressed thank you

Wootty1965 • 7 days ago

Got so excited to use this lovely item, I forgot to show the Viakal spray in my photos 😥 will do next time as I have other bathroom and kitchen areas which need this amazing product 😊

Carina24 • 7 days ago

I am so happy that I've finally found a product that works so good. Viakal has left my kitchen sink looking brand new, My kitchen is my favourite place to be so I am over the moon with how my sink looks.

liammc • 7 days ago

Love this spray - especially living in a hard water area!

Lozz72 • 7 days ago

Recieved yesterday . So time get busy cleaning .
So far I have tested it out on my bathroom taps , which now have a lovely shine. The test will be on a client's badly scaled shower screens Monday morning.

Tanya0164 • 7 days ago

Just received Viakal spray can’t wait to use it on the full bathroom only did a quick test and it’s amazing on chrome so shiny 👏👏👏

mimiphilly1 • 7 days ago

So excited. Just received my pack - have had a go with the kettle which was very clogged with limescale - I am in a hard water area - this has come up great. I want to try the shower heads next and see how that works

ellanvee • 7 days ago

Received my pack yesterday. Am just going to try it now! Very excited and interested to see the results

Kla54 • 7 days ago

This is absolutely amazing, got rid of the limescale on my taps so easily, I will definitely be recommending to friends and family 🥰

cooptimer • 7 days ago

i have received my "Viakal" spray, i have used in my bathroom on the sink and taps, only needed a few short spray, loved how it foamed, and the shine it left after rinsing was very sparkly and gleaming, i am undecided on the fragrance, but it does smell clean and fresh.

EY2018 • 7 days ago

Love Viakal very easy to apply and the magic start to work on my taps.

liztay67 • 7 days ago

I have received my pack and will start using and cannot wait to see the difference.

Saurabhh • 7 days ago

I've just tried and tested my Viakal limescale remover and I can say it definitely works. I did our downstairs bathroom- shower and bathroom sink. We have older taps in our house and it works well, brings a nice shine to them! Brilliant product, thank you for letting me try this and i will definitely be buying it. A quick spray and leave it for 3 minutes to do its magic! Then rinse it off and voila! Works great! I will be sharing the vouchers with my family members and telling them to try it.😊😊😊 #viakal #supersavvyme #ad FREEBIES UK + FREE SAMPLES Supersavvyme SuperSavvy Samples #bestcleaningproducts

Yasminb79 • 7 days ago

wow just received my Viakal used alittle bit on my sink the shine of it was fabulous cannot wait to do a good clean with this now definately recommend.look forward to take lime Scale off bathroom / kitchen taps thank you SuperSavvy me.

Madkitten • 7 days ago

Amazing stuff, I have just been cleaning bathroom and wow its as worked better then the pricey ones out there, and it smells so nice though it be like a strong vinger smell but no, am amazed at how shiny my bathroom is, 😀 so happy thank you supersavvy for letting me try this out, 5 star all way

jemma83 • 7 days ago

Very happy with this product, it has left my taps really shiny sparkling in fact with very little time spent.

Jillybean1968 • 7 days ago

I always wanted to try this product as I live in a very hard water area , and I was not disappointed.
I was amazed by the results with minimum effort 👌

Aimeecolombi • 7 days ago

I live in a hard water area so it's very hard to keep my taps looking shiny. In only 3minutes and minimal effort my taps look good as new.

Harry81 • 7 days ago

Received my kit and looking forward to try

Merlyn • 7 days ago

I’m really impressed with the results! My shower screens and taps are sparkling like new. The limescale buildup is gone, and it was so quick and easy to use. Can’t wait to share my #ViakalShine photos!

Yazzi • 7 days ago

My arrived today, I can't wait to try the Viakal bathroom spray . Number 1 limescale best in the game !!!!

bec4everuk1 • 7 days ago

Didn't make the team on this one but looking forward to following this blog to see the feedback on those that did.

Cleaning-with-cazza • 7 days ago

I'm so impressed with how shiney my taps are .will continue purchasing this amazing line scale remover

thetester • 7 days ago

Only had this a day and it's been through its paces! Thought I'd have to roll up the sleeves and scrub hard but was pleasantly surprised how quickly it worked on removing the limescale. Not exactly keen on the smell but it does the job with ease so I'm very happy.

Rosedeb • 7 days ago

Fantastic results, even my old kitchen sink came up bright and shining

Shaz7 • 7 days ago

I received my product a few days ago, so I tested it out & I was surprised at how brilliant it was. My bath, bathroom sink & kitchen sink is limescale free & it has left my taps & showerhead all sparkly & shiny 🚰🛁🚰🛁

Curly73 • 7 days ago

So happy to receive my Viakal spray. My taps and sink have never looked so shiny. Will be my go to spray from now on as other sprays are not a patch on this!

Krise • 7 days ago

Received my parcel of Viakal a couple of days ago but left till this morning to try it out (we had visitors). Decided that the bathroom would be first port of call. One turn of the nozzle and away I went. I live in a hard water area so lots of lime scale in this house. I must say for taps shower etc it worked brilliantly not so much on shower doors. Shower doors looked great just after cleaning, but once dried not as impressed as I was with the metal work.(could be because doors are acrylic) Next kitchen🤣🤣 so on this first test 4 and a half out of 5 and yes quite impressed with Viakal.

Molliemoo • 7 days ago

Used on my bathroom didn’t get rid of limescale on my taps the first try,has taken a few go’s but now they look good

Silverlady260764 • 7 days ago

First time using Viakal N°1 Limescale Remover and I am very impressed with the results. Bathroom taps have not sparkled so much since they were new, all Limescale gone. Sink so shiny. Vouchers going out to family and friends but I will be keeping 1 for myself for my next purchase

Rachb • 7 days ago

Received my viakal a few days ago. Standard 5 people 1 bathroom household. Tested the product tap had a little build up. I used it a couple of times and it has cut through some build up with good result. :)

liztay67 • 7 days ago

I am very very impressed as this product is so easy to use and much less scrubbing than I expected to do. My first task was my toilet basin that is used by visitors and all the family when visiting so gets very scaly. The Viakal shifted all this so easily. Roll on the next job!!!

paularorie66 • 7 days ago

Fabulous, in a few minutes, w8thout bathroom shower and taps are shining like new!

paularorie66 • 7 days ago

Fabulous, in a few minutes, without bathroom shower and taps are shining like new!

DaddysCleaning • 7 days ago

I used this on my kitchen sink and I'm so impressed. We live in hard water area so this is going to get used a lot!! Can't wait to start on the bathroom next!
#ad #ViakalShine #savvycircle @supersavvymeoffical Supersavvyme

suethetester • 6 days ago

Used viakal on my taps, they came up really sparkling. Left on for 3 minutes cleaned with a cloth and hey presto shiny. Great product. So pleased

Goodadvice • 6 days ago

I used Viakal to clean my bathroom this morning. It looks so clean and the chrome is sparkling. It's so easy to spray, wait, and wipe. Thanks, Savvy Circle, for inviting me to be part of the testing team.

Pig123 • 6 days ago

I used Viakal to clean my shower head today. within 5 minutes I can not believe the efficacy of this product.Thank you savvycircle .

Kate500brown • 6 days ago

Love this product, ide never used it before, and you don't need much will be Trying it on my shower next, thanks super savvy, love being able to try these new products 👍👍

RoseRoostan • 6 days ago

Very good brings everything thing up like brand new

Lucylucyj22 • 6 days ago

Mines arrived! Great to see some money off vouchers to share with my friends and family.
Cant wait to start using this.

MrsH1985 • 6 days ago

Received mine, great on shine but no good on limescale hardly budged it. Use it as direction said but unfortunately didn't budge even after a second attempt and scrubbing

SJD76 • 6 days ago

Wow I love this product so much, it will be on my shopping list forever more.
It cleaned the timescale off and made my taps shine like new. It is fabulous

Dizzy110 • 6 days ago

Just tried out my Viakal , very impressed. My kitchen tap is shining like new. Will definitely be using this in the future. Now time to share the news and hand out the vouchers.

Njcherry10 • 6 days ago

Posted on my Instagram story a pick of my shiny bathroom taps!

Going to try if on the shower next, hopefully it's as good

Blue-skys • 6 days ago

Smells good doesn't have a strong chemical smell ,easy to use, takes the hard work out of cleaning limescale off sinks toilets and shower screens a must have when living in a hard water area. Can't praise this product enough
So glad I got to try this product ,will be on my shopping list from now on

HomeIsMyHappyPlace2.0 • 6 days ago

Actually excited to clean my bathroom… what is this sorcery?!

Ginganuts • 6 days ago

My kettle looks brand new and sparkling after using Viakal
My sink taps shower area in fact anywhere that has water contact is gleaming now
What a product 👍🏻

sheil • 6 days ago

Just got my delivery of the new Viakal. Planning to use it on my bathroom this evening after I have had my shower. Can't wait to see whether it really is so much better than all the others I have tried so far.

corsaucan • 6 days ago

Tryed it out in my bathroom , smells amazing!! So easy to use and leaves a really great finish goodbye to my limescale: )
Going to be looking around the house to see what else I can use it on lol

mitziboo • 6 days ago

Used this in the bathroom, limescale gone, and the bathroom has been left with a lovely fresh smell. going to do the kitchen next.

Sarahjaneivesane • 6 days ago

This is amazing. I moved into a new house, and the kitchen sink now looks brand new. Absolute game changer

JPayton • 6 days ago

I absolutely love this product! I'm cleaning everything suitable I have and the results so far are amazing.

cathwarbur • 6 days ago

Mine arrived a day ago, chuffed to bits that I was chosen. Now for some easy cleaning

Suffolkshazza • 6 days ago

Lovely shiny taps and shower screen tomorrow we shall attempt the kitchen draining board .
Three vouchers already given out for others to try it and waiting in their results .

Lauralovestoshop • 6 days ago

This bottle is a dream the shine on my taps is amazing 🤩 gave vouchers to family to try out! Loving the results, thank you!!

ourhomewithsophx • 6 days ago

My shower & taps have never been so clean! I am super chuffed with this product 😍 it is will definitely be a staple for my cleans from now on! Thank you so much x

Mikaylax • 6 days ago

Received mine! Excited to try this on my new shower!! EEEKK :D

Natafly • 6 days ago

I'll be testing my Viakal today in the bathroom. We have such a lot of limescale currently because we live in a hard water area. I can't wait to test it out and get that Viakal shine.

Becky07 • 6 days ago

It’s a great product, so easy to use and leaves my bathroom super shiny… love it.

JulieD72 • 6 days ago

My pack has arrived yay!! Can't wait to get started, thank you!!!

Zoe_46 • 6 days ago

Very excited to be part of this project.. thank you savvycircle! Can't wait to try the product out and take some photographs of the results!

Meefey • 6 days ago

This is a brilliant cleaner. Just spray. Leave about half hour on shower and taps then it all just comes right off. It's brilliant

danny1988 • 6 days ago

I will be cleaning my taps in the next few days. can't wait to see the results.

MrsPhome4 • 6 days ago

Wow this stuff really works is all I can say, looking to see how well the prevention works

MamaCleanQueen • 5 days ago

My Taps have never had this much care they are sparkling

kristyhay • 5 days ago

Arrived looking forward to trying this

Gorlin • 5 days ago

Love this product it really does work

ToniCaro • 5 days ago

We live in a hard water area. Viakal removed the limescale in the bathroom with very little effort from me. Just the job.

Sammyann • 5 days ago

Used viakal today on my shower head and my bathroom taps. I can't believe how shiny they are lovely and clean going to try my kitchen taps tomorrow

boss786 • 5 days ago

This is amazing why have I not found this before my bathroom cleaning never flet like a chore I actually enjoyed doing it for once.

Naruto • 5 days ago

this thing is amazing! effortlessly get rid of the ancient lame scale rock formation on taps in sinks and bath.
a bit of spray of Viakal, leave it soak for a few minutes and a bit of a rinse and wipe...everything comes off!
this thing smells great too. i used to rely on white vinegar,and baking soda, it does work but always with the strong unpleasant smell.

This thing changes my cleaning routine, cut down time and can be spent resting and watching Kdrama!

definitely a must have for all bathrooms and kitchens

vili80 • 5 days ago

Game changer product
Delighted to take part of the project

vili80 • 5 days ago

Great staff, easy cleaning within a minute

Blewett78 • 5 days ago

Received the viakal spray at the weekend, looking forward to testing it out & seeing the results & reviewing over the next few days

pommie8 • 5 days ago

Love how clean my bathroom looks

Mariya86 • 5 days ago

I love it, my bathroom looks so shiny

abb1 • 5 days ago

My taps look shiny like new after one application of Viakal spray. very please with the product.

georgex • 5 days ago

Amazing results with just one application of Viakal spray!

lstewart257 • 5 days ago

brilliant really works\!

Bondy • 5 days ago

Started posting on the socials

Elaine48 • 5 days ago

Amazing shine on my taps woth this stuff its so so good

Merlyn • 5 days ago

I’ve uploaded a video, check it out! 📹 My taps are already looking so shiny thanks to Viakal! ✨

Isabelle • 5 days ago

So much limescale in our bathroom (hard water area) and so happy with the first results. Even some incrusted limescale around the taps is losing the fight. My bathroom will soon be looking brand new !!

Syl_She • 5 days ago

Loved it. Real shine with no effort at all, and smells nice too. Will buy it in future for sure.

annipoos • 5 days ago

Ready to go out and share my coupons and also post some to people from my social media

sonyawh • 5 days ago

What a brilliant product to use - I will definately be adding Viakal to my bathroom / kitchen cleaning products from now on.

Rachael.Elizabethx • 5 days ago

This is the only bathroom cleaner that I ever use it’s amazing to get rid of limescale in the bathroom

Naughty_Lulu • 4 days ago

The hardest part of this test?... not getting a reflection of myself in my SUPER SHINY taps and plug covers when photographing my bathroom sink after it has been renewed with the #viakalshine ! So much bling. Bye-bye limescale!

Stingray • 4 days ago

my sink shines instead of having a dull appearance
My taps no longer have white residue on them
My shower has encrusted limescale which is now coming off
My shower screen is still blurry but I have only done one application and it has improved

sunflower1509 • 4 days ago

received …. can’t wait to put it to the test 🚿

Marsel • 4 days ago

I applied viakal to my shower head and left for 15 minutes, (even thoughh it suggest 3 minutes). I could not believe the difference. Yesterday morning I was dancing around trying to catch the water basically dripping out but this morning I had a powerful blast of water. I am ashamed to admit that my shower head could have got that bad. I had been using another popular brand of limescale remover, not any more, I will definitely be using viakal from now on. I have given 7 of the money off vouchers away and confident that my family and friends will try viakal.

Niceboyss • 4 days ago

Wow my shower screen has never been as clean and so easy to do, spray leave a few minutes and clean off, I’m so happy with the results.

Echosmam • 4 days ago

Why have I not tried this sooner. Will always be a home favourite now :)

Maxi120 • 4 days ago

Great didn't leave any marks shower runs better than ever before

muckyme • 4 days ago

Really impressed with cleaning power and shine after using for the first time in bathroom. Even hubby noticed!

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