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Hello and welcome to this fab new project with Viakal. Thanks for submitting your application, we loved hearing from you all. If you received an email from us earlier today, welcome to the team! Over the next few weeks, we’ll put Viakal Classic Limescale Remover Spray to the test and then spread the word both on and offline.

Why we love Viakal Classic Limescale Remover Spray 💙

Ever noticed the chalky white build-up that appears on showerscreens, showerheads, and taps? This is limescale and it’s especially common in hard water areas. Regular cleaning products can’t always fight limescale but Viakal is the answer to all your limescale fails! Here’s how it works:

🚿 Removes up to 100% of limescale

🧼 Eliminates soap scum

Leaves a long-lasting shine

💧 Features anti-droplet technology that prevents future watermark and limescale deposits

Ready to experience the Viakal shine for yourself? Starter kits will be arriving on doorsteps from June 7th onwards, although it could be up to a week after this date.

Can’t wait to get started? Check out your project missions below.

Your Viakal missions

  1. Try Viakal Classic Limescale Remover Spray around your home and experience the #ViakalShine

  2. Take to your social channels and create interesting content to let your followers know about your experiences with Viakal

  3. Report back each time you share online and upload the posts with us so we don’t miss them

    Share URLs Upload pics

  4. Speak to friends and family about Viakal and share your money off coupons

  5. Leave an online review and share your knowledge with others hoping to try Viakal for themselves

Want to win a £50 Amazon voucher?

At the end of this project, the top 10 social posts will each win a £50 Amazon voucher and the chance to be featured and shared on the Viakal’s social pages. Keep an eye on the blog over the next few weeks for tips on creating the perfect post.

Read full competition T&Cs

@all: What are you most looking forward to in this project?


Marsel • 5 days ago

Say goodbye limescale, with the help of Viakal and my friends at Supersavvy it's time for you to pack your bags and leave.

Paulinechristina • 5 days ago

Tried and tested and highly recommended.
Now shared on Facebook Instagram and twitter. With money off coupons distributed to friends and family.
I genuinely love this product and will definitely continue to use it from now onwards.

Phiney • 5 days ago

Looking forward to getting stuck in to the bathrooms 😍

shazza3 • 5 days ago

wow this stuff is amzing I have cleaned all my bathroom and kitchen today its so shiny no streaks at all definately reccommend this product to everyone I have shared my vouchers with friends and family they are so happy

Rosey99 • 5 days ago

And now ive got my viakal,
I guess its time to squirt,
I am but just a novice,
But in time i,ll be a spert!

My mrs has a kettle,
Years of limescale in its midst,
One squirt one hope one session,
I like it cause it hissed.

I hope it does the business,
It smells fresh as i spray,
I think this crusty limescale,
Has really had its day.

I will leave it for a day or two,
To let it do its best,
It has to just be perfect,
To do a proper test!!

Neil_77 • 5 days ago

Leaves everything shining 🫶🏻

Ashley82 • 5 days ago

I received my starter kit, thanks so much for having me on the team. I can't wait to use it.

Tomsom • 5 days ago

Just AMAZING ! It was so easy to remove the limescale from my bathtub and sink! Just love it. I had wanted to buy it for a while but never did so glad I got to test it through SuperSavvy ! I definitely recommend it !

Lcottle • 5 days ago

I love nothing more than a shiny bathroom so this is going to make cleaning away limescale a lot easier 💙

georgex • 5 days ago

To receive Viakal and start cleaning!

Bondy • 5 days ago

Not long got mine

Julesnannan • 5 days ago

I can't believe how good it is. I was a bit suspicious of the claims but it's absolutely fantastic. My taps and sinks are so clean and shiny

Charlvd11 • 5 days ago

I now have a pristine shower head and taps to match.

Charlvd11 • 5 days ago

Spray on , leave for a few minutes and voila shiny taps no limescale

DaviesL • 5 days ago

Oh my God! It works so quickly. I am in love! say goodbye to hours of scrubbing, say hello to freshness within 3 minutes. I spray on whether its in the bathroom or the kitchen and the fumes of the product do not hurt my eye and the finished piece wow oh wow!! cleaning is a dream.

Coolgal • 5 days ago

Oh wow - what a product!! Love it!

Alinaroz • 5 days ago

Great limescale remover.Love it.The best product I ever used. Removes limescale very easy in a very short time.

Rachael.Elizabethx • 5 days ago

Thank you for choosing me it’s my favourite bathroom cleaner that I only ever use

Wootty1965 • 4 days ago

Love the Viakal classic bathroom limescale spray. Used it in the bathroom as per the information supplied by the manufacturer but it's brilliant in the bathroom but also in the kitchen chrome as stated on their information but also on stainless steel which I have posted on my Facebook page 🥰

Dipsydivine • 4 days ago

Tried this today on my draining board and wow it is shining. Love the fact it doesn't take alot of effort and comes up sparkly clean.

Dee301 • 4 days ago

Amazing products. Truely does what it says on the bottle can highly recommend

Shazf • 4 days ago

I can't believe how quick viakal works. Sprayed and left for 3 minutes and limescale has going. Ive passed my bottle on to my daughter to try. Ill be taking some coupons to work tomorrow to hand out to customers.

Sallym02 • 4 days ago

Viajar is amazing! Spray, leave, rinse & soap scum & limescale gone!

cazpost • 4 days ago

Given the taps a good shine ! Happily handing out the vouchers to friends and colleagues, it's great stuff!

Yasin • 4 days ago

I love nothing more than a shiny bathroom really amazing product definitely we recommend this product....

Caroline1981 • 4 days ago

Omg this is absolutely amazing! Cleaned the whole of my bathroom, downstairs toilet and kitchen yesterday! It removed all of the stubborn lime scale that I’ve been tackling since I moved in 2 year’s ago. Definitely recommended!

Wootty1965 • 4 days ago

Cleaned bathroom a couple of days ago with the Viakal classic bathroom limescale spray and still nice and shiny even after using the sink, toilet and bath/shower. Wonderful product ❤️

HappyGOW46 • 4 days ago

Received my Viakal kit. Awesome. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity #viakal #suppersavvy

ashy25 • 3 days ago

Hi can someone from savvy circle contact me please as my parcel has went missing with evri so I don't have my spray. I've emailed evri and rang but no help or support as cant speak to anyone.

jue21 • 3 days ago

Have tried on my shower head and have to say was not impressed with it hardly touched the limescale

CTNJT4 • 3 days ago

Received my spray will be testing it tomorrow, thank you for the opportunity can't wait to see the results

Shazf • 3 days ago

Yesterday I gave my daughter my bottle of viakal to try, well she's over the moon with the results, I given her a coupon so she can go buy her own.

NicoleC98 • 3 days ago

I love this product! My shower has been left with an amazing shine! I have shared the coupons with my friends & family. I can’t wait to see their results!

Shazf • 3 days ago

Handed a few coupons out today at work. Viakal is on one off our promotional ends at work so it was easy to spot people who were showing interest in it, I popped over and explained that I'd been testing it and said how it's changed the way I will be dealing with limescale in the future. Happy customers that went away with a coupon and bottle of viakal in their hands.

glitter_fairy • 3 days ago

So excited to have received my vialal bottle in the post. Looking forward to getting to work on the sinks and taps as we live in a hard water area and I've heard great things about this product

chelzbt • 3 days ago

Great product! I live in a hard water area so limescale is an absolute nightmare but the viakal spray works like a dream! My taps have never looked shinier!!

Alisbeanie • 3 days ago

So glad I got to be chosen, I will take some before and after pictures, thank you.

Jadestarz • 3 days ago

Seeing the end result after the clean and having a shiny clean bathroom.

Anum634 • 3 days ago

So happy to be selected

Anum634 • 3 days ago

I live in a hard water area so limescale is an absolute nightmare but the viakal spray works like a dream, So excited to have received my viakal bottle. Looking forward to getting to work on more taps! I have shared the coupons with my friends nd family. I can’t wait to see their results!: #ad #ViakalShine #savvycircle

nutclo92oops • 3 days ago

It fabulous really does a good job & has been fantastic to try this out to it been great to chat to family and friends and it smells nice to not to strong it does bring a shine

Brownie27 • 3 days ago

I’ve used for the first time today and some rather old raps in my downstairs loo. I’m so pleased I remembered to take before and after the pictures. I very impressed with the results I have achieved so far. I did miss a little bit on the u dear side of a tap so annoyed with myself, but I will get it next time 😀

Willford • 3 days ago

Oh my word, a cleaning product for limescale that actually does what it’s says it’s going to do!! A quick spray, leave for a few minutes and voila, it’s gone!! Makes me actually enjoy cleaning my bathroom now 🤣

samanthawaddington • 3 days ago

Absolutely brilliant. Cleaned my bathroom and kitchen and not a single streak. Love it

Gem101 • 3 days ago

I can’t wait to try mine. I need this limescale gone!!

Cheapside73 • 2 days ago

Amazing product as it makes taps and sinks really shiny and gleaming, there is just one problem, not keen on the smell as it smells chemically but other that everything else i like a lot 😀

Rljonesx • 2 days ago

This stuff is amazing, and by far my new holy grail product. The bathroom looks and smells amazing, and I feel like my bathroom has a new lease of life. I handed out some coupons to my friends and family and they absolutely love it too.

mimiphilly1 • 2 days ago

Bathroom is squeaky clean ! I must admit I am now spraying anything that looks in any way suspect ! Glass seems to be particularly good

Baby03 • 2 days ago

I really struggle to remove the limescale in my bathroom. I used so many products and it doesn’t work. But Viakal , it’s really work!! It help me more easily to removes the limescale on the tap. The tap become shine shine again ! Highly recommended

Rakel93 • 2 days ago

Amazing spray 😀😀😀

Jmarayam • 2 days ago

Bye bye to limescale and dirty basin sprayed waited and voila its magic now the the basin smiling at me thanks 😊

beyit • 2 days ago

Amazing product! Removes limescales and dirt quickly and efficiently and leaves your bathroom shiny. Very impressed. 😍

Hayshuttle86 • 2 days ago

Wow! Absolutely love viakal! I've never used this before and had no idea how greay and quickly it would work! Literally leaves the bathroom sparkling clean

Del82 • 2 days ago

Amazing Viakal! Works hard in the bathroom leaving no limescale and everything looks shiny sparkling clean. Highly recommended this to my friends and family- providing vouchers so they try the power of Viakal too.

Bearandcub • 2 days ago

Oh my days, this stuff is amazing! Always struggled with limescale due to the hardwater where I live but this has got rid of a lot after a few goes. Will definitely recommend to everyone and anyone, it's fab! Can't wait to share my vouchers with my family and friends so they can see how good it is! Brilliant!

Wootty1965 • 2 days ago

Cleaned the kitchen sink, draining board and taps a couple of days ago with the Viakal classic bathroom limescale spray and they are all still nice and shiny even after using the sink, draining board and taps many times since cleaning them Lovely product ❤️ Also all vouchers have been handed out and I even used one myself 😊 #ViakalShine #savvycircle @SuperSavvyMeOfficial

sam1089 • 2 days ago

I loved using this makes cleaning easier and fun with very little scrubbing time, I used this on my shower screen and finally it looks clean like the first day it was installed

ClaireBearDucky • 1 day ago

Perfect excuse to clean the bathroom!

jemma83 • 1 day ago

Goodbye limescale hello shiny taps!

madrasa • 1 day ago

To hand out coupons to my friends

Diane1957 • 1 day ago

It's rainy and windy outside
But sparkling and fresh inside
Vouchers to family friends and colleagues
Vikal making a sparkling sense in life
Quality results everyday and everywhere

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