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08/04/2013 - 12:30

The winner of our Venus & Olay photo competition...

The votes are in, and we're happy to be able to announce a winner for our exclusive "Ultimate Style Combo" competition...

A huge congratulations to Savvy Circle member alibongooo, who can look forward to receiving a fabulous £500 love2shop gift voucher, plus a handful of Venus & Olay products to share with friends and family!

As we like to make everybody happy here on the Savvy Circle, we've also spoken to the Venus & Olay team who have agreed for us to send some products to our four runners up, Savvy Circle members hlchadwick, blabla24, wendy212 and allicatSB.

A huge thank you for everybody who sent in a photo for our competition, as well as to everybody who took the time to vote in our quickpoll!

05/04/2013 - 08:55

Venus & Olay: Our project highlights.


3,000 Savvy Circle members have tried out and spread the word about Venus & Olay over the past eight weeks.

We, the project team members, had the opportunity to get our hands on the Venus & Olay five-blade razor, as well as Olay Essentials Multiradiance Fluid, and make the two products better known to those around us.

Together, we applied:

From more than 150,000 registered members, over 12,000 applied for a spot on our project team. A lucky 3,000 made it in, and...


an exclusive starter kit containing not just a Venus & Olay five-blade razor and bottle of Olay Essentials Multiradiance Fluid, but also a host of project material and coupons to hand out to family and friends. Their questions about Venus & Olay were...


thanks to a detailed and comprehensive list of FAQs shared by our contacts at the brands, Laura, Flore & Will. A huge range of info provided by them also meant we...


some fantastic expert tips to take care of our skin and have it look and feel its best. Those brave enough to dig their cameras out also...


their Venus & Olay photos, all of which were published in our project photo gallery. Together, we were able to generate close to 1,000 photos! From those photos, a top five were selected by our brand contacts, and we then...


to select a winner for our exclusive Venus & Olay photo competition. Keep an eye on the blog for the winner to be announced next week - but in the meantime, find out how lots of us also...


the two products, and shared our opinions online to help those considering their next razor and moisturiser. Use the links in the blog post to read over 800 reviews on Tried & Tested.

Before we say goodbye - take our final survey.

This is your last chance for you to get feedback recorded and presented - in person, by myself - to the Venus & Olay teams. Click through to our final survey and let us know your final impressions as our project draws to a close. All opinions count, so if you love the products or can think of ways to improve them, use your chance now and let us know!

Thanks for joining in.

I'd like to, on behalf of the Venus & Olay teams, say a huge thank you for your engagement and enthusiasm on our project, for all of the photos that were sent in, as well as the conversation reports, survey sheets and survey fill-outs.

I hope you had just as much fun as we did in trying out the two products and spreading the word about Venus & Olay, and would love to be able to welcome you back onto a Savvy Circle project in the near future.

Best wishes, Your Savvy Circle member dani

03/04/2013 - 11:38

Have you visited Venus & Olay on Facebook?


If your photo didn't make it into the top five in our Savvy Circle competition fear not, as there's another chance to win big with Venus & Olay on Facebook...

The teams behind the brand partnership are giving fans of their Facebook page the chance to win another £500 love2shop voucher, simply by picking out your favourite style combination from a shortlist on the page.

Whether your style is heels and a skirt, denim shorts and boots or a vintage look, head to Facebook now, 'like' their page and join in with the competition!

What'd be the first thing on your shopping list if you won the £500 shopping voucher?

02/04/2013 - 08:00

Your favourite aspect about Venus & Olay.


With seven weeks of intensive testing now behind us, we're all well on the way to becoming Venus & Olay experts....

... so now, before our project comes to an end on Friday, is the best time to let everybody know what you love about the two brands!

In the project handbook we already provided you with our messages to spread about Venus & Olay, but now we'd love to hear your own suggestions.

Use the comment function below to let us know how you'd describe what's so special about the Venus & Olay five-blade razor and Olay Essentials Multiradiance Fluid!

What's your favourite aspect about Venus & Olay?

27/03/2013 - 08:22

Tips from a skin expert - part III.


The third and final part of our skin tips with Dr. Gayathri K. Perera, Consultant Dermatologist at West Middlesex University Hospital, aims to provide you with a final few pieces of personal skincare advice...

If you were to give just one tip on how to care for your skin, what would it be?

The key thing to remember is that everyone’s skin is different so you need to make sure that you adopt a tailored approach and use the right products for your skin type. I would recommend having a consultation with a beauty therapist or a dermatologist to determine what’s best for you.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

To look after my skin, cleanse morning and night, be sure to remove all make-up and use a good moisturiser.

Catch up!

If you haven't read them already, don't forget to check out part I and part II of our series of skincare tips with Dr. Gayathri K. Perera.

What've you made of the tips in our skincare series? Add a comment below to share your thoughts!