SuperSavvy App Wave 2

SuperSavvy App Wave 2

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Would you like to join the exclusive SuperSavvy App ambassador team?

You must be a member of both SuperSavvyMe and the savvy circle to apply for our projects.

  1. Register to SuperSavvyMe: Click here to register.
  2. Upgrade your profile to become a savvy circle ambassador: Click here to upgrade your account.
  3. Apply for the project:

What's in store for you?🎉

As a SuperSavvy App ambassador you'll test and post about your favourite app features to your social accounts and have a chance to WIN 1 of 50 exclusive prizes.

You could win...

🎫 1 of 20x £20 Amazon vouchers

🎁 1 of 30x SuperSavvy bundles

The exclusive bundle contains your favourite P&G products including Venus, Pantene, Febreze, Lenor and Bold!

What are you waiting for?


Lou1178 • 1 year ago

I keep getting a error

Mira • 1 year ago

Hi Lou1178,
Sorry for the inconvenience - it was perhaps a technical glitch but is resolved now. Hope to see you on the team!

Beautyblade • 1 year ago

I think i will step out of this one. I have been a member of the app since it started but I dont feel engaged with it. If you are interested in my feedback as a user of the app im happy to oblige.

NIKKIKENNEDY • 1 year ago

I've had the app since the start and I like it I login everyday and check things out, I like the earn points on the first day of the month and answer questions and review products I like seeing were I am on the leader board read about new products I love the app I like earning points to put towards the gift page it's all good

reggaequeen • 1 year ago

I love the Supersavvyme app from earning points from logging in daily. To spending points on full size products. It's easy to manoeuvre around the app allowing you access to all the great features it has to offer.
I like being able to add to my points by watching videos and cannot wait to start uploading receipts and refer friends.
Good luck everyone and thank you supersavvyme for the opportunity to win more great prizes.

Mac.Blank • 1 year ago

To get to this page, I must've signed in 6 times. This is one BIG reason why I couldn't praise you n the app.

I've never won a comp in the almost decade I've been on here, and very rarely get a product to sample

Despite my years I couldn't praise your downward step with the app, and all the points.

I'm disabled, and cannot spend hours earning points, which never seem enough.

The old way was definitely the better.

So all my years of experience for nout.

Leesa • 1 year ago

I love the app can earn points for prizes

LizzyBeth • 1 year ago

I absolutely love this app. I love reviewing & testing new products along with sharing

BronMarie • 1 year ago

I enjoy using the app 😊 I redeemed my points to get laundry washing pods so far. Its a good way to try out products and share my feedback and experience. I try to log in daily to gain points 😊

HelenDz • 1 year ago

It's taken me 5 times of signing in to get to this page.
When I had a problem, and contacted your help team it took almost 4 months for them to get back to me, and even then the problem wasn't sorted. So much for customer service or loyalty.
It doesn't matter how many competitions I enter, or how quick I apply for things, I'm never chosen - I wonder if it's because I don't have a high enough point score?

Marty139 • 1 year ago

Love it all explain gadgets

Kemp9019 • 1 year ago

Just sayings error when trying to open app

Eddie.Tyrell • 1 year ago

Can’t log in the app, doesn’t recognise my email. So tried to reregister only for it to say email already in use?

Mr-Happy • 1 year ago

Does not work on android 6 (marshmallow)
So that's me out

Mamaden • 1 year ago

Can’t log in keeps saying error occurred

Leylajane • 1 year ago

I really enjoy being part of this community. I’ve won 1st prize on the app and 3rd prize from just buying products and inviting my friends. I’ve been selected to test the toothpaste and Ariel pods from the savvy circle too. Do not give up. Remember this is all for free it is chance. I love P&G products. what have you got to lose by entering their competitions? Go for it & good luck 🤞🏼

Jupoo • 1 year ago

I have registered online but get an error when trying to log into the app. I tried reregistering and it says email already registered

Bondy • 1 year ago

Just started

Shellpaul • 1 year ago

I have been part of the SuperSavvy app for last couple of years. I have got some points and enjoy collecting them by taking part in the quick questions, watching videos, scan receipts showing I have bought p&g products.
I have been picked to take part in various products, I enjoy the laundry products the most. Being a family of 5 I can give great feedback.
I have also been able to redeem my points on the products, but you have to be quick.
The weekly competition I have not won any unfortunately, neither the monthly leaderboard either. Keep trying and fingers crossed.

ebonybeth • 1 year ago

I love the app and check in daily, I’m hoping I will be lucky and win a competition soon

Margaret12 • 1 year ago

Hi I am having a problem I can't download Super Savvy app I have the Super Savvy me app on my phone so when i try to get Super Savvy App it just bounces back with message email already in use i tried my other email address no joy how can I resolve this problem your help would be appreciated

good • 1 year ago


good • 1 year ago

very good

good • 1 year ago


good • 1 year ago


good • 1 year ago

good, very good

Melgarve • 1 year ago


Harbourneford • 1 year ago


Chilcote • 1 year ago


beezer • 1 year ago

Been on the app for ages, only ever got one product test. Signing in is a nightmare, I have to sign in multiple times to move around the sight.

happybear1993 • 1 year ago

Is there perhaps a chance of getting a team of us together on zoom or something to discuss how supersavvy app could be improved? And what we would like out of the app? I personally would love to be more involved ❤️

Ali2020 • 1 year ago

This app is wonderful but I think everybody should be given a chance to test products instead of the same people winning twice or more times yet some people have never won anything. There's no point in referring people if you haven't ever won anything or received any free products to test.

Ashley82 • 1 year ago

I love the supersavvy app as you can enter giveaways and earn points to get free vouchers and products that I wouldn't normally try.

Bonnieblue66 • 1 year ago

Hi I have joined wave 2 and done everything you asked except invited friends, when I go to suppersavvy app and click on friends it's not showing link that I need to share with you , don't understand why because I invited my friend and son last year and it was fine, I really need to speak to someone because I have a few questions, have you got email address please? I have sent one email left message on Instagram and heard nothing, please help 🙂

Bev1961 • 1 year ago

The savvy app is the best app

Tokyosmum • 1 year ago

I have had the app gor quite some time now, collect points foing the wuestions, videos, daily logging in etc, but rarely enough for a decent or useful reward. I did try the cash back on a receipt, which I had bought the product, but it was itemised correctly and therefore lost out sadly! I do the weekly draw every week, but like others have never won a thing - great to hope though, and something to look forward to each week that doesn't cost anything. Would still recommend the app.

Tokyosmum • 1 year ago

I have had the app for quite some time now, collect points doing the questions, videos, daily logging in etc, but rarely enough for a decent or useful reward. I did try the cash back on a receipt, which I had bought the product, but it wasn't itemised correctly as showed the type of product and not brand or version, and therefore lost out sadly! I do the weekly draw every week, but like others have never won a thing - great to hope though, and something to look forward to each week that doesn't cost anything. Would still recommend the app.

Betts89 • 1 year ago

It's quite difficult to use to be honest. Have to sign in multiple times to get anywhere almost every page. I do use savvy circle which is fab and tested products but never had anything on the app and struggle to gain points I'm not sure how people earn thousands

MamaBearEm • 1 year ago

The app is good when you can log in, without the continuous error message 😕
You can enter a weekly prize draw, apply to test products, give product reviews. Every time you log in, you gain points. You can also get points by watching adverts, uploading shopping receipts etc. With your points you can purchase items, but, be quick as they're not on there long, the stock runs out. I'm saving my points as if like to get an electric toothbrush 🤞🏻

mycosyhomeandmore • 1 year ago

One of my favourite apps 🫶 I love checking in daily to see what's new and I always enter the weekly product test. I'm saving my points at the moment but love having a regular nosey to see what's available ☺️

Stephc • 1 year ago

The app is a great way to earn points that you can then use to purchase different products, what I can say is that everytime I seem to log in nothing is left to purchase though!
You can earn the points by reviewing item and logging in daily and also if you refer people to the app that builds the points quickly. It's great if you hit on the right time to purchase but not so much if nothing available.

Leona21 • 1 year ago

Fabulous app has issues logging in and not getting points for example contacted the app as 4 freinds referred and helped them log in myself ect even sent proof as no points awarded still never heard back!missing out on daily points ..i wonder how the leader board top 3are always the same and how can it be possible to get that in a month if exeded max collectable,never won but love the app and weekly competition's, collect points to trade for products,leaves sharing my love of amazing products and sharing on socials and talk to everyone about scan receipt and will continue to use and recommend

Cleanwithshelly • 1 year ago

I visit the app on a daily earn points by uploading receipts and turn those points into rewards it really is a great although it has glitches now and then they are quickly fixed I do recommend this app to family and friends it's great for trying new products and checking reviews

happybear1993 • 1 year ago

Last few days .... can we have another challenge?!

PammyJ • 1 year ago

All the comments have deterred me from applying, as a carer I do not have time to spend hours on the computer, so not for me I'm afraid.

Samona • 1 year ago

I open the app every day to earn points but I’ve never won a weekly win I’ve been doing this for almost two years I’ve been chosen for testing products so I can’t really complain but it does seem the same people win the weekly win the same as the leader board I do every thing to earn points but don’t seem to get no where 🥲

mothergoose • 1 year ago

I’m try to complete the survey about the app and it’s asking me for my refer a friend link,but every time I click on it the page closes.

rachaelhobart • 1 year ago

Why would anyone not love to join this app? I have found so many lovely new products through being a tester and I love hearing everyone else's views on things. I hope lots of my friends sign up!

Leona21 • 1 year ago

Fantastic app quality products and great product you can win or earn points and trade for products it's great just love Mrs hinch range as well as the dust project that's running this week I haven't stop raving about the app to everyone be happy be savvy

Dyflsp • 1 year ago

Tha app does not work properly at all and is showing my things that the closings date has already passed on

Brispaul • 1 year ago

I've enjoyed the app, leaving reviews, earning points etc BUT today I get an email to say they are revamping the points system. It all sounds good until you find out that any points collected up until now will be deleted on the 1st of July unless redeemed. Easier said than done as every time I've tried, everything is out of stock so you just end up accumulating more in hope that one day you'll be able to use them. Personally I think the change is not acceptable, they are offering nothing in return for the hard work taken to collect them and have given approx 2 weeks notice before the new system kicks in and they are deleted.

shwetasgoyal • 11 months ago

The app is buggy, it gives me error on each tap :(

Bairdsallyann • 9 months ago

Please please I have a problem when my receipts are approved i am not receiving the points it's been like this for over a week

Saurabhh • 3 months ago

app is buggy

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