Sensitive Skin Dream Team


The gentle choice for a new arrival’s sensitive skin

Remember those overwhelming first few weeks and months with your little one? Would you be happy to share the wisdom of your experience with new and soon-to-be parent pals? Then this project is for you! 👶

The gentle choice for a new arrival’s sensitive skin

It’s time to help our prospective and new parent friends feel confident that they’re providing a gentle laundry solution for their little one’s delicate skin.

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🧺 Why choose the Sensitive Skin Dream Team?

  • UK mums have voted Fairy Non Bio as the #1 laundry brand for sensitive skin *
  • Fairy PODS® washing capsules have been specially designed to provide efficient gentle cleaning.
  • For even more huggable softness, pair the Fairy PODS® washing capsules with Fairy Original Fabric Conditioner.
  • Fairy Original Fabric Conditioner smooths out the fibres of your clothes, reducing friction between clothes & skin and unveils a fresh scent.
  • Fairy Non Bio PODS® washing capsules and Fairy Original Fabric Conditioner have been awarded the Skin Health Alliance seal of approval, making them the best choice for even the most delicate skin.

🤍 Our Goals:

We’ll find out for ourselves how Fairy Non Bio PODS® + Fairy Original Fabric Conditioner is the dream laundry combination for delicate skin and then share the word with new mums and dads.

  1. Test – We’ll try out the Fairy Sensitive Skin Dream Team
  2. Share – We’ll share samples with new parents who have little ones under the age of one.
  3. Go social – We’ll post online and share our thoughts on Fairy Non Bio PODS® and Fairy Original Fabric Conditioner
  4. Review – We’ll leave our reviews on SuperSavvyMe to let fellow mums, dads and carers know what we think of Fairy Non Bio

🎁 What you’ll get:

You’ll get a full-size pack of Fairy Non Bio PODS® and Fairy Original Fabric Conditioner as well as samples that you can hand out to pregnant and new parent pals.

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@all: What do you remember about those nervy first few weeks and months with your little one?

*Online panel of 3,327 females among which Fairy Non Bio detergent was voted most often as the #1 detergent for sensitive skin.


LesleyAngel • 1 month ago

I would love to try this out on my little ones clothes. This Fairy sensitive would be great next to their little delicate skin. Xx

Taff12011971 • 1 month ago

I am so excited about this project !!! I love trying new laundry products, I'm always on the look out for them. These products look so amazing and just perfect for my little cherubs........I'm hoping I am chosen !

Ariella • 1 month ago

Dear savvy circler Taff12011971,sounds like this is just the project for you! good luck!! 🍀🤞

ish • 1 month ago

I would like to see how this work I use fairy as my washing up liquid I have 7 different varities on my windowsill I would love to rey it in laundry

NikeMaria • 1 month ago

I've just received the email to apply for this new project, it sounds so exciting, I hope to get selected, I'd love to share my experience with all my mum's and dad's friends who are expecting and the ones who have just had their newborns. I know what it's like trying to find the best options after having your first child, I didn't really have a clue when my eldest was born, but certainly felt more prepared when my second boy was born, also because I met so many other parents who I could share information with. It really helped me!

Lollypop23 • 1 month ago

I would love the opportunity to try the Fairy non bio products as I have two young children under the age of two so have to stick with non bio products that are suitable for their sensitive skin. Fingers crossed!

Ariella • 1 month ago

Dear savvy circler Lollypop23,🤞🤞🤞

LucettaB • 1 month ago

Love seeing this combination! Fairy is the best laundry product for my son's skin, he suffers with eczema and I am very careful with the products that I use for his clothes.

Bluerose03 • 1 month ago

because I am a young mother and I am looking for something good for my child that does not cause allergies :)

Welshmumma • 1 month ago

Really hoping to get to test this product. I've never used pods in my washing machine before and myself and my son have sensitive skin / eczema.. so it would be an interesting experience to see how we would react!

Niceboys • 1 month ago

I would love to be part of the fairy sensitive skin campaign as my son has sensitive skin. I always buy products for sensitive skin and really hope I am chosen for this project.

Ariella • 1 month ago

Dear savvy circler Niceboys,keeping our fingers crossed for you!

Meljel • 1 month ago

Lots of my friends are new parents or expecting , what with everything going on last year it will be great to get out and about giving out samples, I am a mother of three children all under 11 years old and they all have super sensitive skin I usually use a softener that is good for my children skin and mine but at the moment I just can't seem to find the right i am back and forth 2 softners at present plus these days everything is expensive so I'm desperate to be part of this team please

Ariella • 1 month ago

Dear savvy circler Meljel, good luck to you! 🍀🍀🍀

asu78 • 1 month ago

Have applied, my baby daughter has sensitive skin, Hope to trial Fairy non bio products please🤞

Sho • 1 month ago

Would love to try this. I have sensitive skin.

Lionella • 1 month ago

I’ve been in and out of the hospital since 2009 and always have to have clothes ready for any emergency! Even my dog has his colour washed so it’s nice and clean as he looks after me and sleeps with me on his side! I talk about it now but couldn’t before as I was abused and almost died through abuse. I’m ok now but I’m very nervous just like my dog so I keep away from a lot of people, unfortunately!!

Heatherg74 • 1 month ago

would love to try this i have really sensitive skin but never tried this yet to see if it was suitable hopefully this will enable me to try it and see and make sure it doesnt flare my skin up

Heatherg74 • 1 month ago

also i have many friends ready to have there babies so would be nice to give them a sample and get there opinions on what they think i also have my neices stay over quite alot so need something for there little sensitive skins x

NIKKIKENNEDY • 1 month ago

I would love to try fairy non bio I would like to give samples out to friends and family and get there reviews. Fingers crossed 🤞 and good luck to all who apply x

redrose93 • 1 month ago

It's a shame I am asked, how many pregnant women, moms or dads can I recommend it... What about us, with sensitive skin? Not only babies could use this but nevermind...

asu_101 • 1 month ago

Yes Please - Excited to be part of the Fairy Sensitive Dream Team! 🍀

sweety • 1 month ago

My one year old daughter suffers from dry, sensitive skin, Hope to test and review Fairy Non-Bio Sensitive laundry products please? Thanks so much x

nova200 • 1 month ago

İ would loved to try this Fairy Non Bio project and see if it could help with my babies sensitive skin 🤞😊♥️🌷💖👍

simo692 • 1 month ago

My new baby👶has sensitive skin, I would love to try FAIRY Non Bio laundry products that are suitable for sensitive skin. Thanks for the opportunity

Sotisal • 1 month ago

I’m so excited about this project 🤞🤞🤞😍❤️❤️

sim3945 • 1 month ago

Registered, Hope i get picked this time 🤞

LankyLarry • 1 month ago

As a parent you only want to protect & care for your little ones by using products that are kind to their delicate skin.

Chris81 • 1 month ago

Excited about this. Just submitted my application 🤞i get picked.
I don't have small children but my teenage son has always suffered with sensitive skin and very often has a flare up. Its not just babies that suffer fairy non bio sounds perfect for all ages with sensitive skin.
Good luck everyone 🥰 x

Rashda247 • 1 month ago

I really hope I get chosen for this project for my little one who has eczema and sensitive skin. I am constantly always looking for non bio products but I know this product will be perfect and gent on my baby’s skin.

Zara_1998 • 1 month ago

I really hope I get selected for this project as both my children have eczema. This fairy product will be perfect and for my children’s delicate skin.

Foxy.1979 • 1 month ago

This would be a great project to be part of and put to the test, mostly for my son who has eczema. However, all my friends who are mums to be or have little ones will also benefit from this. Would be a huge bonus if it doesn’t flare my some skin up. It’s really difficult to find non bio products that don’t compromise a lovely fresh scent.

Maddy1685 • 1 month ago

Fingers crossed I get to he part of this

abofai • 1 month ago

I always wanted to try Non Bio Laundry products for my babies sensitive skin, Very Excited :)

Fezab • 1 month ago

Excited to join Fairy Sensitive Skin Dream Team, Can't wait to get started!

pigginperfect • 1 month ago

I would love to get chosen for this project please as I would like to see if Fairy would be better for my daughters sensitive skin and of course I would enjoy telling others about my experience with the brand.

Bev1961 • 1 month ago

This is a wonderful combination good luck everyone 😊

Stepharthur • 1 month ago

Had my baby boy 7 weeks ago 🥰 he has sensitive skin/eczema and have been trying a variety of wash detergents to see what is best for him, would love to see what this is like

MummyBtothree • 1 month ago

I'd love to be chosen for this. Both myself and my youngest son have sensitive skin and I currently use another brand. I would love to try and compare! Fingers crossed 🤞

SavvycirclerChelle33 • 1 month ago

I love trying new products and spreading the word with my honest opinion 😌
Having a new baby and my little man has sensitive skin towards some laundry products this would be great for us to try !
Good luck everyone 🤞🤞 🤞

Borcus • 1 month ago

Come on ! Lets start this campaign me and my daughter cant wait to try it 😍😁

Beth280 • 1 month ago

Fingers crossed! Would love this 😍

Heatherg74 • 1 month ago

fingers crossed and gl every 1

Zohaib • 1 month ago

I am love to try this to my baby figures cross❤️I am so Excited to join Fairy Sensitive Skin Dream Team

Millylou • 30 days ago

I’d love to try this out, especially as my grandad son has extremely sensitive skin. The smell of Fairy acts as a perfume as well when drying washing indoors. 2 for the price of one

yuen • 29 days ago

I would like to try this for my little one. She has eczema so bad. I can’t wait to try this and introduce it to my family and friends.

Louise4567 • 29 days ago

I would love to try this on my little ones clothes, with their sensitive/eczema prone skin it's always been a challenge finding the perfect products that work well with their skin! Fingers crossed & good luck everyone!🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️🧺💞

Lisa8989 • 29 days ago

Would love to try this as the ones I've had so fare are useless and don't agree with my sons skin

Mrinnoscent • 29 days ago

I've got everything crossed for this. My skin has been real irritated lately and this would be a great try, plus fairy always smells amazing.

JuicyJay • 28 days ago

Got my finger and toes crossed for every one and my self,good luck all and look forward to a fresher wash.

alik8 • 27 days ago

Fingers crossed for this one! My son suffers with eczema so if this helps with that then great! Fingers crossed and good luck to all! 🤞

MummyBtothree • 27 days ago

Anybody heard anything yet?

SavvycirclerChelle33 • 26 days ago

What I remember the most in those first few weeks is lots of cuddles with my new baby 🥰
My baby girl is 21 weeks now and is constantly soaking her bibs and clothes with her dribble . I think she may be teething so I have extra loads to do now aswell as my usual massive amounts lol , so perfect to try this 👌 fingers crossed and good luck everyone xXx

diannaio • 25 days ago

Happy moments and a lot to clean, can't wait to try your products

alicevictoriaball • 23 days ago

This would be fantastic to try. I suffer with Dermititis, and other members of the family have Eczema. I would love to review how this works with Dermititis / Eczema prone skin. The opportunity to test out this product, which I'm yet to try would be brilliant. For me, laundry needs to smell fresh, and it must feel fresh, soft and be kind to skin.

hampshire2012 • 22 days ago

Me and my munchkins have really sensitive skin would love to try this and be part of the project. My daughter comes up in little pimples on her arms.

Top33z • 21 days ago

Would absolutely love to test this out on my bubba’s clothing as I know how delicate there skin is!

MummyBtothree • 20 days ago

They are keeping us in suspense with this one!!! 🤔

Brownie27 • 19 days ago

I wonder when they allocate this? fingers crossed for everyone

Clairemease • 18 days ago

I hope I get a chance to be apart of this project my little one’s have sensitive skin , would love to find something new see if it would help them 🙏

Elatop • 16 days ago

This is a great opportunity! I hope I will be chosen to take part in this amazing project . I love using Non Bio products, specially because my son has a sensitive skin.

viktorialouise • 15 days ago

I remember being so worried i wouldnt know what to do. Its a scary time.

Ashka • 12 days ago

I am so Excited to join Fairy Sensitive Skin Dream Team

MummyBtothree • 12 days ago

Has anybody heard yet???

Dbeachx • 11 days ago

I would love to be a part of this project. Being a new mummy to be in November this will give me great insight into what products to be using as well as my new mum to be friends! Fingers Crossed!

kallieannmaile • 9 days ago

Fingers crossed to be part of this project, perfect for little ones clothes!

Clairemease • 9 days ago

Has anyone heard yet ? Am still waiting I hope am picked it’s great for little ones

MummyBtothree • 9 days ago

Is this still going ahead???

Bev1961 • 9 days ago

Is this project still happening haven’t ehard anything 😊

Laul_x • 7 days ago

I would love to try this. Sometimes certain products can be too much on the skin. Something that has been taken in to consideration for baby’s will also be perfect for adults to. I have plenty of people who have little bubba’s who this would be perfect to share with too.

Dziosefina • 5 days ago

I hope i will have choice to try . Fingers crossed :)

Maddy1685 • 5 days ago

Would love to be part of this team .

Bev1961 • 2 days ago

Has this project been cancelled

TheBarchickStory • 2 days ago

I was always biased by the low price of the Fairy laundry products, so I never bought them, because I have very sensitive skin. However, I've heard so many good things about them from Mrs Hinch and I would love to try it! I am so curious!

MummyBtothree • 2 days ago

Yay! Just had an email to say I've been chosen. Looking forward to trying!.

DianeGamrot • 2 days ago

thrilled to have made the team

samira28 • 2 days ago

All I can say it’s not just for babies I’m in love with fairy and nothing beats fairy. It has a distinctive smell and softness that no other brand offers and that’s why you know when it is fairy

mich106 • 19 hours ago

Thank you for choosing me to be on the team I can't wait to get started

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