Pampers Baby Dry 2016
25/11/2016 - 09:00

Our parting thoughts on Pampers Baby Dry

Thank you

We've spent a good few weeks putting Pampers Baby Dry to the test so we're veritable experts on how good the nappies are for our little one! Let's tell Pampers how our opinions have changed during the project!

Thank you so much for helping make this project a success! It's the end of our five weeks and that means the Final Survey is now live! This super important questionnaire allows us to tell Pampers what we think. Let's use this unique chance to help Pampers improve in future:

Take the final survey, here!

Once we've all had a chance to fill out the survey I'll be presenting the results directly to the folks over at Pampers and they really want to know our expert savvy circler opinions!

Thanks so much for your help on this project - it's been so much fun seeing all your great pics and hearing your honest thoughts and reviews.

Best Wishes,
Your savvy circler Erin

16/11/2016 - 09:00

Time to share our honest thoughts!

Boots review It's time to leave our honest review on Boots!

We've been giving Pampers Baby Dry a good testing, along with our little ones. Now it's time for you to complete our project's objective - leave our honest thoughts and help other parents!

We're some of the most knowledgable parents around when it comes to Baby Dry. here's how to help other parents make the right choice for their baby, and show us that you're the perfect team member for future projects!

Pampers Baby Dry Size 4 - Click here, then click "Write a review"

Pampers Baby Dry Size 5 - Click here, then click "Write a review"

The Pampers team would really appreciate it if you could leave a review on both sizes! It only takes a couple of minutes to complete our project's main objective!

You can then send us a link to your review, here, so we know you're a great team member:
Click here to go to the Link report tool!

And that's it! Thanks so much for helping make this project a success. Keep an eye on the project as we'll be taking the Final Survey on Friday!

@all: What did you mention in your Baby Dry Review?

16/11/2016 - 09:00

Another week to gather our thoughts

What we think so far Here's a wordcloud of our thoughts from the starter survey - the bigger the word, the more often we mentioned it!

Our project is going to last a little bit longer! Next week we'll let you know exactly where Pampers want our honest reviews, but in the meantime, let's check in and see what we think at the moment!

We want everyone to have had a really good chance to form an expert opinion so we're going to keep on testing the nappies for another week - fun!

We'll be posting our honest reviews exactly where Pampers wants them next week, but in the meantime, if you've mentioned Baby Dry in a tweet or posted a review on another website, let us know what a great team member you've been, here

Everything we have to say is important! Let us know exactly how you're getting on with Pampers Baby Dry!

@all: what will you focus on in your review next week?

10/11/2016 - 08:34

Our sleep questions answered

Baby Dry

Now that our little ones have been experiencing up to 12 hours of dryness with Pampers Baby Dry, a wet nappy shouldn’t be the reason they wake at night.

Have you mentioned how well your little one is sleeping online? Do tell us so we know what a great team member you are!

Tell us where you've mentioned Baby Dry online, here!

If you've shared your feedback with us, then keep reading to take a look at some of the other reasons our bundles of joy might not be able to drift off:

My baby won’t nap for longer than 45 minutes. What can I do?

First, wait around 10 minutes to see if they fall back to sleep on their own. If not, try soothing or patting your baby to coax them back to sleep. They might resist at first, but will drop off if they’re still tired.

My baby only falls asleep in the car or pram. How can I change this?

Your little one has learned to fall asleep with the help of a prop, and looks for this same prop when they wake in the night. The Pampers Soothology™ routine teaches your baby to self sooth, so that they can fall back to sleep on their own

When should my baby wake up in the morning?

Most well rested babies tend to wake up naturally between 6 and 8am

@all: what are your top tips to keep the little one well rested?

08/11/2016 - 09:00

What we've been saying about Pampers Baby Dry

What have you been saying?

We're well on our way to becoming Baby Dry experts. Later this week Pampers will be ready for our reviews, but for now let's see what we've been saying across the web!

Have you posted about a pic of nappies on Social Media or mentioned them on mumsnet? Do send us a link to your comment or review so we know you've been helping us spread the Baby Dry word!

Tell us where you've been posting about Baby Dry!

savvy circler Betully thinks that:

They're soft and comfortable and even makes your baby feel dry for more than 12 hours.

Here's what savvy circler CircuitW1zard had to say:

I can honestly say that my son has gone through the whole night comfortably and slept really well. Gone are the problems of leaking nappies and nappy rash and it's amazing to see just how absorbent these nappies are.

And savvy circler Lesleycarlen shared this, honest opinion:

Wow is all I can say! I've been using Aldi nappies as everyone raves about them but they leak and go bulky.... Pampers are the total opposite! I'm amazed!

Thanks so much to everyone in the team for giving these nappies a good thorough test! Later this week we'll be posting our honest reviews so keep an eye on your inbox.

@all: Have you made your mind up about Pampers Baby Dry yet?