Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm

Immediate relief from the pain of sensitive teeth

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Join the national launch team for new Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm

Test Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm

After six years of dedicated development, the experts at Oral-B, the #1 dentist recommended brand have brought you something special! A toothpaste that not only provides instant relief from the pain of sensitive teeth, it also cools inflamed gums while giving you an extraordinary brushing experience!

The powerful Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm formula blocks dentine tubes that can expose the nerves to heat, cold, acidity and stickiness. Not only does this powerhouse of a toothpaste taste and feel great, it is clinically proven to provide a barrier to help protect against sensitivity and erosion, while also fighting bacteria and plaque to strengthen and calm gums in the future.

Your Starter Kit:

  • 1 x full-size pack of Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm toothpaste
  • Sample-size tubes of Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm toothpaste to share with friends who also suffer from sensitive teeth
  • 50% off discount code for Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm for use at Boots.com

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lauz0123 • 1 year ago

This was fab!

BS • 1 year ago

Patiently waiting for the result. There are certain things I can never get enough and two of those are a good toothpaste and my Oral-B's electric brush. So really looking forward to be one of the winner.

Bellablot • 1 year ago

Sensitive teeth and aching gums are a thing of the past. Very happy with OralB's sensitivity and gum calm toothpaste. Bonus points for the taste too.

smainsmith • 1 year ago

I loved the presentation kit this arrived in and the number of samples to share out. The taste of the toothpaste is like being at the dentist and gives me a sensation of freshly cleaned teeth.

Dic • 1 year ago

My wife loves this toothpaste oral b calm, and my toothbrush heads my electric toothbrush and all these products we can now not do without .Moving forward thanks again for the chance we love love love them ,and will only purchase these products going into the future . Looking out for the results patiently loved the whole kit .

Lubes • 1 year ago

I’ve always suffered with extremely sensitive teeth, to the point cold air would trigger the pain. This toothpaste is amazing and transformed my day to day life. Fab-u-lous 🤗

lynjen • 1 year ago

Like the feel & taste of this toothpaste-certainly seems to have helped with my sensitivity issues -would recommend to all

edenandmummyx • 1 year ago

Love this toothpaste, it has definitely improved my sensitivity and also, I love that the mint flavour isn’t overpowering like most toothpastes on the market! Would recommend this toothpaste to anyone who suffers with sensitivity!

Koukou • 1 year ago

Both me and my partner love the Oral-B toothpaste, I have seen such a change in my gum health! Would love to get a chance to test this product, sounds amazing!

holhome • 1 year ago

I had one of my friends over for a cup of coffee in the afternoon. She was so happy using Oral-B Calm toothpaste she wanted to have a hot cup of coffee since her tooth sensitivity is gone.

Cpotter1977 • 1 year ago

Brilliant product, my friend also has sensitive teeth and it’s worked wonders for them. My tooth sensitivity has significantly reduced, it tastes great and my teeth feel nice and clean so all round winner! I have handed the samples out to other friends all
with positive comments :)

Summerleigh • 1 year ago

Iv heard such good reviews about this and would like to try for myself hopefully j get choosen to be appart if the team 🤞 i suffer really bad with tooth & gum sensitivity x

Iulya • 1 year ago

The best ❤

selsoma • 1 year ago

I suffer from sensitive gums and this is great, I can already feel a difference after only using it for a couple of weeks!

carpediem • 1 year ago

Now sitting firmly in my bathroom and in my mother's. We are both happy users!

JustAMan • 1 year ago

Amazing toothpaste from Oral-B, instant relief for yours sensitive gums. Nice taste that you and your children will love.

Rennet01 • 1 year ago

Reading the reviews, this product sounds interesting with the good reviews, hope I am chosen for this trial to see how this could help my sensitive teeth and gums

tyra123 • 1 year ago

Fantastic toothpaste, I’ve had sensitive teeth for years and have never managed to find a toothpaste like this oral b toothpaste which left my teeth and gums feeling fine after using it for a few days.

lucy_ayhan • 1 year ago

I have always had problems with sensitive teeth and gums, and have used many different kinds of toothpaste, but none have had the effect that Oral B has had. I have distributed all the samples and have received positive comments from family, friends, work colleagues, and neighbors. Excellent toothpaste for sensitive teeth and gums, I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Foxy.1979 • 1 year ago

I’ve had so much to say and share about that a fabulous, amazing tube of relief. Everyone I shared samples with was as much impressed as I was (which is always a relief in itself). I honestly cannot praise this toothpaste enough. It really is a life changing product that I’m so happy I was given the opportunity to try. After buying and trying so many brands, I’d given up and stuck with the last brand I tried without actually feeling any of the benefits. This is a game changer and I love it. It’s now my daily toothpaste which I have continued to use and will do for the foreseeable future. Thank you Supersavvy and thank you OralB ❣️

LaurenPx • 1 year ago

Great product for my older children! Tastes exactly like the bubblemint chewing gums 😍

rae100 • 1 year ago

Have loved being part of this project. I am a convert. Aside from the fact I can now eat ice cream like I can cake (whooopppsss!) I love the taste and texture of this toothbrush. My friends and famiuly have all been impressed too. I have really only had one slightly negative comment.

On a side note I have contacted you a few times over the past month as my URL links are stuck on a superdrug review I was completing and still to this day will not let me progress or send anymore. I was hoping to send you the rest.

If you can clear it please email me and I will send the rest of the URLs. Thanks

Moetmm • 1 year ago

An amazing toothpaste that really does help with sensitive teeth from first usage. Pleasant flavour that leaves the mouth and teeth feeling clean and fresh. Highly recommend for any one has sensitive teeth and a bit dubious off how effective a product may be before purchasing.

Shellm • 1 year ago

I would love to be considered for this project . Good luck to everyone xxx

holhome • 1 year ago

I have enjoyed participating in this campaign being able to try such a good toothpaste that really helps with teeth sensitivity. My family and my friends, neighbours and work colleagues, who tried this toothpaste and who have suffered with tooth sensitivity, have been positively impressed with the effect of the Oral-B Calm toothpaste. We are all addicted to this toothpaste. I still enjoy its lovely and refreshing taste. I enjoyed posting photos, reviews and spreading the word. The only issue I had was with posting the links for the reviews. Except for the link to the Boots review all other links were either not accepted or recognised. I had several attempts , the page was looping and I was stuck on that page until I would delete the link and post social media links which all worked. I emailed support several times, with no reply or suggestion. In the end I posted the links on 'other websites' and I was notified that somehow those links had been already posted. I hope this is true. And I hope that in the end they were all posted.

Igy13082020 • 1 year ago

Hopefully I will have this opportunity to try it :) Can't wait!!

Roots44 • 1 year ago

Absolutely love Oral B Calm toothpaste. Will never use anything else now. A friend who I gave a sample to just sent me a text saying "Many thanks for the samples. Love this toothpaste especially for my back tooth which I'm having a problem with at the moment. I normally use Oral B Gum and Enamel toothpaste but think I will change to the Oral B Calm. Thanks also for telling me it's on offer at Boots"

Nikki_musician • 1 year ago

I would love to be considered. Looking at the reviews it seems like a positive reaction x

Tracie13 • 1 year ago

This toothpaste is so good,my 13 year old son can’t stand how strong most toothpaste is so he’s had to keep using a younger child toothpaste.We have finally found a toothpaste that’s good for him.I found that most people that tried this gave really good reviews so thank you.

ikon • 1 year ago

Great toothpaste ,not strong aftertaste , rest of family love it .

Elly99 • 1 year ago

I have sensitivity gums and teeth in general and tried all the toothpastes out there. This is by far the best. Even my husband commented on how good it was.

Shared the samples with friends who also loved it and bought it in full size.

K4ty • 1 year ago

I have had zero sensitivity sense trying this. My family have all enjoy using the toothpaste aswell.

SusanJB • 1 year ago

I have always had sensitive teeth and tender gums and have had great delight using Oral B Sensitivity &Gum Calm toothpaste as did my partner. I eat a lot of ice cream and sometimes the coldness sends pains shooting to he nerves . After using 'Calm' this has stopped being a problem and I now indulge in ice cream

drhkjec • 1 year ago

I love the new sensitive teeth & tender gums toothpaste I now can eat ice-cream without pain, and cold drinks are no longer a problem.
With the samples that I gave out there was a couple of mixed reviews everyone loved the way it worked but a couple of people didn't like the taste. Most of the people whom I gave samples to have said that they will be buying full size tubes.
I have used Oral-B for years and won't changed brands no matter the cost healthy teeth are the most important thing to me

Rutea • 1 year ago

I took part of this project 😀 and I was amazed with the results of Oral B product the smell and taste was very pleasant and also to be able to share that experience with my friends and family and social media newwork.
I recommend 100% to apply

Harrisunited • 1 year ago

So excited to receive my email this morning to say that I have been chosen to test out the product. My mum and close frirends are looking forward to sharing their thoughts

lynneas • 1 year ago

Email to say my starter kit is on the way. Can't wait to try this!! I absolutely love a good toothpaste. Got to keep them pearly whites in tip top shape

Ltruffles • 1 year ago

Can't wait to try this, having sensitive teeth is a nightmare 😫, might finally be able to eat ice cream now 😋. And have clean teeth of course 😅

Sjb13 • 1 year ago

Excited to receive my confirmation that I have my kit on the way :)

Dasie91 • 1 year ago

So exited to try this I suffer so bad with sensitive teeth thank-you for accepting my application .

mania • 1 year ago

my starter kit is on the way fantastic

Justi27 • 1 year ago

Chciałabym podziękować wam za wspaniały zestaw który jest już w drodze :)

bonbonz31 • 1 year ago

So excited to find out my starter kit is on its way. Let's hope I'll be enjoying some nice ice cream of a cold frozen drink very soon 😊 thank you supersavvy for choosing me to be a part of the team x

Kanf • 1 year ago

Just got to know that i have been selected. Cant wait to receive my starter kit

TheresaFaith • 1 year ago

Thank you so much for accepting me. I cannot wait to get started. What a great birthday gift for me. My teeth and gums will be happy 😊😊

Laul_x • 1 year ago

I’m so happy to be apart of the team! Can’t wait to get this in the post and finally get to try it out. So can share with friends and family too!

Brybry98 • 1 year ago

Absolutely love this toothpaste, my gums feel so much healthier and less sensitive since using it and I love the fresh taste of it, it's not too strong either!

Nikki_musician • 1 year ago

Looking forward to receiving my kit! 😁

dee1979 • 1 year ago

I can't wait to receive my Oral B sensitivity gum calm kit and trying it out, hoping I can have cold drinks this summer. Looking forward to sharing the samples with friends, family and neighbours and sharing our experiences.

Amyg18 • 1 year ago

Thank for selecting me, my gums really need this at the moment. My mum has also started getting sensitivity and sore gums

Lucimali • 1 year ago

I thought this project was over but it looks like am in! hurray! thank you! so excited

Queenann21 • 1 year ago

Very pleased To be chosen for this trial as I always have done for a long time suffered with sensitivity in my gums. So it will be great to trial this product and hopefully it works. Can’t wait have been looking for something I have a feeling this is it.

Reanonn • 1 year ago

I have suffered from sensitive gums on and off for a number of years and try different toothpaste but none have worked. This product looks amazing especially for my gums I’m really happy if I could try this product and be part of this trial as it would be amazing to find something that really works and I have a feeling this will be the best product for me to try. I’m excited I’m hoping to be chosen for this trial. Can’t wait

LutfurRahman • 1 year ago

I'm so excited for try this new oral B sensitivity and gum calm toothpaste. I have teeth sensitivity. Hope I'll be a participant for this project. 😍

gems1984 • 1 year ago

I got sent this and I wasn't amazed to start with yes my teeth felt a lot cleaner than usual but everything else was the same but the more I used it the more impressed I was with it I was able to eat a chocolate bar with caramel in and was in no pain what so ever so I was clearly working I shall be buying this product when it comes into my store and I shall be recommending it 100%

lynjen • 1 year ago

Really like this toothpaste, have used it for a few weeks & find it leaves my teeth feeling clean & mouth refreshed -good texture & foamy white look & feel .Would recommend to anyone with sensitive teeth & gums !!

den86ise • 1 year ago

Really hope I can try this see if it works for my bad sensitivity would live to have ice cream with the kids again

Fahima • 1 year ago

Hope I'll be a participant for this project. Love to use oral B toothpaste.

Pink-Gum • 1 year ago

Can't wait to try this ! I suffer from sensitive teeth and am excited to be able to have cold drinks and ice cream now that summer is here:))

Me2u808 • 1 year ago

This oral b toothpaste is the best! It tastes great and no more sensitivity, or pain. Really impressed with this and on my shopping list now.

Mariusjane • 1 year ago

Thank you

Nicola.317 • 1 year ago

I’ve just been accepted onto this campaign I can’t wait to give this a try my teeth are always so sensitive

Dasie91 • 1 year ago

Came today so excited to use and share with family and friends #OralBCalm, #InstantRelief, #savvycircle

Nikki2019 • 1 year ago

Just got delivery off this new oral B and noticed the vouchers for boots with 50% off are out off date from 10/03/2021 to04/05/2021 I won't be able to give out the vouchers now cause there out off date but will give the testers out for people to try and will get feed back from them

Jesssss634 • 1 year ago

This product has just been delivered, I cannot wait to try this out!

ishib82 • 1 year ago

Arrived today looking forward to try. So many samples to hand out to friends too!

MamaSloth97 • 1 year ago

My kit arrived today and I am super excited to try it out! Already handed out to my friends and family too!

GordonS • 1 year ago

My kit arrived today and I cant wait to try it out with my family and friends too.

Theoriginalmarion • 1 year ago

I got this kit yesterday, it was meant to be o think, at the moment I use an expensive gum health toothpaste and my husband uses one for sensitive teeth , I had just run out so what an excellent time to try this ! I have used twice so far along with my oral b electric toothbrush and a waterpik. My teeth felt very smooth and my gums were tingling, will be a few days to see effect on gum health. The first thing I can say positively is that it tastes an awful lot better than my usual brand so that impressed me straight away , my husband hasnt noticed different toothpaste yet so that is good too , I will report back next week.I have taken so.e of the samples for friends and family to try so that should be interesting when they let me know their thoughts.

Eglute250 • 1 year ago

The best ❤

Erudite1 • 1 year ago

Just received the package this morning and have handed out 5 samples already,. Looking forward to starting the trial. 😉

sha4mth • 1 year ago

Kit has just arrived. Can't wait to try, and share out samples.

Saraazz • 1 year ago

It's just arrived today, I'm so happy and excited to try it.

Sallyann14 • 1 year ago

Wow after a red hot day bad not usually being able to eat a choc ice I finally used this and wow it actually works pics to follow Sallyann14

Zeii • 1 year ago

My kit arrived yesterday, only tried it last night before bed. The taste is great! I'll have to give it a few days before I can give a proper review. Looking forward to handing out samples and getting feedback.

Theoriginalmarion • 1 year ago

Used last night and this morning, didnt think but am currently drinking a cup of tea and not noticing any discomfort. Going to try a really cold drink later ( has to be done) so gin with ice it is! Handed out most of samples yesterday, could have given away more if I had them .Looking forward to getting opinions.

Steph56 • 1 year ago

My pack from super savvy me arrived yesterday evening containing my Oral B sensitivity and calm toothpaste. Really excited to receive it and looking forward to using it and seeing how it compares to my usual brand of sensitivity toothpaste.

Ewy • 1 year ago

Finally its come i love this one my tooth very sensitive haev problem i love my men to like amazing when is finish im gona buy more :)

sha4mth • 1 year ago

Received kit yesterday. Unfortunately, the vouchers had already expired (04/05/21). Tried the toothpaste this morning, and was very happy with the result. Mouth felt fresh, and no discomfort throughout the day.

Mrs.E.Markham • 1 year ago

Received my pack can't wait to try it. Doesn't appear to have caught up on here though as it says my application is under review.

makikooni • 1 year ago

Received the product! Can't wait to test and share!

Moniebutterfly • 1 year ago

I love it. My teeth and gum are very sensitive. Now I can drink hot and cold drinks without any pain.

Nikki2019 • 1 year ago

Well I have tried it and already see and feel the difference with the oral b only been using it 2days

Jey27 • 1 year ago

waiting for the package

mrsnuggles • 1 year ago

Recieved my box yesterday, posted on facebook, will be sharing with my partner who has really sensitive teeth. him mother. and my friends..

Queenann21 • 1 year ago

So happy to be chosen for this trial as I suffer greatly with sensitive teeth and I have an oral Belectric toothbrush so to use the oral be toothpaste with it is a winning combination for me looking forward to seeing these results of less sensitivity

Natalie2021 • 1 year ago

Woke up this morning to the postman, to my surprise I opened the parcel to a box of loads of small samples and a full size toothpaste! I didn't even know it was coming, I look forward to trying this. Thankyou

Rah • 1 year ago

My starter kit arrived today! So excited to try this Oral B Calm toothpaste and share the samples with my family, friends and neighbours. Have a feeling my sensitive teeth and gums will soon be a lot happier 😊

Melchuck84 • 1 year ago

My starter kit has arrived. I’m super excited to try this new toothpaste. I have always loved oral B and looking forward to testing this new paste.

Vic76 • 1 year ago

Just received my starter kit...... Very impressed! Lots of samples to hand out to family and friends.

CAB • 1 year ago

I received my kit today which was a nice surprise as I didn't know I had been selected. I'm a bit confused though as the trial date has ended and all the coupons in the kit expired on 4 May so I can't give them to anyone!

Bipolarbear93 • 1 year ago

Got my kit today! Looking forward to seeing how it works on my teeth! Going to be passing out the samples to family and friends too!

Jkong • 1 year ago

Just got mine. Being a dental professional, I am so excited for this new products, ready to spread the words to all my patients, friends and family!

Alisonrees4 • 1 year ago

Sensitive teeth and gums are a thing of the past. Very happy with OralB's sensitivity and gum calm toothpaste. Passed on to some family members who also agreed with above and they also liked the flavour.

MamaSloth97 • 1 year ago

I am loving this toothpaste! I don't think I will buy a different toothpaste ever again! My senstive teeth and gums are no more.

Dionnemidd • 1 year ago

Received mine today I cannot wait to try this as I have sore gums and receding gums also do it will be a massive help for me :)

Iulya • 1 year ago

This its the best ❤

Kayleyparker • 1 year ago

Now summer is in full swing, I’ll be able to sip on a nice cold iced coffee in the sunshine without having that sudden rush of sensitivity pain. Never take for granted the small things in life as they are everything. No more sensitive teeth and gums #oralb

lynneas • 1 year ago

Postman brought me a lovely little parcel this morning. Oral b calm campaign goodies. Can't wait to try it!!

Amyg18 • 1 year ago

Received my kit today and I'm over the moon, my mum and me are suffering latlely with very sensitive teeth, so we can't wait to try it

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