6 tips for sharing your #OlayPowerCouple

The results have started to trickle in and it seems that many of you are officially in love with your new Olay Power Couple! How are you finding your new dreamy skincare duo? Do you love the velvety texture of the cream? Does your skin feel soothed and settled? Have your pals asked you about your healthy new glow? We’d love you to share your #OlayPowerCouple experiences on social media to spread the word.

6 tips for sharing your #OlayPowerCouple

Thanks for the fab snaps savvy circler tester789, Leia3g and LOULOUSLIKES ❤

Your no. 1 Olay ambassador task

As an Olay ambassador, your mission is to spread the word about Olay with your friends, family and followers. Get social and let your pals know about this project you’re taking part in with Olay and ask them: Can your cream do this?

6 tips for social sharing

You’re the expert when it comes to social media and you know what your friends and followers want to see from you. Smiling IG grid selfies, how-to apply tutorials, upbeat, fast-paced TikTok videos – we’d love to see it all and more! We’ve put together some tips to help you make the most of your content (and to put you in the best position to win one of our £30 Amazon vouchers… more on that shortly).

  1. Record in vertical format for TikTok and IG reels, it looks much better!
  2. Show your Olay products together in the first 3 seconds of the video. Then let your followers know that you use one in the morning and the other one at night (and don’t show any other brands, please)
  3. Can your cream do this? Let your followers know how your #OlayPowerCouple duo works and challenge them to consider their own moisturisers.
  4. Edit your video – short and snappy is the name of the game so remove any unnecessary sections and keep your video pacy.
  5. Keep it natural – and don’t use any filters, please. You’re perfect as you are ❤️
  6. Pictures are good, too! – Not comfortable shooting videos? No problem, you can post pictures if you’d prefer.

Don’t forget

Every social post must include: #ad, #CanYourCreamDoThis, #OlayPowerCouple, #savvycircle, @supersavvymeofficial and @olayuk.

Fancy winning one of 20 x £30 Amazon vouchers?

We’re on the lookout for the most gorgeous social posts from our Olay ambassador team. Sleek, stylish, well edited and brightly lit posts that feature all of the hashtags and are shared with us via your members area are most likely to be chosen but other than that it’s up to you to get creative.

Full competition terms and conditions can be found here.

Once you’ve shared online, be sure to upload your posts with us so we don’t miss them.

Upload my URLs Upload photos

We’re so excited to see your shares! 😊

@all: What do you plan on sharing to Instagram and TikTok? Inspire the rest of the team!


Bairdsallyann • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

How the creams are working on my skin the difference between day and night cream and how fantastic they are.

magicalmoments • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

I used to use L’Oréal Revitalift religiously morning and night. I was given the chance to trial Olay and wow !! What has my skin been missing.
First time using I noticed the cream is a lot thicker, absorbs into my skin with no greasy after feel. After 2 days my lines are not as noticeable and my skin feels silky smooth, I will be ordering more before the jars run out.

vjadenkiene • Team Vitamin C 6 months ago

Only used for a week and already seeing the results, my skin feels so soft, no greasy . I really in shock as didn't expected this! Very happy I given the chance to trial Olay and they not disappointed me! I definitely buy for my mum !

Emmalou80 • Team Vitamin C 6 months ago

I received this duo last week and already my skin is feeling softer and some of those fine lines are visibly reduced. The cream is silky and smooth to apply and absorbs fast. I’m looking forward to seeing the longer term results

Fuzzie67 • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

I’ve only been using the creams for just under a week now & they are a lot thicker than I’m used to and quite rich. You only need a pea sized amount as they spread pretty evenly. My skin is well nourished after I’ve used them though. Not seen any improvement in fine lines yet but it’s way to early for that. Overall it’s quite good so far.

Clarissaw • Team Vitamin C 6 months ago

I really am enjoying using the cream especially the night time one. I feel as it if really helps my skin over night. Also I don't need to use a lot a little spreads quite far. They both dry down nicely and don't leave a bad feeling on my skin.

MommyLees • Team Vitamin C 6 months ago

Love the creams great smell my skin feels so soft. I did find it fiddly to open tho lol 🤦🏼‍♀️

tester789 • Team Vitamin C 6 months ago

Thank you so much for giving me the chance to try out these fabulous creams. I absolutely love the luxurious feel of these creams from it’s stunning packaging, to it’s velvety smooth texture. I love everything about them. And really looking forward to see the results as well.

Shaz786 • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

I received the creams 4 days ago and started using them straight away, I love the soft feel of the skin after applying and the the skin just looks firm and healthy. Thankyou for giving me a chance to try this brand hopefully I will continue using these creams as part of my skin routine.

Leannejames • Team Vitamin C 6 months ago

So excited to try this, tonight’s the first night I will be testing out the night cream and tomorrow the day cream 🫶 see how this #olaypowercouple journey goes 🫶

Lainey0302 • Team Vitamin C 6 months ago

Why won't it let me add photos just appears blank when I tap post photo ?

Kjls8 • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

I received my Olay yesterday so have tried the evening cream last night. I’d gotten straight out of a bath so my skin was clean, even a bit dry and tight. The night cream came in a gorgeous purple pot, on unscrewing the lid it has another inner top that lifts off. The cream was thicker than I expected but not heavy or greasy. I applied some and within an hour felt it had sank in enough for me to apply some more. I got generous with it as I have dry skin and the cream is luscious, it felt like it fed my hungry skin. Then I got my beauty sleep. On waking there was not a massive difference but a noticeable one, my skin was less blemished and happy. I’ve no doubt continued use will continue improving.
I showered and applied the day cream this morning, this comes in a red pot and feels a lot lighter. It felt soothing and silky smooth, it provides a great base for make up too.
Obviously it’s early days yet as I’ve only used each once. I will report back later.

Roni • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

My first time EVER to use an Olay product and I am super impressed. Only started a couple of days ago and loving it. I love how it compliments my skincare regime. It is rich and a little goes a long way. It absorbs well and leaves my skin soft. I particularly love the night cream as it makes my skin feel nourished and hydrated without it being greasy. I look forward to seeing more improvement in my skin texture, smoothness and evenness. Thank you for the opportunity.

greentina • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

l love this cream it goes on so nice not sticky or oily ,l think l can see a different but time will tell l was using estee lauder but think l will be using olay from now on

Anitax • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

Received monday absolutely amazing night cream amazing feels soft on face 💕 loving it and day cream super fantastic i out on before make up i. Carnt wait see my results in a week of using my olay creams so happy 😊

angiemac18 • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

I love how rich and creamy these creams are, it really feels like I am nourishing my skin every time I apply them, and a little goes such a long way too! I am loving testing these products!

Ljsmith • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

Super excited to be part of the Olay campaign look forward to sharing my results after a couple of weeks usage ❤️

ejean9 • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

sharing lots of photos and information on this amazing power couple !

Holly9588 • Team Vitamin C 6 months ago

Started using the products yesterday and already my skin feels smoother!

Sandy1908 • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

Team Niacinamide • Day 1 and the cream feels light against my skin , and no sign of irritation

Catherine53 • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

Using the duo creams just under a week and I am so impressed by how my skin feels, very soft and silky looking
I am known to my family and friend to try new creams on the market which can cost a fortune, but Olay has been a brand in my life since I was a child my mother used it all the time so I have used it on and off for the last 30 years
And I can honestly say this is the one I am gonna stick to from now on ,no other cream has impressed me so much has this powercouple duo
❤️ Can your cream do this ❤️

rosefer • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

I have been using Olay duo creams now for a couple of days and have notice how smooth, soft and silky my face feels.
Both creams have a nice fragrance to them and they don't have that oily feel about them.
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to try and review, so far I'm impressed.

claramuchacha • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

Thank you supersavvyme and Olay for the opportunity to try these face creams (love to try new products). I'm a Clarins girl BUT I have tried L'Oreal face creams and this is the first time ever trying Olay. Firsty, I love the packaging. I first tried the night cream. On first impressions the cream looks lovely, no scent at all which is unusual for me after previous scented creams. On first application I found it very drying which was disappointing but I am continuing to see if my skin will get used to it. Day cream is nicer but again, it doesn't keep my skin moisturised for very long. I have dry skin so perhaps I need to try applying more... I'm sticking with swapping my usual creams and enjoying the mission.

Lydia001 • Team Vitamin C 6 months ago

My skin has never felt so hydrated! Got such a good routine going now, I wouldn't and couldn't be without them!

Khardy101088 • Team Vitamin C 6 months ago

I am so impressed with these creams!
My before and afters already are 🤯🤯 i cant wait until the end to see how they look

flowerfromheaven • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

My first thoughts was this cream is never going to soak in as it is a very thick cream well I was wrong, It soaked in my skin very quickly leaving my skin feeling refreshed with no stickiness , I found that after using the day cream my foundation went on very smoothly, I am very happy with how it feels and will keep using it to see the difference after a couple of weeks. It really is a Super #OlayPowerCouple

Sfu8874 • Team Niacinamide 6 months ago

I'm so eased with these creams. The day cream and night cream feel different on the skin and they both smell amazing. I've been using them almost a week and can definitely feel the difference in my skin.

hiral • Team Niacinamide 5 months ago

I received my power couple a week ago, I couldn’t wait to try them. First looking at the packaging. Both of which are nice and bright. The only thing I was a bit confused was the NIacinamide 24 face cream, ismeant to have factor 30spf. Nothing on the box confirms that, even on the packaging! Not to sure if it’s printing error or it doesn’t contain any spf. I started using the night cream first as couldn’t wait to start in the morning!

hiral • Team Niacinamide 5 months ago

After opening the night cream, on first glance it seamed really thick and the light fragrance was lovely. On application it glided onto the skin real smooth, my skin felt really silk soft afterwards. The next morning, it was the Olay NIacinamide 24 turn. After cleansing my face, I applied the cream, it too smelt pleasant. The texture was nice and thick and it melted onto the skin with ease. My skin felt super soft and not greasy at all. A good base for my foundation.

Dziosefina • Team Vitamin C 5 months ago

I recently started using them and I'm still enjoying these creams, my skin looks so healthy and glowing. Most importantly, vitamin c fades sun-induced pigmentation. From now on, these creams have been part of my daily skin care routine

MamaBearEm • Team Vitamin C 5 months ago

I'm loving the scent of the Olay vitamin C + AHA24 day cream. It's a refreshing citrus burst, that leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth.

Vickyj2o • Team Vitamin C 5 months ago

I shared how much better my skin feels!

Eglute • Team Vitamin C 5 months ago

I really enjoying using those creams. The creams smells great. My skin feels so soft and hydrated.

lorycraciun • Team Vitamin C 5 months ago

These 2 are truly amazing cream -

Jules95 • Team Vitamin C 5 months ago

The smell of the day cream is incredible! I find it so important for a cream to smell good because it motivates me to wear it everyday!!!! So impressed so far!

LArmstrong • Team Vitamin C 5 months ago

My skin has been very dry after being put into a chemical menopause and these creams have really helped soften and hydrate my skin. Very happy with how they work on my skin.

kym919011 • Team Vitamin C 5 months ago

OMG I’m obsessed with these creams, especially the Vitamin C cream. It’s amazing. I’m so fussy with moisturiser and they have to work well with my foundation. I apply the Vitamin C moisturiser before my foundation and my makeup goes on fantastically! My skin is left feeling super soft, hydrated and supple too! I’ve found my new go too! 💛

Sebastian • Team Niacinamide 5 months ago

Fantastic Olay duo creams .Left my face soft supple and feeling younger and fresher. Will definitely be buying this. Cream again

MamaBearEm • Team Vitamin C 5 months ago

My face feels softer and looks more hydrated within the first week of using Olay's power couple. #Vitamin C power

carolannb • Team Niacinamide 5 months ago

I love these 2 creams , they are makin g a difference to my skin, they are fab .

carolannb • Team Niacinamide 5 months ago

I really love how these sink into my skin and do not leave any greasy residue and they smell so good :)

kazcuz • Team Niacinamide 5 months ago

I am in love with these creams and will continue to purchase them once I have finished these ones x

xxnimmyxx • Team Vitamin C 5 months ago

Thank you for the tips. I’ve enjoyed making short stories which I’ve shared on Facebook and Instagram!

xhinch_home90x • Team Vitamin C 5 months ago

My skin has never felt so good it can breathe its hydrated its feeling smooth and can there's no dry skin on my face now and the complements I'm getting from my husband and friends is so lovely I do feel younger looking with my face more hydrated its its not crinkled up which is helping the lines on my face and the night cream what it does to my face at night while I sleep is just gorgeous not only the cream feels like silk on your face but Hydrates, smooths and gives you a glow not forgetting its fragrance free super happy with my skin care routine thanks to you @olayuk & @supersavvymeoffical xx

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