Our project with Olay
18/12/2017 - 10:00

Thank you for everything

Thank you for participating in our Olay Project Special thanks to savvy circlers ChickyChoo, flickas & JetB for their fab photos.

Our time with Olay has come to an end for now… we’ve loved every second.

We want to take this moment to thank each and every one of your for all the amazing contributions throughout our project together. From the gorgeous images, to the invaluable insights, together we’ve made such an impact.

The Olay team really loved seeing all the great content we made and hearing all the stories shared about how we’ve been spreading the word on Olay Total Effects.

That's everything from us this time around, but do remember you can still send in a few bits and pieces to round off the project:

Submit any outstanding Ask your friend sheets

Shared online? Tell us where here

Taken a gorgeous snap we haven’t seen yet? Show us here

@all: Will you be on the lookout for Olay this Christmas?

15/12/2017 - 08:30

Take the Final Survey

Complete the Final Survey for Olay Total Effects Thanks you savvy circler lilme for putting some holiday spirit in our project for Olay Toltal Effects, Melibee & powerjen13666 for the fab photos

Our project with Olay has almost come to a close, before we say goodbye, we need to leave our final expert thoughts!

With a wealth of experience of Olay Total Effects it’s now time to share our knowledge and feedback with the brand! Because we’ve tried this product so extensively, our insights are incredibly valuable to the Olay team.

This is our chance to have our voice heard directly by the team, leading to real impactful changes. Let’s finish strong by completing the final survey.

Take the final survey

This is our final chance to share what we think of Olay with Fiona and the rest of the team behind the brand.

Once you've filled out the final survey, you'll still be able to share your online links, submit Ask your friend sheets and upload your photos until the 29th of December, so do visit your dashboard to find all your project links!

@all: What's been your favourite moment during our time together?

05/12/2017 - 08:00

Becoming a sensation

Spreading the news online with #OlayAgeless and #OlayTrial Thanks to savvy circlers Andypops, Debbieisabelle, Karenestevenson and mwaka for their divine photos this week, they look fab!

What an incredible team we have, we can see everyone's been busy spreading the word on Olay, the brand is very impressed.

We are in the last week of our project together and Fiona along with the rest of the Olay team have loved seeing our reviews and photos across the web.

Before we share our final thoughts about Olay Total Effects with them, let's make sure we've done our bit to share our experience with Olay online.

Let's show them why the opinions of real people like us matter. By making sure each of us does the below tasks we'll be sure to make Olay an absolute hit for women all over the country.

  • Leave a review for the thousands of online shoppers looking for the perfect regime for them
  • Post your snap to friends on social media with the hashtags #OlayAgeless and #OlayTrial, remember the Olay team will be looking out for the best to post on their own gallery!
  • Show us where you posted so we can measure just how far we've managed to spread the word as a team!

Let's help even more women feel their very best with Olay. We all derserve that after all, don't we?!

@all: This is our last week in our project together! Have you thought about what you'll tell the brand in our Final Survey?

30/11/2017 - 09:00

Time to leave our reviews!

It's time to submit our reviews for Olay total Effects.

We've now had lots of time to try out our Olay Total Effects. Our skin is looking and, more importantly, feeling wonderful… we’ve rediscovered our radiance!

As we're becoming experts on Olay Total Effects, it's time for us to draw on our experiences and knowledge to help inform the thousands of online shoppers decide if Olay is the right fit for their regime.

When we leave our reviews on the Tried & Tested page, they’ll be shared across a whole host of review sites such as Tesco, Superdrug, Boots, and many others, so every review we leave will be read all over the web!

Leave your review here

Struggling to think of what you can say? Here's what some other members of the team thought:

Savvy circler ACE2778 left her verdict:

I have noticed a big difference, I’m up at 5am to work full time and I’m also a busy mum of 2 young boys. So a good night sleep doesn’t exist for me. I suffer from dark circles, however Olay has been a god send. My circles and some fine lines have visibly reduced, making me look more like a lady less like a Zombie.

Savvy circler Ratalief had her say:

I love the way it is making my skin feel. Although the cream is thick it is easily absorbed leaving my skin soft. Which is perfect for winter as my skin drys out more.

@all: Have you left your review yet? Let the team know what you thought!

28/11/2017 - 10:00

Finding the perfect skincare regime with Olay Skin Advisor

Olay Total Effects - Perfect Regime

Our skin is unique and we all have our own specific needs. The perfect skincare regime for us may not be perfect for our friends and relatives. Finding the right one can be a confusing process, thankfully Olay has introduced the Olay Skin Advisor.

Especially designed to simplify and take the confusion out of choosing the right skincare regime, it’s as simple as submitting a quick snap. Created using VizIDTM Technology, the Olay Skin Advisor uses Artificial Intelligence to learn what a woman’s face looks like at any age to an exceptionally accurate level. Each time a new face is uploaded, the more accurate it becomes.

Help your friends and relatives select their perfect skincare regime, simply direct them to skinadvisor.

They can then follow these four simple steps to find their perfect regime:

  1. Snap a Photo – by comparing their selfie with others in the database, their skin age will be revealed
  2. Complete the Questionnaire – With a few key questions, Olay Skin Advisor considers their desired regimen and skincare requirements
  3. Skin Analysis – using all the pixel information from the selfie and comparing them with the other uploaded images, Olay Skin Advisor detects and analyses the aging areas (forehead, cheek, chin, crow’s feet, under-eye) with 99% accuracy then determines the “best” and “improvement” areas
  4. Regime Recommendation – A proprietary algorithm will then map the skin analysis with the questionnaire responses to deliver optimal regime recommendations

As you discuss your experiences with those around you, have them complete an Ask your friend sheet. You can then collect them back and share their answers with the Olay team.

Submit your Ask your friend sheets here

@all: After discussing your Olay experiences with friends, share their thoughts in the comments below.