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Welcome to the team #OlayAmbassador

Congratulations on making the team, we are thrilled to have you in our new project with Olay Daily Facials. Meet the Olay team, they’ll be listening out for all of our thoughts and opinions on their innovative dry cloths.

Welcome to the team of the #OlayAmbassadors who will test and spread the word about Olay Daily Facials!

We believe in the power of women. That’s why we’ve created a spa-inspired, 5-in-1 daily facial that leaves skin perfectly cleansed in only a few minutes. Over the next few weeks, we’ll have the chance to discover Olay Daily Facials; which remove make up, cleanse, tone and moisturise in one go.

All the starter kits are on their way and will be with you in the next 5-10 working days. You'll be receiving:

For you to try out:

  • 1x full-size pack of Olay Daily Facials to test and share with friends
  • A savvy circle insider's guide full of handy hints and tips

To pass on to friends, colleagues and relatives:

  • 10 x £1 off vouchers for Olay Daily Facials to share
  • "Ask your friends" product research sheets

Once your kit is in your hands, start your #OlayAmbassador activity and share selfies and snaps of you and your kit on Social Media! We can't wait to see your posts so make sure to tag us using @OLAYUK.

We look forward to hearing all about your personal experiences and also the thoughts of those you'll be sharing Olay Daily Facials with. Make sure you'll participate in our surveys and use all the reporting tools of this project.

Enjoy Olay Daily Facials and a skincare solution that allows us to show ourselves some love whilst slotting easily into our busy lifestyle.

@all: Who is the lucky first to receive the news and the first coupon from your kit?


jodieleahs • 08/10/2018 - 21:47

Just got back from holiday with a parcel waiting for me at the sorting office... the daily facials. Just tried them and my skin feels so soft!

RachaelAmy23 • 09/10/2018 - 05:19

We’re only just getting started with these Olay Daily Facials and my skin is already feeling super soft and clean! Can’t wait to continue and see further results.

msgem • 09/10/2018 - 06:07

Got mine. I loved the fancy box it came in. The cloths themselves are amazing. The smell is unbelievable and I love the feel of the cloth on my face it's like silk. I can already see a difference in my skin and I'm only 3 days in. I was happy I got picked anyway but after trying them I couldn't be more thrilled.

izabelasz • 09/10/2018 - 08:36

I just love it:)))))
Loving the ease of use.

Deanie1987 • 09/10/2018 - 08:49

So pleased to receive my Olay facials and post my first review as a #OlayAmbassador.
Love the fact the cloths are dry and 'come alive' with a bit of warm water. I've used them for 3 days now and my skin feels great after using them and looks good too. I found they didn't dry my skin out at all and my skin felt super soft, especially after following with my favourite moisturiser, Olay beauty fluid (I've used it for over 10 years).
So far I have recommended to a lot of my friends and family. I'm going to a party Friday so will be taking some samples for them to test.
My only slight downside is that it's recommended you us them morning and night so a pack of 30 would last you half the month, at £6.99 a pop (Superdrug price) I'm not sure if someone would spend £14/pm to use these wipes as directed and not slip back to the cheaper wipes 2 for £1 wipes. Don't get me wrong they're no comparison it's just the price. So far so good though!

Mglaughmrj41430 • 09/10/2018 - 09:03

Can't believe how quick the pack goes down 😭 my skin is super soft I have really enjoyed using them !!

Ozzie2 • 09/10/2018 - 10:05

HI! Thank you for picking me to try these. I can't wait to see how good they are. The concept for me is amazing!

brunar30 • 09/10/2018 - 10:15

I'm so excited to be part of this project! Can't wait to try this product and share with everyone :))

kazza35 • 09/10/2018 - 10:57

thank you for letting me be part of the team i have tried these with my family i cant belive a full facial is in these little wipes they are so easy to use and my skin after 4 days is feeling amazing usually it feels tight after my products have been on but no more for me i love these so this is my to go now
thanks again

Katrinah • 09/10/2018 - 13:39

I'm really enjoying being part of this campaign. In the past, I had only associated Olay with the older generations, however, this product has left my skin feeling super soft. Me and my friends are really impressed, particularly at the fact it removed my make up easily without having to scrub my face, which is a problem that arises with my current brand. Thank you for letting me part of this campaign. #HappyTester #DefinitelyBuying #FlawlessSkin

Lozzyboo • 09/10/2018 - 13:43

I am so happy to be on the team #olayambassador

Davina2010 • 09/10/2018 - 14:26

Week 2 using Olay facials. I love them. My skin feels amazing and looks so clean and fresh xx

lisaj8 • 09/10/2018 - 14:41

Loving the #OlayDailyFacials! Can't wait to share these with friends and family to see what they think too!

Chivs81 • 09/10/2018 - 15:24

LOVE these products - had never considered them before. Thanks for letting me test them out :)

VeryBerryMum • 09/10/2018 - 16:34

Getting some great feedback so far, only criticisms are the coupons only being redeemable at Superdrug and the regular price. As others have said to use two a day it runs a little expensive and a few people said that calling them daily facials would lead them to believe it would be one a day, not sure if I agree but...

cmr93 • 09/10/2018 - 16:42

Just collected a parcel from the Sorting Office which turned out to be my Olay Facials kit! Looking forward to trying them out tonight :)

JKJGRG • 09/10/2018 - 16:49

Hi all I'm so excited to be part of this study but unfortunately my kit hasn't arrived yet. Is anyone else still waiting for theirs too? X

lidii86 • 09/10/2018 - 17:07

I am so glad I was chosen for this project.
These clothes have a nice feel and texture to them.They smell lovely, take off make up without hassle.Leave your skin feeling clean and smooth.Is amazing everybody loves them and are going out to buy them.

MagiM • 09/10/2018 - 18:08

I absolutely in love with these new Oaly daily facials , making my skin more cleaner and fresher after every use

Sheen11 • 09/10/2018 - 18:49

Amazing! I used it after I washed my face and still had makeup coming off! Just goes to show that you don't always remove as much as you think the first time..!

topcat-cat • 09/10/2018 - 20:15

Really enjoying being part of the team. The product is lovely and makes things a lot easier. Having less bottles of cleanser and toner in the bathroom is brilliant and a space saver.

cheynestoaking • 09/10/2018 - 20:20

Finally got mine today! Super excited

Mrs-Edwards • 09/10/2018 - 20:26

Love this project my skin in looking and feeling great!

Sassy127 • 09/10/2018 - 21:26

The packaging was so elegant and classy if made me excited to open the box.

They smell amaze-balls and make my skin feel so soft. I normally associate Olay with my mum's generation but I'm so happy to say that it caters to me too!!!

So happy to be an #olayambassador

HollyLolly383 • 09/10/2018 - 21:57

Just got my kit .... Can't wait to try! Very excited & looking forward to sharing my views & being part of the team!

Laima1 • 09/10/2018 - 22:29

love it !
skin feels soft and clean!

Sophmilo • 09/10/2018 - 22:34

My skin is so soft and smooth I am loving these wipes xx

debbieshiloh • 09/10/2018 - 23:26

Week 1 of using the wipes and I'm a convert. I have combinations/sensitive skin and usually have to be careful with the products I use on my skin. With these wipes, I use once a day at night before bed and I haven't had any reaction to the wipes. It feels soft on skin, no tightness of the skin after using and it's reduced the oilyness of my T-zone.

debbieshiloh • 09/10/2018 - 23:28

Given some wipes to friends and they're well impressed with the way it cleanse and condition the skin.
The only concern that has been raised is the cost, considering it's recommended to be used twice a day.

Staceylawrence • 10/10/2018 - 08:40

Yeey finally received my kit after being away from home for a few days very excited to try this out and get sharing my photos and experiences.

Becki89uk • 10/10/2018 - 09:23

i do believe this is the best project i have been accepted for at this current time!!

Cmorris95 • 10/10/2018 - 09:29

Loving the results I'm getting from Olay Facials!
My skin feels super soft and renourished. AMAZING!!

CatMit • 10/10/2018 - 09:45

Just started using these and I’m so impressed! Handy little towelette, perfect for travel and just easy on the go. Just wish there were a few individually wrapped to make handing out to friends and family and little easier! Looking forward to being part of this great team! Xx

Jod1383 • 10/10/2018 - 10:03

Just got back from a week in turkey to a sorting office slip to collect a parcle , recieved on tuesday, tried my first one out today, so glad i finally got chosen to be a part of the savvy circle team .. will be posting my progress over the next month 🙌🏽😃

Sam1203 • 10/10/2018 - 10:15

Wow, I was not expecting them to get that frothed up! Cleaned all my make up off easily and left my skin feeling soft and clean. Have used them twice now. Watch this space!

Saragadee • 10/10/2018 - 10:23

thanks for the products amazing so far

Blondiev1989 • 10/10/2018 - 10:43

I have been using the cloths for over a week now and my skin is terrible. My skin was clear before and now i am covered in painful spots with new ones appearing every day. I have now stopped using them.
I have asked others about their experience and i am certainly not alone. So many women have had the same reactions as me.
I won’t be passing on anymore samples as my friends are all suffering blemishes too and i don’t want to make anyone else suffer.

Midlands-Girl • 10/10/2018 - 11:40

Thanks for letting me be part of the team me and my daughters can’t wait to try these

bezzie15 • 10/10/2018 - 12:41

Thank you for letting me be part of the team can't wait to try olay wipes and spread the word.

Leannecbdt • 10/10/2018 - 15:43

I'm loving the olay facials so far. I've handed out questionnaires, cloths and coupons to friends to ask for their opinion and I've had some good feedback on social media :)

Ellosc • 10/10/2018 - 15:54

Thanks for cloths, I've handed out all my coupons and some cloths to friends and family and I'm waiting to hear back from them

Lindybop • 10/10/2018 - 15:57

I’ve used the samples 3 days now and I’m loving how easy they are to use and how clean they leave my skin. I have handed out some coupons and also given some samples out my pack to friends to try.

lis-lou • 10/10/2018 - 16:26

I'm super excited to be on the team and try out this new product. Here's to glowing skin!

Jimjam84 • 10/10/2018 - 17:09

I am about to start using these tonight for the first time! Fingers crossed for some good results 😄

olusska92 • 10/10/2018 - 19:00

hank you! It's pleasure to be part of your team :D

Melissahayley • 10/10/2018 - 19:31

I just can’t get on with these! They’re a great idea but they’re fragranced and doesn’t agree with my skin! :(

nats89 • 10/10/2018 - 21:05

I really like the wipes, my skin feels soft after using them. I like how well they foam up when water is added to them. My friends have noticed my skin is looking less patchy after 2 weeks of using there. I have highly recommended these and will use them as part of my daily routine from now on.

Michelle261180 • 10/10/2018 - 21:06

Loving the facial wipes no need for additonal moisturiser, or make up remover, friends are living them! Only down side for me should be indiviually wrapped or in a water proof box as they stay in my bathroom and box gets damp!

Michelle261180 • 10/10/2018 - 21:06

Also the smell is devine very spa like

Michelle261180 • 10/10/2018 - 21:08

1 wipe needed for heavy make up removal, fine for sensitive eyes and contact wearers like myself

Georgieva • 10/10/2018 - 22:15

Thank you guys so much for choosing me for the team! I have been having a bit of a nightmare with my skin for the past 2 weeks, but since I started using them, it feels so much better and squeaky clean! I am definitely going to be purchasing them once I run out !!!

Yvonne82 • 10/10/2018 - 22:17

Had to share one of my olay facial vouchers with my colleague at work...shes very excited to try the new wipes too!

emokidprincess • 10/10/2018 - 22:37

I had to stop using these as I have broke out in very painful spots around my jaw line and have saw from Facebook groups that others have too. I also handed out all of my vouchers but no one will buy a £7 product with a £1 off voucher just to try it and espically not since they have seen the state of my skin. A very disappointing project =(

Ewazakholi • 11/10/2018 - 10:10

love it!

T11 • 11/10/2018 - 10:11

I have l9ved using the daily facial wipes I'm running out of them very quickly and my family and friends have enjoyed trying them aswell so it looks like I'm going to use one of the vouchers myself to go get some more .

Meemz • 11/10/2018 - 10:13

Finally recieved my kit, looking forward to trying this for the 30 days and sharing with friends and family.

Shawty3 • 11/10/2018 - 10:20

So excited to be part of this project!

Verona89b • 11/10/2018 - 10:25

Thanks for the opportunity to test this product! My skin is looking a lot better, i'm on week two now but i have found them to be very drying on my skin. Not too much of a problem as ive just been using a little extra moisturiser on a night time.

Stefania312 • 11/10/2018 - 10:26

Thank you for letting me be part of the project! Amazing stuff xx

Aishzaa • 11/10/2018 - 10:34

Thank you so so much for accepting me for this project. I'm absolutely in LOVE with this product after 3 uses. My family and friends are also her pleased with the coupons off.

Chloeb1101 • 11/10/2018 - 10:49

These wipes are now a must in my beauty regime! Absolutely love them and saves so much time in the mornings and evenings! My husband loves just having these in the bathroom rather than 3-4 bottles of different products!!

S18ueh • 11/10/2018 - 10:52

Anyone else disappointed with how much they foam up? I expected it to be more like soap. Having said that they are quick and easy to use but not noticed any difference to my skin yet. Will keep going.

matildata • 11/10/2018 - 10:58

#olayambassador I love it!!!!

lucyelizd • 11/10/2018 - 11:16

Im absolutely loving these wipes!!! They probably are the best wipes ive ever used!!
However, I've seen a few people leaving comments about how quick the pack has gone down and I had similar feelings about spending such a lot of money. So my solution was to cut the wipes in half!!! They are pretty big anyway and half the wipe does the same job. So now you either have a full month using them morning and evening or 2 months if you use them once a day. I personally think that is much more value for money and when I buy a packet again I'll be doing this

Donny_rocks • 11/10/2018 - 11:54

So quick & easy to use ! My skin feels so soft after using them for a few days , however they claim to remove mascara but my eyes completely stung after using them for this ! Other than that , I love them !

Brady19708 • 11/10/2018 - 11:55

Love this product left my skin feeling so soft and clean

Milnerrachael • 11/10/2018 - 12:00

Loved getting the package through the post! Have been using the facials for a few days now and I am loving the product my feels looks and feels so clean and glowing

reddytwins • 11/10/2018 - 12:12

Thank you so much for making me part of this prestigious project. I really appreciate Olay for this. Received the kit today and I'm very excited to try and give my honest opinions on this product.

trishrt • 11/10/2018 - 12:26

Just Received mine, Cannot wait to try it.

swathi24 • 11/10/2018 - 12:30

Thanks for letting me to try this product . I can see the change in a single use .I highly recommended this

JazzN92 • 11/10/2018 - 12:31

Thank you for letting me be part of this team, so far I'm loving these, they have made my skin so soft and my skin is glowing they are so quick and easy to use xx

Laura190388 • 11/10/2018 - 12:35

Iv been using these wipes a couple of days and initially I thought they were great. They made my face feel so soft and could really feel the deep cleansing but today i have woke up with a number of spots on my chin which I don't usually get but going to persist and see how I get on after a few more days

sweetvic12 • 11/10/2018 - 13:39

Just got out of hospital after surgery really enjoying the product. Good to keep my stitches clean too.

Tarbet86 • 11/10/2018 - 14:48

Love taking part in this project the wipes are amazing 😉 and doing wonders for my skin.
So happy 😁

Lovelykay • 11/10/2018 - 14:57

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of the team! x

Raihana_Mirza • 11/10/2018 - 15:47

Loving this great product cos it’s working well on my skin.

Aurora01 • 11/10/2018 - 16:37

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be part of this project. My kit came on time just before we went away for long weekend so I've decided to leave my usual cleansing products and give olay daily facials .So far so good ! The idea itself is great . You don't have to take all of your cleansing products when going away especially abroad BUT there's a big but here . Don't know why I expected every cloth to be in separate pack till I opened the box . There was no issues when I offered my friends and family to take one and try for themselves before they decide to buy or not. I thought I'll share them with some mums I see at the park I take my kid and not many took one . To be fare if someone offered me to take one from already opened pack I'm not sure I would give it a go . But then I understand that it would cost fortune to the manufacturers to individually pack every cloth .

laylasmummy • 11/10/2018 - 17:07

Loving these so far! Super easy to use, thanks for letting me be an #OlayAmbassador 💖

CrazyLlama • 11/10/2018 - 17:33

Never tried a dry wipe like this and I was very sceptical at first but they've converted me. So easy to use, perfect when I'm in a rush on the school run and my skin has never been so clean. I do not wear make up so not sure how well they remove it but as a daily wipe it's amazing

sazzle4 • 11/10/2018 - 17:38

I am really enjoying trialing the olay facial wipes and i am very impressed with them and how well they remove my make up.

4kidslater • 11/10/2018 - 17:59

Thank you for choosing me. Can't wait to receive them 😁

Ohlalou86 • 11/10/2018 - 18:08

thank you for this opportunity! I've been using my Olay Daily Facials for 4 days now and my skin hasn't felt this clean and refreshed in a long time.

Leannew • 11/10/2018 - 18:24

I never thought for one second I would get chosen words can’t describe how excited I was to be part of the team I have tagged Olay in photos The Olay wipes are perfect leaves skin feeling fresh and moisturised brings the dirt from your pores I found it brought under service spots out and they went quick simple to use and quick when you have them busy mornings friends and family love them too the only thing I will say is on the paperwork it said £1.50 off vouchers but then when I looked at the vouchers it said £1 so maybe just make sure details are correct. I have just seen the advert for these on the tv which shows the lady rinsing her face with water and it doesn’t say to do that as for the wipes I can’t fault them one bit as they are perfect the packaging was way too much waste there could have been a lot less cardboard used the box itself was nice and small and very easy to get into friends and family are really pleased with them and are happy that they received a money off voucher

Amberireland • 11/10/2018 - 19:00

I am so pleased to be able to be part of this all!! Love it 😍

Lauraarcher • 11/10/2018 - 19:53

Was so pleased to get through what’s people’s thoughts? Loved trying this!

Saaaaandy • 11/10/2018 - 20:00

My skin feels soft like a baby. I am loving the results after a week of use!

Mortsy • 11/10/2018 - 20:53

I’m still loving these .... very good quality. As a beauty therapist it is nice to have good quality products that can be used after a long day at work xx

BuxtonRose • 11/10/2018 - 21:47

Received my parcel today 😁 first impressions are positive the packaging looks great 👍🏼 I’ve already spoke to a few friends and given them a sample. I’m home now so I finally get chance to try them 😁

Thedeafchef • 12/10/2018 - 00:19

Amazing product. I would never had just picked these up from the shelf. Now they are the reason I go to the shop.

Buckleywise14 • 12/10/2018 - 08:15

Love the smell of the facial wipes

Nikkit2016 • 12/10/2018 - 11:12

I am really enjoying being a part of this project, my skin has never felt better. These are a game changer for me, they are so simple to use and I love that I can use them on dry skin then remove again with same cloth. Everyone I've let try has been impressed too, safe to say I'll be continuing to use them after project ends 😊

Kasandra2002 • 12/10/2018 - 13:46

Thank you for choosing me to this project. My daily facials just arrived in really nice box. I straight tried one. It is easy to use. It smell beautiful. After using, my skin feel fresh and soft.

kenishiko • 12/10/2018 - 14:13

Absolutely loving these facial wipes, my skin just keeps feeling better and better each day i use them, really makes me feel clean and pampered and super soft skin. I feel very lucky to have been chosen to be a part of this xx

Mglaughmrj41430 • 12/10/2018 - 16:24

My skin is feeling really good ....so sad I'm nearly finished all my wipes! My skin has never actually really felt so smooth also have noticed how clean my skin feels and my usual red spots seemed to have improved alot. All in one step they are actually amazing !!!!

ewamaya8484 • 12/10/2018 - 18:46

I'm so happy someone created wipes which without problem I can put into my make up bag wrapped up with tissue only. no drying out feature, no leaks in bag. great product. with a bit of water it makes magic...nicely cleans face, without any side effects to my face

Laurab025 • 12/10/2018 - 19:03

I have been loving these and have plans to stock up with some more over the weekend!!
I hope everyone else has been enjoying them as much as i have

Chloeb1101 • 12/10/2018 - 19:59

Coming to the end of my pack and that makes me a little sad!! Can’t wait to buy them again and I think for the price they’re brilliant! I usually spend on 3 different products just to take my make up off so this will save me some penny too!! A must have for me now!

PurpleLemon • 12/10/2018 - 21:08

Thank you for this opportunity! Clothes smell divine, are easy to use and I can't wait for another day to use them!

Sarahjanetq • 12/10/2018 - 21:13

So quick and easy to use, feels lovely on your skin

Ema • 12/10/2018 - 23:07

Have received my kit and used it a few times now. I love the way my skin feels and looks after each use. I like the foam effect, makes me feel am giving my skin a good clean and it doesn't feel dry afterwards.

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