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Microban 24 Hour launched in the UK in February and it’s already a favourite. Among others, successful social media influencers Mrs Hinch and Emily Norris have expressed their adoration.

It is YOUR time!

We are looking for 4750 savvy circlers to test the Microban 24 Hour Multi-Purpose Cleaner, tell the world about their experiences online, and speak to their friends and family about this amazing new product.

Microban 24 Hour

Microban 24 Hour is different to traditional antibacterial cleaning sprays; Microban24 initially kills 99.9% of bacteria and select viruses⁎⁎, including COVID-19 virus⁎⁎ and the flu virus⁎⁎. Plus, it keeps killing bacteria for up to 24 hours, even after multiple touches, to provide long-lasting protection for your home.

This means you’re free to get on with your day, while Microban 24 Hour is hard at work. Help protect your family, with NEW Microban 24 hour. Be the first in the UK to try the new Microban 24 Hour, your new weapon to fight bacteria. Apply now and experience up to 24-hour bacteria protection for peace of mind.

When used as directed Microban kills 99.9% of bacteria for up to 24 hours, on hard non-porous non-food contact surfaces, tested in accordance to the BSI PAS2424. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
⁎⁎Tested on enveloped viruses according to EN16777, SARS-CoV-2 according to EN14476 and Influenza A H1N1 according to EN16777. 5 minutes contact time. Microban 24 does not provide 24-hour residual virus protection.

Your starter kit

A lucky team of 4750 savvy circlers will be selected to join us and will receive the following project kit:

  • 1 full-size pack of Microban 24 Hour Citrus Scent Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • Project Handbook
  • Microban 24 Hour cards to share your experiences online
  • Money off coupons to share with your friends and family

In this savvy circle project you will:

  • Test the new Microban 24 Hour Multi-Purpose Cleaner, and make more time in your life for things that you truly enjoy.
  • Review Microban 24 Hour online and be one of the first to share an opinion about the new products.
  • Post your experiences on social media via selfies, snaps, and videos with hashtags #Microban24Hour, #ProtectionThatLivesOn #gifted #savvycircle, and don’t forget to tag @supersavvymeofficial.
  • Share your leaflets, and coupons with friends and family and help them discover Microban 24 Hour
  • Send your opinions to the Microban team via an online survey.

Applications are now closed!

We have selected a team of 4750 savvy circles to take part in this project. Have a look at your dashboard to see which projects you can still apply for!

@ All: Why are you excited to join this Microban 24 Hour project?


Lizzyjaye80 • 2 years ago

Because I want to try and use a bacterial spray that will not only impress me and fellows but to protect my home for a while so I can rest up a few hours from cleaning and be tough on bacteria also wanted to know if kept on going over the same cleaning surface would it weaken the bacteria on it over time and be harder to get germs on there again !!!!!!! It be every cleaners dream if that’s the case.... would love to try and recommend it !

Ariella • 2 years ago

@Lizzyjaye80, When using Microban 24 Hour without wiping it off, it creates a shield on your surfaces and keeps killing 99.9% of bacteria for up to 24 hours!

CatM1992 • 2 years ago

Keeping my fingers crossed to get involved with this project! I’ve heard so many good things about Microban! Good luck everyone

Taff12011971 • 2 years ago

I'm keeping everything crossed !!!! I can't wait to try this product. I'm on the look out for a new cleaning product and this sounds just perfect.

abofai • 2 years ago

Yes please, have applied for this amazing project

annipoos • 2 years ago

I would love to join this amazing project. I have been self isolating for over a year and am so fed up I have even decided to spring clean my whole flat. This would be a great time to thoroughly test this product.

Shirley2 • 2 years ago

Sounds really interesting to try this product. Great time of year too - Spring Cleaning Yehhhhh!

Ariella • 2 years ago

@Shirley2, Fingers crossed!!

hazeld15 • 2 years ago

I've heard a lot about this product so it would be great to see if it really works as well as they say it does.

shaunsheep • 2 years ago

I’m impressed with the 24 hour bacteria protection and would like to see how it copes with kitchen grease.

bigdoll58 • 2 years ago

Love trying new products and in these trying times we all need the best products to fight bacteria and keep everyone safe

pigginperfect • 2 years ago

I would love to get chosen for this project please.

asu78 • 2 years ago

I am interested in testing and reviewing this new Microban 24 Hour Citrus Scent Multi-Purpose Cleaner please... I love Citrus fragrance

asu_101 • 2 years ago

Amazing Microban project - Can't wait to get started :)

Kittyme • 2 years ago

Having seen the recent TV ad I would love to put this to the test. Fingers and toes crossed!

shannellem08 • 2 years ago

The product looks absolutely amazing. After watching the videos and reading about it I would love to try it first hand & spread the word to friends and family aswell as people online if it really is as amazing as it sounds!

Ariella • 2 years ago

@shannellem08, We are super excited to kick this project off! Good luck to you 🍀🍀

sweety • 2 years ago

Have applied, Fingers crossed i get picked this time - Thanks so much

nova200 • 2 years ago

Perfect spring cleaning product - Can't wait to get started

simo692 • 2 years ago

Fantastic NEW Microban 24 Hour Multi-Purpose Cleanening Spray, Would make my life easier to clean the home and keep it germ free

sim3945 • 2 years ago

Hopefully This new Microban 24 Hour spray would protect my family from nasty harmful bacteria around the home

Fezab • 2 years ago

I am looking to replace my current anti bacterial cleaner, hope i get picked to trial Microban 24 Hour....Heard lots of good things about it 🤞🤩❤🥰

Lukey20 • 2 years ago

I would love to try this will help protect my family from nasty germs

ashleighj • 2 years ago

really hope i get picked, good luck everyone

TEKY • 2 years ago

Would like to try before I buy

Chezybaby82 • 2 years ago

Love this 😀 ❤ as It sounds 👌 amaźng 🥰

DanielleUK • 2 years ago

Love it! I'm obsessed with cleaning so the perfect campaign for me. Fingers crossed.

Chikyyy • 2 years ago

Amazing project 🤞

Famguy • 2 years ago

I'm a cleaning freak, would love to try this new Micronban 24 project

BusyQueenBee • 2 years ago

I would love to try this new Microban 24 Hour Multi-Purpose Cleaner, it sounds amazing!

Ariella • 2 years ago

BusyQueenBee, good luck to you! 🍀 Not long now ⏳

Louisested • 2 years ago

Yes please 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

jessersxox • 2 years ago

Hope I get picked for this!

Piab • 2 years ago

Would love to get picked for this! Ideal for when my 2 year old twin daughters are running around and i can relax a little knowing Microban 24 Hour is killing the germs for me!

SandraB • 2 years ago

Would love to be chosen .. I'm a little late with my spring cleaning this year so this is perfect!

Lizzyjaye80 • 2 years ago

@Ariella oh that will definitely be fabulous oh my more time for me time as I like cleaning home but need something that’s quick and simple and protection lasts so more me time !! wow exciting times must get and I seen this in shops well empty crates and the price is impressive too !!!

Whitenance • 2 years ago

Just started maternity and finally have time to do a proper tip to bottom clean then get back into a regular routine. Think Microban would fit in perfectly.

SavvycirclerChelle33 • 2 years ago

Having little people , a teen , a new baby and pets (cat & dog) this will be great to try and hopefully be good at keeping my germ worrying mind at ease 😊 good luck everyone

Fakhra • 2 years ago

Love to try this product to kill away those germs and bacteria away from my house

Lizzyjaye80 • 2 years ago

@ Ariella oh my word you don’t have to rinse it off ——- i am impressed with that part all ready !!!! Excited for the reviewers to know how they get on !!!

Beautyblade • 2 years ago

Not heard about this brand before, only seen the tv advert a couple of times on the tv since applying. Very curious to see how good this works to clean and trust in its bacteria fighting abilities. I still decontaminate the post and shopping and things coming into the house even though lockdown is easing. Curious.

crazycazz • 2 years ago

i made it on to the team last time for this product but never received it so im hoping i get chosen to try this out again, it fills me with such joy thinking my house could be clean and protected for 24 hours at a time

AmTheBest • 2 years ago

Wow..I would love to test it.

gtuff • 2 years ago

So looking forward to receiving this product t to try it looks like it's going to be a game changer especially at this moment in time

Meljel • 2 years ago

Would love to try this out what with all my kids running in and out the place trying to keep it clean can sometimes be a nightmare lol but definitely try this looks like I could do with some!

Hayleypooh • 2 years ago

Anyone heard anything yet? I so wanting to try this! If I have missed it I’m going to buy some

Wheeladealer • 2 years ago

thrilled to be chosen to try this product. As a fanatic cleaner especially in the kitchen and bathroom cannot wait to try it especially as it lasts for 24 hrs !! will save me time and effort !!!!

Alexgroganx • 2 years ago

I am obsessed with cleaning so when I was offered the chance to try a new product I was beyond excited!!

Pjw • 2 years ago

Would love to try this product, especially useful I. This COVID era

Rekz23 • 2 years ago

Recently saw ad on tv it caught my eye but not seen in super market yet. Now I am curious hope I am selected

Bike123 • 2 years ago

Good one, just wished I t could also kill viruses though. However having extra protection against Baxter is certainly a must even more
Nowadays when our immune systems have been challenged and tested so much

LadyBootiful • 2 years ago

I am thrilled to be part of the Microban 24 project, I can’t wait to get started. Looking forward to a squeaky clean and very safe house. It will be such a relief especially now that Corona virus restrictions are being lifted. We must still be cautious and it is even more important to keep our homes safe.
We mustn’t be complacent.

Jabeen • 2 years ago

This looks really good and with covid I think it will be a great product to use.

Charlotte2911 • 2 years ago

I am over the moon to have been selected for this trial of Microban 24 especially as a new mum and with COVID it’s brilliant that there is a 24 hour antibacterial spray for those worktops when extra busy all the time!

mandeee23 • 2 years ago

Is it bad i want to keep the money off vouchers so i can stock up 😂 absolutely my new favourite antibacterial spray. 💞

Chescaa_26 • 2 years ago

With 3 young boys living in my own, I need to be able to make sure my house is clean and protected. I love the fact that you can keep touching protected areas and not have to worry for at least 24 hours!

Lyn74 • 2 years ago

Received the microban 24 and straight away I went on a cleaning spree , I'm impressed , the smell is really nice that lasts for along time , the free money off coupons that came with it went down a treat too , I must say they went pretty quickly as they are a hit with everyone , also saved 1 for myself to get the spray can , will and have buy again .

Pandora3 • 2 years ago

I received the Microban it’s wonderful I can make sure my home is kept safer using Microban 24 I have used in the bathroom and on the bin and the door handles

nhasham • 2 years ago

Looking forward to less time cleaning so I can spend it doing other things. Also love knowing the clean protection last for hours.

Brocky31 • 2 years ago

Looking forward to giving this little gem a go, a little time off from cleaning duties is always welcome. 🤪

Dee444 • 2 years ago

Day off today, so let’s give microban a go !!!!!!

mrsmjs777 • 2 years ago

If the product were a person I would say where have you been all my life!
Great scent and does the job, used all over the house, love it!

Cece16 • 2 years ago

So glad I was chosen. It means I can spend more time on work, family and self-care! Fab product and smells lovely!

Del2909 • 2 years ago

So glad I've been chosen for this. Hope to recieve the items soon so I can get my clean on 🕺

sutty123 • 2 years ago

Was pleased to be accepted for this new product which covers germs on surfaces for up to 24 hours as much better than a regular spray product which you would have to keep continually using. I have given the vouchers to my son, and daughter who has been working from home since last March and she is very particular but uses the Dettol spray so trying to convince her in particular to buy this one which she can try firstly by using the vouchers, so will update asap.

Do • 2 years ago

Have been using this for a few days now and am overall pleased with the product. Only downfall was I felt that the scent could have been stronger. Everyone was pleased to receive the vouchers as who doesn’t like to receive money off coupons. Well worth a try

lucyab • 2 years ago

I have been using this for several day now and am very impressed, I have noticed a little goes a long way and the smell is pleasant and subtle. I also love the fact having 3 small children my surfaces are safe for up to 24 hours.

SophieSoph • 2 years ago

We have been using this for almost a week now & we’re very impressed with it! Everything feels safe and clean now with Microban 24 hour multi purpose spray. We have a vulnerable child at home, whereas before things didn’t feel clean enough. Smells great too! We will be buying this in the future, to ensure our family are kept safe and well, 24/7, especially during these ongoing uncertain pandemic times.

MsJMM • 2 years ago

Loving the Microban 24 hour spray. It smells amazing and fresh and I love knowing it’s helping to keep those nasty germs at bay!

SophieSoph • 2 years ago

We have a vulnerable child at home, so we are really pleased with this product so far! Lovely citrus smell and gives us peace of mind 24/7 keeping our family safe!

ses71 • 2 years ago

Great product in a very easy to use spray. Loving the peace of mind knowing that surfaces will be clean for up to 24hrs. Especially love the time I can know spend doing the things I love instead!

dulltodesirable • 2 years ago

This product is amazing and something that I have never heard of before, I love that it kills bacteria for up to 24 hours to give me more peace of mind that my handles are clean. Can’t recommend this product enough!!

Simi2 • 2 years ago

love the smell and how it gets all the grime and grease off the counters.

annemplant • 2 years ago

love the citrus smell worked wonders in my halll way cannot wait to try it around the rest of the house.

WendWoo1 • 2 years ago

I love the Citrus smell and it brought the bathroom up a treat. I love the fact that you get 24 hours of protection this is going to be great when i do my mums home next week as she is an 87 year old who has been isolating so finding a product that gives some protection gives me peace of mind too.

homewithliam • 2 years ago

Love this one my new fave, Smells amazing and great protection and cleans dirt with ease.

Chan100384 • 2 years ago

Having been product testing this I am absolutely amazed with the results have a little one running around with sticky fingers this works a treat my only hope is that they make one which can be used on food preparing areas that would be amazing x

golden5230 • 2 years ago

Microban 24 Hour is a fantastic cleaning product with an amazing fresh, yet subtle, citrus scent. Super cleaning power with 24hr germ busting abilities. This perfect all round cleaning spray is suitable in every room.

Lgfreelance • 2 years ago

Absolutely love this product
Great clean amazing scent that isn't to powerful - win win

ak04 • 2 years ago

Great product, very happy to be able to trial it. I have had a cleaning bug since I received it and have done a spring clean on all my cupboards in the kitchen and still finding more things to use it on as I want to fully put it to the test.

Abbey69smith • 2 years ago

I have been using my microban 24hour multi-purpose clean and absolutely love it!! So quick and easy to use!!

jemma83 • 2 years ago

This is really great I love it. It has made my cleaning routine so much easier

Jmahooo • 2 years ago

Been using my spray for around a week now! Absolutely love it! Smells so fresh and I’ll definitely be rebuying!

Rosey10 • 2 years ago

I love this product. It smells great and does exactly whAt it states it will do. I love to clean and I love knowing my house is protected against bacteria and the current climate. Love the fact it is also multipurpose so I can go from one room to the other using the same product knowing it’s doing multiple jobs but achieving the same purpose! Fab will defo re buy this and have passed on to friends and family how good it is too!

Ellielou24 • 2 years ago

So I currently have Covid and I am isolating. I’ve been spraying this on all the surfaces I touch and everyone else is my household is perfectly fine! I’m definitely Impressed with this product with the protection it gives!

Summerleigh • 2 years ago

Amazing!!!! Cupons all handed out, sprayed a few squirts on the product so people could smell it before buying as some products are super smelly and to strong this is just perfect lovely citrus smell and 24 hour protection can't go wrong x

Bike123 • 2 years ago

Coupons went quick for this one! 😂 definitely something that every household needs and /or wants 🥰

gems1984 • 2 years ago

Handed out my coupons to my regular customers and told them about Microban 24 hour and how good it was and when it lands at Savers I will point it out to them so they can use their vouchers in store. The smell of citrus makes you feel like it was effortless but has an amazing smell

Dic • 2 years ago

I love the microban 24 hour, it's magical on all surfaces and smells delightful we are so happy with it.As a family and the citrus aromas are ever lasting ,such an amazing products would and will definitely recommend ,and will certainly purchase this awesome product. 👌

Roohas • 2 years ago

I have been using Microban 24 hour for a while now and think that it is great. As someone who was classed as vulnerable against COVID you can imagine I have being trying my best to sanitise everything in sight. Knowing that this works for 24 hours and even when you have been touching/ using the surface or area you have sprayed and it still works is a great relief for me. The smell is pleasing too.

neilkitten • 2 years ago

Mine arrived but is damaged :( I'm gutted it's leaked out everything is wet - it smells lovely but I haven't been able to use this :( how do I report it..

mackemnic • 2 years ago

This is a fantastic product and great that it can be used in every room at home, for a number of cleaning jobs. Especially with Covid, I am cleaning door handles and other touch points more. The bottle is a good lightweight size and the spray makes it easy to use. The smell of the spray is great, with a subtle fragrance. Microban24 is definitely going on my shopping list.

Daisy23 • 2 years ago

Unfortunately it microban 24 hours caused me breathing issues. So i could not test it properly.

Dic • 2 years ago

It's the best product, microban 24 hours has helped no end in the covid era,.Which we will have to live with now ,So I will be purchasing this great product .Always loved it and cleans extremely well ,throughout the house all different surfaces .

Nitlily • 2 years ago

I love this product. It has a gentle lemon scent, not overpowering, and I use it all around the house. I wipe around every touch point and diff surfaces. It makes my daily cleaning job so much quicker and eaiser. Love it!

hadz • 2 years ago

Lovely to feel my house and family where protected from germs

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