Flash Speedmop

Flash Speedmop

Thank you for an amazing project!

Our #FlashSpeedmop activity ends on Friday, 08.11.2019 and we've loved every single moment ... in a Flash!

Thank you for an amazing project! Thank you savvy circlers ShellyD32, JoannaBlint, ClIreBearDucky & Mama_beelew for your amazing snaps!

Together we have experienced the quick, easy and hygienic floor cleaning and helped thousands discover the Flash Speedmop and its wet cloths that are 2x wetter and thicker than floor wipes.

Ben and the Flash Team have been enjoying every post, photo and comment and can't wait to review the results.

It's the perfect time to complete all pending tasks before the end on Friday, 08.11.2019 and finish our project with a bang:

Complete the Final Survey

Post your review

Submit the latest URL links

Help us reach 2,000 Insta posts

Grab your "I cleaned up after my #muckypups in a Flash" Flash Card and share your final Social Media selfie with #muckypups and #FlashSpeedmop and help us reach 2,000 Insta posts.

@all: Share your last comment with Ben and the Flash Team!


Bonniebananas • 05/11/2019 - 18:34

Thanks for the opportunity and hope my feedback was helpful!

shelley33 • 05/11/2019 - 18:37

Thank you Ben for choosing me to be part of the speed flash trail. I have really enjoyed using it. Thanks again

Louisa • 05/11/2019 - 18:57

It's been a pleasure

CEARLS • 05/11/2019 - 19:17

Thank you for the opportunity to test this wonderful item, it made a believer out of me

malinaa85 • 05/11/2019 - 19:23

it was great to be part of this project and i wouldnt swap my new mop for anything else :D

Nikkik30 • 05/11/2019 - 19:26

Thank you so much for letting me be part of the team. I have really enjoyed it

helenwaterhouse • 05/11/2019 - 19:43

Hi Ben and the team, thanks for picking me to be part of the team. It was great fun and I really enjoyed receiving and testing out the Flash speed mop, hope my posts and feedback will be useful.


MrsG77 • 05/11/2019 - 19:48

Thank you for choosing me to test out the flash speed mop it's been great fun!

Black1 • 05/11/2019 - 20:07

Thank you Ben and Flash Team for choosing me to take part in this great project. I had great fun trying out the #FlashSpeedmop Thank you

LottieG • 05/11/2019 - 20:09

Thank you for letting me be a part of the testing team, I hope you found my feedback helpful.

jemma83 • 05/11/2019 - 20:34

Thanks for this amazing opportunity

Annieheart • 05/11/2019 - 20:41

Thanks to Ben and Flash team to have given me this opportunity to test this amazing mop!
I absolutely love using it.

Moo1982 • 05/11/2019 - 20:43

Thank you for the opportunity to trial the flash speed mop! 👍

Homebod • 05/11/2019 - 20:50

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try this out, hope my reviews and comments will have inspired others to go out and try it for themselves.

KimmyBlue • 05/11/2019 - 21:31

Thanks Ben for choosing me as one of your testing army! It’s has been awesome getting to know the fabulous Flash Speedmop, now a much valued household tool!!

vixenelena • 05/11/2019 - 21:31

Thanks ben for the opportunity love the project,loved how it leaves my floor.hope to work for you again soon.xx

bitmouse2000 • 05/11/2019 - 21:37

Thankyou Ben and team I have loved the flash speed mop and will continue to use it i love it it's so handy

Tripy • 05/11/2019 - 23:24

Thanks Ben and team for this opportunity to take part in this project. I've so enjoyed it the flash speed mop is great x

Delta76 • 06/11/2019 - 06:55

Thank you Ben and team for the opportunity to try the speed mop ,its been a god send for cleaning my floors! Hope my feed back has been of help !!

Purplek4 • 06/11/2019 - 10:03

Good bye Ben , all the crew & fellow moppers , the experience was fab & I will certainly have cleaner floors from now on. It’s a joy to do the mopping now ! Thank you for the experience

Beckster77 • 06/11/2019 - 10:52

Thank you for the opportunity to try this! I don’t think I would have bought it otherwise, but now using this mop, I really really want to buy the purple one to compare it with. Had a ball whizzing around the house, my toddler and my partner like to now get their mitts on the mop and give me a hand cleaning so added bonus! This mop is now my forever friend... I shall name him moppy.

sukibjudo • 06/11/2019 - 11:23

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to test the fabulous flashspeedmop.

Supersavvyalex • 06/11/2019 - 12:11

Thank you, loved taking part. I’ve had 4 people purchase and I’ve stocked up on wipes. Will be perfect with all the muddy footprints.

Nikkimouse2202 • 06/11/2019 - 12:19

Thank You for having me and my mucky pups take part. We have had a fantastic time .... Bye *waves*

sharp5 • 06/11/2019 - 13:19

Since receiving my Flash speed mop I am no longer on my knees -Thank you for letting me clean floors standing up!

Badgirl21 • 06/11/2019 - 13:31

A big thank you, Ben and his team for choosing me to try out this amazing floor mop. The mop has saved me so much time to clean the place down and my husband uses the flash mop too. I love the way it's lightweight and easy to dismantle. My friends have told me they are going to purchase this mop too. I wish Ben and the team all the best.

BevvyBuys • 06/11/2019 - 13:32

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I've loved using my flash speedmop and have loved seeing everyone's posts. Happy mopping xx

Tinkerow • 06/11/2019 - 13:48

Big thank you to you Ben and your team loved using flash speedmop. Had fun trying it and will continue to use it. Have given out last of my vouchers. Feed back has been positive .

Sammyp • 06/11/2019 - 13:58

Thanks very much Ben and the flash team, it has been great trying it out and I appreciate being choosen to test it. Will certainly continue to use it in the future.

honey_bee • 06/11/2019 - 14:12

Really enjoyed being part of this project! Now let's hoping the mop last throughout the winter for all my#muckypups

Forder • 06/11/2019 - 14:46

Hi thanks for choosing my to take part in your campaign I was going to give my son the mop when it was finished as I already have a mop but have decided to keep it for myself. Well done everyone...

Njjoy • 06/11/2019 - 14:47

Thanks so much, it's been fun, and I will continue to use this product.

Asiangirl • 06/11/2019 - 16:05

Thank you so much Ben for choosing me alongside others to try out the Flash Speedmop.

lisamarie33 • 06/11/2019 - 16:58

It has been absolutely brilliant having the opportunity to try out the new Flash Speedmop and I have told everyone I know about it and could have given away a hundred more vouchers!

Urooj • 06/11/2019 - 17:30

Thank you Ben for choosing me to part of the project.

kKat • 06/11/2019 - 18:38

Thank you for the opportunity! It has been great!

Berniesavvyshop • 06/11/2019 - 18:49

Thanks for letting me try this amazing mop it’s so convenient to grab quickly for those little spills or on rainy day when the dogs come in from the garden

Passiflora • 06/11/2019 - 19:28

Thankyou so much Ben for allowing me to test the #flashspeedmop I’ve thoroughly enoyed
It. This is my very first product I’ve tested here so I hope I have helped and covered everything. Thankyou once again!

Bambi3 • 06/11/2019 - 19:50

It's been great fun. Thanks for having me :) Another great product to add to my cleaning cuoboard!

sammygb • 06/11/2019 - 20:07

CHeers for making me clean my floors lol : )

Minimiha • 06/11/2019 - 20:30

It was very pleasant to test the FlashSpeed Mop. It helped me a lot having a toddler and a cat, the house can become in a snap dirty but FLASH SPEED MOP helped me and made cleaning easy peasy, quick in a flash as they say. Thank you!

Lucyanne5 • 06/11/2019 - 20:54

Thank you Ben and the team for a great opportunity. My Mum is now the proud owner of a Flash Speedmop and we both find it so easy to use!

Louadams1 • 06/11/2019 - 21:37

Thank you so much for letting me be on the flash speed mop team it’s been great 👍

Rm • 06/11/2019 - 22:45

Thanks Ben for allowing me to be apart of this wonderful team and project. Much appreciated.

tashiecomp • 06/11/2019 - 22:58

Thank you for choosing me to test the Flash Speed Mop. I have genuinely enjoyed using it and telling my friends and family about it.

firedragon007 • 06/11/2019 - 23:00

I've quite enjoyed this project. It's made cleaning fun... Something I never thought I'd say!
Thanks for the opportunity to try this product and give an honest review. Loved it 👍

Angelaj7765 • 06/11/2019 - 23:34

Thank you Ben and the flash team for giving me the opportunity to try out the flash speed mop -it was fun -I enjoyed it very much and enjoyed telling my friends and family about it .Its great to be able to try out products and post a genuine review -hope I get the chance to work with your team again -many thanks again 😊

Oddjob13 • 07/11/2019 - 04:23

Thanks very much for sending the product for a review I hope I have helped and I hope everyone is enjoying the speedmop.. Take care everyone

Josephine • 07/11/2019 - 06:38

Thanks Ben for choosing me to take part. It’s a fantastic product and I love the easy swivel feature which stands out amongst all other similar products in the market. I have spread my words and my friends and family loved it too.

mrsmops • 07/11/2019 - 08:44

Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity. I’ve had lots of fun playing around with the #flashspeedmop

Meliskia_girl • 07/11/2019 - 08:52

Thank you for choosing me!

Rum-Jo • 07/11/2019 - 08:59

Really enjoyed trying this out, thank you for the opportunity!

Kezzo • 07/11/2019 - 09:07

Thank you for choosing me i have loved it been part of your team from start to finish hope my feedback have been useful too you all

Daniiellem92 • 07/11/2019 - 09:31

Thanks for the opportunity I haven't posted as much as I would of liked but love the mop and have used word of mouth to promote the mop

Peachiepie • 07/11/2019 - 09:38

I'm really glad I have been part of this trial. #flashspeedmop is fab! The swivel action means it's easier to get into the corners. Easy to use - and floor was so shiny! It even worked on my bathroom ceiling! Even the #muckypups wanted to use it!

Nic1973 • 07/11/2019 - 10:30

Firstly thank you the experience I was unwell and unable to use the flash speed mop at first but was amazed at how easy it was to use and how clean it left my floors with no streaks would recommend this product to my friends and family

shazgar • 07/11/2019 - 11:22

thanks for the oppurtunity to try a product that i wouldnt as a rule purchase

emmey2012 • 07/11/2019 - 11:23

Thanks for choosing me. The Flash Speedmop has (and will continue to be) proved invaluable for clearing up after my #muckypups. Bye for now! I've got some cleaning to do!

CatrionaNedin • 07/11/2019 - 12:14

Thank you for allowing me to trial this product and give honest comments about it.

I have done more face to face reviewing than online ( not on Twitter or Instagram), so I hope this doesn't affect future testing

Jennywren11 • 07/11/2019 - 12:29

Thankyou for the oppotunity

A1982R • 07/11/2019 - 12:39

Thanks for the opportunity!! Loved trying the flash speedmop. 😁

NannyMogz • 07/11/2019 - 15:36

Well that was great fun...everybodys photos of their #Muckypups has been fab...thank you for letting me be part of the team

NatalieBlosse • 07/11/2019 - 15:53

Thank you for selecting me to part of the Flash Speedmop trial!! I have really enjoyed testing and reviewing this product!! Absolutely love the mop and refills and won’t use anything else on my floors now! Look forward to taking part in future projects! Many thanks 🙂

Lalice • 07/11/2019 - 16:21

Thank you for letting me be involved in the project and look forward to doing more. Most importantly, I will continue to use what is a great product that I may not have tried otherwise and my relatives feel the same.

Lexy911 • 07/11/2019 - 16:47

Thank you for selecting us to participate in this project. It's been a great eye opener as to how much time and effort I was wasting cleaning the floors with a string mop and floor Wipes on top! Hoping to participate in future projects, it's been lovely, and thanks to flash for making my life so much easier!

Clare33 • 07/11/2019 - 16:51

Thank you for the opportunity to test the Flash Speedmop. It’s certainly taught me how to use my social media to post reviews and share the love!
A great product to use for quickness and ease to keep my floors clean and shiny 👍🏼

mollyrosie • 07/11/2019 - 18:18

Thanks Ben and the team for including me in this project. Great product and would love to continue to use it but I can't get the wipes !!!! My local supermarket (Morrisons) don't stock them. Unfortunately I am disabled and can't travel too far so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the wipes will appear on the supermarket shelves soon.

Owlbird30 • 07/11/2019 - 19:36

@all thank you so much for this chance it's been amazing.

Joparr17 • 07/11/2019 - 21:44

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to trial this product. It has to be the first one I’ve ever given 1 star to. So disappointed because I really wanted to love it like so many others. But it just had so many negatives for me. I definitely won’t be keeping up with this one now the project has ended. Thanks again.

Farrahn83 • 07/11/2019 - 23:00

Thank you Ben and the Flash team for letting me be part of this project, enjoyed every minute of it. Loved using the FlashSpeedmop. Hope to join you again in the next projects. xx

KJ92 • 07/11/2019 - 23:08

Thank you for the chance to try, really helpful for a quick clean! Glad to have discovered something new.

yiota • 08/11/2019 - 00:10

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this project! Hope my feedback was helpful!

melp75 • 08/11/2019 - 07:51

Thank you Ben for choosing me for the Flash speed mop trial it’s been amazing thank you again

Rudigucci • 08/11/2019 - 09:42

Thanks for letting me review it. Hope the reviews help other people to choose it in the future.

paularorie66 • 08/11/2019 - 11:30

Thanks for the chance to try out the Flash Speed Mop..fun and engaging trial! Here's to the next one!

naseema786 • 08/11/2019 - 11:45

thank you for the opportunity.

neelio • 08/11/2019 - 11:52

Thanks for me being involved, I will be continuing to use!!!

Turtonm • 08/11/2019 - 12:23

I look forward to a redesigned speed Mop with environmentally friendly cleaning pads and a more sturdier handle. and the ability to deal with sculpted flooring. Other than that it was great to try out the product and look forward to the next review.

LITTLELEA_OCD • 08/11/2019 - 12:28

Thank you for letting me test this brilliant product ❤

Reviewmum23 • 08/11/2019 - 12:43

Thank you. Been lovely.

Mummy44 • 08/11/2019 - 12:59

#flash speedmop. It’s been great trying out the mop on floors ceiling and tiles!! Thank you for the opportunity. Bye #ben #savvycircle

Sleepysaver • 08/11/2019 - 14:22

Thank you for the opportunity to test your product, it has certainly made cleaning my floors easier. Hopefully you will back soon with another project but goodbye for now.

HattieAnn • 08/11/2019 - 15:55

I’ve had so much fun! I can’t wait to continue on using this, it’s made cleaning such a doddle compared the the ol’ bucket.

Thanks so much, it’s been a pleasure!

Mylovecucu • 08/11/2019 - 16:09

Thank you for allow me to be part of this project. It was a really nice product.

Mylovecucu • 08/11/2019 - 16:09

This tool is an excellent helper around all the hard surfaces, is foldable also so it did not took a lot of space in your cupboard.
The exchangeable wipes are more higienic but you need to use a new one everytime which is not the chepaer option but I will really recommend for those with pets and to introduce this tool to the general cleaning routine around the house.
Also the wipes smeels really good and the product glides perfectly. Without effort your fllors will be shiny and clean.

UnluckyMummy16 • 08/11/2019 - 16:58

Thanks for letting me take part in another amazing project x

CherishMe • 08/11/2019 - 17:19

Thank you for the opportunity to test out this amazing product.

MammaSpoon • 08/11/2019 - 19:57

Thanks for the opportunity to take part in this promotion. I hope I will be lucky enough to be picked again in the future. #FlashSpeedmop #SavvyCircle.

dee1979 • 08/11/2019 - 20:43

Thank you again for the opportunity in taking part in this amazing project, I've actually enjoyed mopping and reading everyone else's opinions.

Sly1 • 08/11/2019 - 20:57

I was very grateful for the opportunity to test the Flash speed mop. I hope that my photos videos and feedback was helpful.
I hope I did enough to ensure I am lucky enough to get chosen again in the future

ZoZoZo • 08/11/2019 - 22:57

Thank you for this opportunity to try Flash’s Speedmop! Really enjoyed being a part of it.

Laurenmelon • 08/11/2019 - 23:41

Thank you this mop has made cleaning my open plan so much easier

jimmumohan • 08/11/2019 - 23:50

Thanks for the flash mop.Hope to see u all guys soon

Rohil • 09/11/2019 - 01:12

Thank you so much guys for the #FlashSpeedmop. It was absolutely amazing and I really enjoyed it and will keep using it! #SavvyCircle

ShellyD32 • 09/11/2019 - 02:40

Thank you for a wonderful opportunity I'm truly grateful and I hope my feedback helps xx

Bixybee • 09/11/2019 - 04:58

Thank you for letting me take part, was even able to get my husband to clean the kitchen!

Sassylass • 09/11/2019 - 05:19

Thanks for the opportunity. I really like this mop. Just been and bought a 24 pack of refill wipes.

FGibbs4 • 09/11/2019 - 08:33

Thank you for this opportunity - it was my first time as a product tester and I really enjoyed trying the mop out and sharing what I thought online and with friends and family! Hope my feedback and photos were helpful and will definitely be continuing to use it! :)

VickiElleryJ • 09/11/2019 - 08:56

Thanks so much to the Savvy Circle team and Flash! A great project!

Jealestone • 09/11/2019 - 11:02

Thanks for the opportunity to try a new product

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