Let’s go out with a bang!

The time has come, we’re nearing the end of our fab project with the Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry so let’s make sure it goes out with a bang! As promised, we've also picked the winners of the Flash face-off and believe us it wasn't easy.

Let’s go out with a bang!

Congratulations savvy circlers Wkdmeow, SandraSurvilo, and Tinalopes on winning the Flash face-off!

A quick recap on your missions

How many of your project mission have you completed? Do you think there’s still room for another post? Oh go on! Not sure if you’ve completed them all yet? Then let us do a handy reminder.

  1. Getting social online

    Head to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and let your followers know all about your new favourite cleaning product! Share images and ‘before and after' shots of the tricky areas in your home. Don't forget to include: #FlashFamily, #savvycircle #DustItOff, #ad, and @supersavvymeofficial

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  2. Getting social offline

    In your kit, you received 8 x discount coupons. Have you shared them all out yet? If not, then why not do an extra push and meet up with friends and family who you think could benefit? Let them know how Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry has benefitted you and why you think it could help them too.

  3. Leaving a review

    Not reviewed yet? There’s still time! Leave your review for fellow online consumers and let them know how Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry has upgraded your cleaning regime!

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  4. Share our pals' feedback

    Have your friends had some fab feedback? Share their thoughts in the comments now and we’ll share them with the brand.

We can’t wait to see all your final shares!

@all: In what way has Flash upgraded your cleaning regime?


RoxiUlup • 4 months ago

I love the whole Flash experience. It was a completely new way of cleaning for me, one that definetly makes my life loads easier and the cleaning routine much more enjoyable. I am very grateful for the opportunity to change my mind about these and be surprised. What fabulous a result !!

Sharonrowe • 4 months ago

I didn't think I would love it as much as I do! Thank you for creating a new product that I love!

Meljel • 4 months ago

No bending over no more no more spilt mop buckets and I just love Flash Speedmop starter kit and refill pack aswell as Flash Dust Magnetic starter kit easy to use I would have loved an extended pole but over all it did its job love the way it sticks so easy too to use

Abbie-123 • 4 months ago

The whole experience has been amazing from start to finish I am in love with the dust magnet that is by far my favourite and so quick to dust the whole house. I have handed out vouchers to family and friends and they have agreed with how amazing the products are.

testercarly • 4 months ago

Absolutely loved the flash mop and duster project.
Dusting the blinds are not longer a struggle, such a fantastic edition to the household.
Easy and light mopping of the floor even the children had a go 😳. Thank you for the opportunity to take part

lklaura3 • 4 months ago

I loved the products, 2 products that I’d never used before and will continue to buy now

AidanMilo88 • 4 months ago

It’s saved me so much time and now I have some free time to spend with my 5 month old before his little brother or sister arrives.

Luna818 • 4 months ago

Thank you for giving Ne the chance to participate in this, I love My dust it off kit so much I could never go without again I never knew how much dust was building up in my home! It’s especially good for those high or awkward places

Tezzabezza40 • 4 months ago

Hi thank you for my stuff unfortunately I couldn't do much with out the mop however I did use something else to help mop the floor and they were excellent.

Mazda55 • 4 months ago

I have loved every minute of this project, this as made my life easier, and my Husband loved it too he said the mop and the duster was very easy to use. Thank you for this opportunity. 😀

amadan21 • 4 months ago

Just had two phone calls from my mummy friends who both bought the speed mop and the dust magnet and can’t stop raving about it. As a mum, all three of us felt that I the Flash speed mop and dust magnet have cut the cleaning time in half and that is exactly what you need when you have messy pets and toddlers on your hands!

Erikagz • 4 months ago

I enjoyed a lot to being part of this team, the products are very useful, I am really happy with them.

Hel98 • 4 months ago

Love love love flash mop and duster so light and easy to use

midmac • 4 months ago

I dust more often now as its made it so easy , thanks for letting me test this fantastic kit.

Tanya51 • 4 months ago

Absolutely loved taking part thankyou
The mop has cut the time over half to what it normally does and the dust magmet is fabulous catches all the dust

vili80 • 4 months ago

Flash has definitely made my cleaning routine faster, loving the dust magnet it's a game changer

Kane • 4 months ago

I'm very sorry that I haven't been able to post a review or photos of these products but I have fractured my left humerus bone in my shoulder so I can't use them at the moment as I am having to rest on Drs orders.

Monika1989 • 4 months ago

Happy post💙 I was so lucky to be chosen by @supersavvymeofficial to test the new flash speed mop and wet pads for the mop!💛 At the beginning I want to say thank you! @supersavvymeofficial Thanks to you, I can start my adventure with testing! I must admit that I am very pleased! The wet wipes did a great job! My floors are shiny and smell beautiful! I did not think they would be so clean after using wet wipes! I am pleasantly surprised! It's super quick to use, which allows me to save time with my baby!💛💙

Nikkitro56 • 4 months ago

Thank you so much for the flash experience. It’s been a total game changer. All of my vouchers have been given out and pictures have been shared about how clean my home is in such a speedy time

Anjbella • 4 months ago

It’s a great products easy to use and u can tell the difference thanks

cas2010 • 4 months ago

Well all feedback now in. Massive success. Family and friends understand why I was soooo enthusiastic about a mop and duster now. They are well impressed as well. I have decided to purchase a second speed mop. I have hard floors and dogs downstairs so use it almost daily. Both wet and dry. Just had wet room installed and the wet speed mop does the white wall tile brilliantly as well as the floor. So thought instead of carrying it up and down, I would get another. Hehe. The Duster is going all over the house. Haven’t used anything else since the box arrived through the door. Cannot praise these enough.

Mandymeperez • 4 months ago

My Flash Dust Magnet Starter kit worked its magic through the house. From dust webs in ceiling corners and walls in the loft working my way down to dust and webs in hard to get to places in the bedrooms. Then down to the living rooms, where I found all the hidden spots that I could see whilst exercising (and usually forget about after. ). Worked miracles on television stands and corner cabinets (to my shame). Unfortunately couldn’t use my speed mop as it had been mislaid during my daughter’s move. Not to worry I’ve given her a coupon for refills just in case she “finds “ it. I need another (please).Really miss it. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

janash • 4 months ago

I have found the Flash experience a very positive one. I no longer have to struggle with a heavy bucket of water to be able to mop my floors.
I have mobility issues, so walking while carrying a heavy bucket is a big problem - the Speed Mop, really is just that - it has speeded up the whole process, and because it is so lightweight, it means that I can do the job myself rather than asking for help!
I also love the Dust Magnet, it is really effective at getting into awkward spaces between my beams, and between my ornaments and plates . I love the fact that I can angle the head to make a really efficient job.
Thank you for the vouchers, I know that my daughter and my neighbour have both bought both products. The other vouchers have been given out too, but I have yet to hear if they have purchased.
I have a meeting this week-end and will be taking both items along to demonstrate - since evryone has mobility issues I know that they will be as impressed as me by their versatility.
Thank you for allowing me to be part of this project

Bara • 4 months ago

I really wanna try Flash product and I'm happy that you gove me that chance. As I'm disable, I can't believe it's working so good, so easy and house is clean and fresh faster than before. Highly recommended to everyone. Now I like cleaning more than before. Thanks for Flash starter kit. Love it

Jillybean1968 • 4 months ago

Instead of struggling upstairs with polishes ,cloths etc I simply carry up my flash dust magnet and dust in a tenth of the time giving me more time for more enjoyable things 👌👍

mystimood • 4 months ago

Best product to test so far, love it how it collects the dust and diet then easy to depose.

annipoos • 4 months ago

Thank you for giving me the chance to join in the Flash experience. Parts of my flat that have been hoarding dust for years are now sparkly clean.

ejean9 • 4 months ago

Already purchased more wet and dry wipes. Absolutely love the scent and how effective they are cleaning wood and tiles floors. I also use them to clean my wet walls no more stretching and dragging chairs in to clean ! Definitely a keeper for me I wont be going back to my old style mop !

Alexxo94 • 4 months ago

I honestly didn’t think I would love them as much as I did! The amount of dust and hair they collect is amazing! My mother in law loves them too. She’s going to buy one when she goes out. My best friend thought they were great too. Everyone I’ve spoken to and showed my results too is amazed!

Sandypineclean • 4 months ago

Have really enjoyed using these products, the duster has been a game changer for a short person like me, I can now reach all the high places without needing a stool , thank you so much !

flowergirl2 • 4 months ago

Absolutely amazing products, everyone I shared with said the same thing, it was so quick and easy leaving more time to spend with the little ones. Thanks so much for letting me participate it was a great experience

Angelina • 4 months ago

The daily cleaning has become much quicker and easier especially with a small baby at home.
Thank you Flash every new mom need a quick cleaning solution like this.

NixxiB • 4 months ago

I'm in love with my duster, honestly it's made dusting so much easier and picks up the bits I'd normally not be able to clean because I couldn't reach. I'm not sure about the speed mop, it's really quick to use and as an occasional use cleaning tool it's great however I already have a steam cleaner which would be my personal preference for my floors

Louk69 • 4 months ago

These are brilliant products. They make cleaning a lot easier and a more enjoyable experience. The vouchers flew out of my hands as I told family and friends about the products I was reviewing. A couple who have since purchased have said they don’t know how they managed without them

aga7777 • 4 months ago

Perfect solution for busy mums. Dusting is so much easier and quicker. Cleaning floors, especially from cats hair also is easier then ever. Friends were delighted with all of those coupons.

thaybittle • 4 months ago

Doing the flash challenge was an eye opener I already had the mop to try the dry wipes on it was amazing as it got into places my broom couldn’t get to. The dust magnet was a godsend to be able to reach tops of cupboards that I would have to use steps to get to. So glad you gave me the opportunity to try these products thank you

spacekittyrules • 4 months ago

Brilliant products from Flash. Has helped my cleaning route! Love the dust magnet duster :-)

Karina02223 • 4 months ago

Thank you for the opportunity try these products.Dusting is so much easier and quicker. Cleaning floors, especially from cats hair also is easier then ever. Friends were delighted with all of those coupons.

Jakksy • 4 months ago

Thanks for the products you sent me, I already use lots of flash products in my home and these don't disapoint, the flash mop was as light as a feather and glided across the floor with ease and cleaned really well and being disabled it was a godsend. And as for the sister my house is concern free and dust free, it's the best love it love it.

Mazroberts • 4 months ago

Thanks for letting me take part in the flash dusting test ,I love my speedmop it's saves so much time and effort, my friends are all enjoying them too

JacStn • 4 months ago

I've loved taking part in this campaign. The Flash products are easy to use, hygienic and good value for money. My dog makes it hard to keep my floors clean, especially this time of the year when my garden is muddy, the speed mop has really helped me keep the floors clean. The Dust Magnet does exactly as the name suggests and makes dusting quick and effortless. I'm very happy to recommend these to anyone who will listen!

Mowgli45 • 4 months ago


cooptimer • 4 months ago

wow im so impressed with these Flash products, the dust magic especially, what a total difference this has made to my cleaning routine. My friends that was given the vouchers are never off the phone to me telling of all their new cleaning hacks with their new products too. I was unable to post any photo's this time around as my camera was playing up, but i cannot stress enough how fantastic and lightweight and easy these items are to use. Easily stored away, colourful, durable i cannot recommend enough although i am far & wide even to strangers lol. Thank you Supersavvyme for this life changing opportunity in cleaning.

Hmills • 4 months ago

This has helped me so much I don't get in till gone 6 in the evening and not having to face the vacuum and mop now is amazing. I come in do one round with the dry mop and then one with the wet mop and I'm done in as little as 5 minutes and not the 30 minutes plus before if you have pets you will under stand lol. Love it

Delfi • 4 months ago

I was lucky enough to have a chance to try this products. After the first try I left a positive feedback as I was happy with it. Since then I had a few more go especially in this rainy days. And I have to tell you I'm absolutely happy with this product. The dust magnet as first time best friend with dusting. And the wet/dry mop just amazing. Around the dogs and kids just spent so much time to mop the floor previously. Now with the flash mop only one movement. I have more time for important things. I'm so happy for it. Thank you for the chance supersavvyme.

MrsTag • 4 months ago

As someone who tends to use a lot of sprays (chemicals!) - the idea of dry dusting wouldn’t have normally been my thing however I was pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of both of these new products and can honestly say I will continue to buy them. Fab. Thank you!

Wkdmeow • 4 months ago

I am so grateful for been able to test & review this project. Thank you so much @supersavvy, I have enjoyed the full experience.

Using the Flash dustmagnet & Flash Speedmop has had a positive response to my life/health. Having bad asthma, dust is one of my triggers. The Flash products, have helped amazingly get rid of the dust. Especially in areas that are hard to reach/ access.
The cleaning time has reduced so much!! I have more time for other activities/ duties.

The Flash products are easy to use & hygienic.
My dog looses lot of fur, so he mop is fantastic to use the dry sheet. It collects all the clumps. As for the wet sheet, I love it. Makes cleaning the floor 5 x faster. Especially from dirty muddy paws.

I would recommend to everyone

zoewaghorn96 • 4 months ago

I've really enjoyed this whole experience! I've had the Flash Speed Mop for a while now but never thought to use dry sheets but I was amazing at how much dirt they got up! And the duster is my new best friend, it's so delicate but gets to all the hard to reach areas. I've loved it all!

Havuseener • 4 months ago

I used to use the original FLASH Duster am am excited to welcome the DUST MAGNET 2022! The difference is a wonder. With this dust magnet my cleaning is more accessible and time cut by half. The extendable handle suits me as I cannot climb up to dust nor stretch my arm to reach heights. The 'flat' duster means it can easily under small spaces.
As for the FLASH SPEEDMOP, well time flies whilst having 'fun' The mop's swivel head makes it easy to use with one hand. The mop can fit under almost all furniture. The adjustable mop handle helps for not so short nor tall persons.

I have bought and shipped both items to family in the US! They had made comments on my Facebook page and I realised they didn't have the duster in their country. Awaiting their feedback!
Thanks P&G. We'll worth it.

sumaya • 4 months ago

Cleaning made easy by Flash mop and flash Duster, absolutely love the whole experience and very greatfull for this opportunity to try this lovely product.
The flash Mop is a star, easy use, easy to assembal, even my kids are kon to use. The wipes smell so fab, love the lemon scent all over my House, used it even to clean my Windows.
The Duster is super duper, leaving every place dust free, and disposable dust pads.
Thank you Flash#thank you Savycircle.

ranorman45 • 4 months ago

The mop and duster I have been using for the past week have really made a difference to the way I clean,it is a much quicker and less messy way to clean floors ,ideal for all ages ,my91 year old Mum has found it really useful and it's far safer for her than a traditional mop and bucket! As for the dust magnet it does everything that it claims to do and is great for a quick whip around,I have found it really useful for cleaning the venetian blinds a necessary job but one that is not my favorite!
I have really enjoyed trying it out and just wish my parcel had arrived sooner,I felt so out of the loop while it we as missing in transit but so pleased that it finally got to me.

Beth210691 • 4 months ago

I have absolutely loved being a part of this project! Not only has it saved me
So much time on my cleaning, but it’s also made the house so much cleaner! Thank you ❤️

Farrahn83 • 4 months ago

Enjoyed the flash project, dusting by using the flash magnetic duster and the dry wipes for my kitchen tiles. Had the kids running around trying to find dust just so they can use the magnetic duster. Great family time

FeMcD • 4 months ago

Really enjoyed the flash project. Cut my cleaning time dramatically so I could get on with spending time with my family. Was really surprised how easy the dust was attracted to the magnet and my floor was spotless! Great for when yeh mother in law was visiting!

aaaaaaaaaamy • 4 months ago

This project has shown me that dusting and cleaning can be extremely easy. Before I would put it off as sometimes you would have to move items to clean around the but with the dust magnet specifically you don’t, you can just wipe nearby with great control quickly and easily

Liza-M-B82 • 4 months ago

Wow loved being part of thisas being disabled and having arthritis in my hands and all joints its ade it so easy to dust and clean it grabs every thing in one go easy to assemble light to use grabs all the dust very well , rato change and throw away . Only thing I would suggest is possible and extendable handle may be for higher places like door frames and units but other wise perfect and loved being part of it

Samjosh • 4 months ago

The whole experience has been a whole new way of cleaning. My routine is quicker now and so easy. Since I’ve started using this mop I have spoken with lots of people who are also using the mop I have been out and bought new pads and the smell is incredible. When I come home from work and step through the door the house still smells wonderful. I will never go back to my old ways.

Elliemsxx • 4 months ago

What a great product the dust magnet is! absolutely love it, highly recommend

samira28 • 4 months ago

It’s good for dusting definitely and recommend highly it’s an good addition to any household and for cleaning

skinnyhips • 4 months ago

I am certainly converted to dry dusting ! I used to dust with a damp cloth, and it was such a palaver compared to whizzing around with my fab little Flash Dust Magnet! The other total game changer for me has been using the dry pads on my Flash speed mop to reach all of the dust under our low ottoman beds (nothing else will reach under there and the beds are too heavy to move easily). It does a sterling job of catching dust bunnies, hair, and whatever else has gathered under there!

Mummy232 • 4 months ago

My super-finicky sister refused to believe the products were as good as I said as we have very different attitudes to cleaning (doing a deep clean on your birthday? Me neither!) So I let her play with mine and she was amazed, snatched the discount vouchers out of my hand and raced off to buy her own.

AnnieRN • 4 months ago

The speed mop is great on flat floors, unfortunately not so good on textured kitchen floor, but then again not much is.
Have recommended it to everyone it's great.
Thanks Flash

Sassylass • 4 months ago

I was very impressed with the duster and the dry pads. They lifted cat hair that I thought I had already got 🤦🏻‍♀️ Eek! I already had the flash speed mop and wet wipes, I use them all the time after I got them from a previous task. Definitely new additions to my cleaning cupboard.

Laroseblue • 4 months ago

The whole experience was fantastic 🤩 the magnet duster and the mop are beyond my expectations, I am a new convert to dry dusting and going back ❤️ The mop is life saver, mopping is became a enjoyable task for the rest of my family, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this lovely family ❤️

Ebmum • 4 months ago

Can't believe I love my Flash Dust Magnet this much! It's such a brilliant piece of kit : so simple yet incredibly effective. Love how the dust literally sticks to it - no more swirling up dust when I dust!! Coupons given out , noe my friends can see why I keep raving about my Dust Magnet 😂

Mum_life_nofilter • 4 months ago

They are both great products i posted off some of the coupons to my followers who wanted to try them as well and handed the rest out locally so more people can dust have fun quick and easy

Kady • 4 months ago

I love that I can get rid of my broom, I don't need it anymore, it's so quick and easy to swap between the wet and dry pads and now I only need the one pole in my cupboard!

Superfelixjo • 4 months ago

Where has this product been it’s been a life saver and won’t be without it

Samhawkins_87 • 4 months ago

I absolutely love the pack over received! 100% will continue to use and buy going forward. Does the job quickly and easily!

Leannechets • 4 months ago

Friends loved the products

kez123 • 4 months ago

Great product especially if you have mobility issues

ForeverAutumn71 • 4 months ago

Thank you so so much this has been the best thing any body could have sent me ..No pain whilst cleaning I’m so happy Thank you again x x

klmh1968 • 4 months ago

I was so pleased that I was given the opportunity to review these items. I must confess that I found the duster quite flimsy and couldn’t fluff up the refills particularly well. I didn’t feel they cleaned any better than a normal feather duster or cloth and could t be used on unsmooth surfaces. They got stuck on my wooden beams 😂

However the mop was amazing. I have pets so always have muddy footprints, etc. the dry wipe effortlessly picked up dog hair and glides under the sofa picking up those pesky hairs. The wet wipe cleaned the floors really well especially the scrubber section. It rather surprisingly removed marks that I thought I would need to get on my hands and knees for.

I’ve already purchased replacement dry and wet wipes and highly recommend the mop, not so much the duster.

Cristiana90 • 4 months ago

Efficient, quick and easy to use. Both saved me a lot of time and made my house sparkling clean! Will continue to use them.

Buzzlebuzz • 4 months ago

Ah the flash speed mop. It's a good wee thing, can feel a bit flimsy but does the job.
Worried about the price of refills however

SavvycirclerChelle33 • 4 months ago

I love love love my dust magnet. I can't say enough how much iys stopped my sneezing issues while dusting ! Will never go back now. The dry pads are fab too but my favourite it's the duster :) thank you again xx

Loving_themommylife • 4 months ago

I never thought that a mighty little duster can give me so much peace of mind. The Dust Magnet is really an unbelievably efficient product which can make any surface squeaky clean in no time and no extra effort. It is such an easy to assemble and easy to use product. The Mop is capable of cleaning all the dirt and grime alonwith those pesky pet hair from all the nooks and crannies of the floors. Absolutely loved to be a part of this project. These products really save my time and efforts.

weetracy • 4 months ago

The flash product that I received where fantastic and does what is say thanks you so much

weeann • 4 months ago

I love be part of super saver and thanks again to the flash team and supersaveme my product are amazing

zuza43 • 4 months ago

Thanks to supersavvyme and Flash team.I love these products

kallieannmaile • 4 months ago

The links for leaving reviews don't work - which sites would you like reviews on?

BubaKey • 4 months ago

Thank you so much for the chance to test these amazing products. Cleaning is so much easier and quicker now. Even my little boy wants to help me now . I've showed the products in action to family and friends and gave all the coupons away. Everyone that got coupon used it and they are loving their new mops and dusters . I have issue with the links for reviews tho. They don't work . Gives me error . Help !

Catttt • 4 months ago

I spend less time faffing around with dusting cloths and the vacuum so both the Flash Dust Magnet and Speed Mop Dry save me so much time and some money as well!

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