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Your fab posts on socials have blinded us with shine – just like your floors! And now it’s time to share that one cover shot for your followers. Let’s give a big shout out to the Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry that helped us keep on top of daily dirt so our homes are ready for a spontaneous weekend bash!

Let the games begin!

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The Flash clean

The Flash clean

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The trophy shelf

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A pet story

A pet story

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@all: Where do you like to use your Flash Dust Magnet and Speed Mop Dry the most?


patricia56 • 5 months ago

so excited to receive my starter kit, thankyou

patricia56 • 5 months ago

love trying new things, am off to do my housework

LucettaB • 5 months ago

Hi, I am trying to upload pictures and the page is frozen(for 2 days) could you advise please.

Juda • 5 months ago

I can't believe how much dust my Flash Dust Magnet has collected - well impressed!

Rowson • 5 months ago

I love the flash Dust Magnet Heidi rowson ❤😍

Njcherry10 • 4 months ago

Loving the duster!!

Suey74 • 4 months ago

I was shocked at how much dust this picked up compared to my usually dusting method I love the magnet duster already 👍👍👍

LisaDavies46 • 4 months ago

Love the flags dust magnet! Previously used another brand and much prefer the flash!!
Yet to use my speed mop dry pads but putting that to the ultimate test this week..let’s hope it tackles they all the dog hair my dog is shedding!

ronity21 • 4 months ago

Hello, i am can not upload pictures or URLS and the page sends me to another

Bellybel • 4 months ago

So excited to receive my Flash magnet kit, especially as it’s handle extends so I can reach all those high areas. Hard work being short.

Moualhimoo • 4 months ago

It was so nice to be chosen to test the flash mop and duster which was really good so easy to use

Dziosefina • 4 months ago

My friends, who I gave coupons to, have bought and are already enjoying Flash.

JanP • 4 months ago

Really is a magnet! The dusters pick up dust and cat hair I just couldn't see! And they get to places my regular duster couldn't! Loving it!

Wkdmeow • 4 months ago

I am still in shock with the amount of dust.
I have bad asthma, after using the duster, i can breathe better! I am so happy and greatful for the chance to try the Flash magnet kit 😁😁

Aliona34 • 4 months ago

Excellent item. Gave out coupons to my friends and family. Great around the house!!!

Vitology • 4 months ago

Loving how easy and time saving flash speed mop/duster is!! Wow! Just wow!!!

annhalse • 4 months ago

Absolutely love the flash duster so easy to reach high and awkward places, speed mop is brilliant too

Suzx • 4 months ago

Loved the speed mop dry pads although I never got the mop itself, so we used on another mop. It picked up loads of dust and hair on our wood floor and definitely got in corners too. My husband had Allergies help with that too. I’m going to use money off coupons to purchase the flash speed mop when I can get yo the shops . Overall all both great products .

pretty2012 • 4 months ago

Not very good but it does the job.

cas2010 • 4 months ago

Well. Both still going strong. By that I mean hubby and speed mop. I seem to have lost ownership of that one. May just have to buy another. I am allowed the duster though. Just so glad I was chosen for this trial.

amadan21 • 4 months ago

Been such a great experience reviewing these two amazing cleaning products and now I know exactly what to buy in the cleaning aisle to meet all my dusting and mopping needs!

Rev25akg • 4 months ago

It's so handy with a newborn as I can do a quick freshen up around the house!

SarahLouise95 • 4 months ago

Love it! So easy and handy especially with a new born and 5 year old!

Tinalopes • 4 months ago

Easy, handy and time saving with a dog and a kid at home. Thanks for being chosen for this trial.

dsmorn • 4 months ago

I found this a challenge but loved the amount of grime and dust that they both picked up. The duster itself is great to get to those hard to reach places like the lampshade and the top of cupboards so much cleaner now compared to before thank you for allowing me to try these out.

mandymoon • 4 months ago

I’m not going to lie, the first time I used my duster, it snapped! I was not being heavy handed, I wasn’t putting too much pressure on… I leaned over my stair banister to get into a corner of the wall and the angle of it must have found a weak spot, and it snapped! …… sorry but I have got to be honest 🙁🙁🙁 xxxxxx

Lulubell85 • 4 months ago

Have been dusting way like a gooden loving using me flash duster. Once a week no1 in my household is allowed to use it 🤣 apart from me 🤣.

Jinty21 • 4 months ago

Wow, I love the duster, it’s so light and I feel I can reach and dust the delicate glass lamp shades with ease.
They looked clean until I used the duster and can’t believe the difference. The same when dusting the ornaments which I have a few but tried it at my Mums and she has so so many it was amazing.
Most certainly the best one I have tried and my Mum now getting one, well she thinks now I will do the dusting for her !😆

Pagan • 4 months ago

I love my duster so much its fantastic it gathers all the dust so quickly I'm amazed how wonderful this product is ,its made my life much easier ,Thankyou so much I will definitely be buying this product, I'm so sorry I cannot send pictures I'm having problems with my camera xx

Laine74 • 4 months ago

Sorry I have been late to trial this as my son had an unexpected hospital visit. All I can say is .. It was worth the wait , I cannot believe how much dust has been hiding in my home . I have glass lamp shades and I can now reach and clean them without having to get a chair and take them down. It’s amazing !! Thank you Flash I will be recommending this to everyone .

Charljohn87 • 4 months ago

So far so good with both the dry mop wipes and the duster. Both seem to pick up everyday dust that you don’t even realise is there

cupcake22 • 4 months ago

With 3 birds in the house, this can create a lotof dust especially when molting through new feathers. The dust mop has cut my dusting down by over half the time and an added bonus no spray or chemicals to affect their delicate respiratory system 😀. The speed mop is great to as I'm able to quickly wipe my floors and they dry quickly too. Altogether Happy Happy! Even skirting boards and high up is a breeze.

psalmody • 4 months ago

I found the speedmop not robust enough for our bamboo flooring where we have doggy pawprints, it is a large floorspace. The wet sheets just didn't perform well and didn't go far. It is however far more suited to the bathroom which is a much more restricted and less soiled floorspace with a cushion flooring. Works perfectly there. I have only just been able to get going with this as we have both had Covid and been quite unwell and so far been unable to meet up with anyone.

Gawj • 4 months ago

Obsessed with my Flash Speed Mop & Dust Magnet! Thanks guys ❤️

Carolinecl68 • 4 months ago

Thank you to Flash for allowing me to review their amazing products. I am blown away with the dust magnet as it is reaching all the areas of my home that I couldn't without a step ladder. All the cobwebs and dust has now gone and only gone through 1 duster.
The mop is fantastic and during the week, when I don't feel like a major cleaning session, it keeps my floors clear of dirt and dog hair, which is amazing.
Thank you so much

Lisamc1 • 4 months ago

The dust magnet is amazing dusted the top of my wardrobes using this and it was done in minutes. Grabs all dust it comes into contact with so easy to use

Lisamc1 • 4 months ago

Flash mop is amazing for cleaning floors also used in the bathroom on the plastic ceiling job done is a short space of time

NataliaM • 4 months ago

Obsessed with my Flash Speed Mop & Dust Magnet! Thanks guys 😍😍😍

Cwoody • 4 months ago

Just mopped my floors with the speed mop absolutely brilliant

scivver • 4 months ago

Being disabled I find the flash mope and magnetic duster much easier to use loving them so much

Hi2Sylv • 4 months ago

I love my dust magnet, I can dust places I couldn't reach before. My friends and colleagues have been given vouchers and are excited to be going to get theirs. Unfortunately I didn't get a mop so I can't comment on that. Highly recommend the dust magnet

Amisha.P • 4 months ago

The Flash Duster is amazing to use on skirting boards and shelves especially 😍 it is great to not have to worry about using a spray as the duster does the job by itself!

Amisha.P • 4 months ago

The Flash Speed Mop with the Dry pads are great to use in the kitchen and bathroom to get any last bits of dirt on the floor before going over it with the Wet Pads for the best finish!

MaryLees • 4 months ago

I do not have a mop but your Dust Magnet is magic. Excellent.

Pammybabe • 4 months ago

The kitchen.. Absolutely fantastic.. leaves the floor tiles amazingly super clean !

gregorysgal • 4 months ago

Omg , what a fab flash duster , I managed to reach the top of my picture rails without getting a ladder ,due to the way I could turn the head of the duster, also my bookshelves. As for the flash mop I used that to dust my tile floors , brilliant before I washed it with my flash speed mop I had previously trialled and have used ever since , I definitely will be buying them after the trial

Wali • 4 months ago

I've really impressed with bothe the flash magnet and the flash speed mop. Both pick up an unbelievable amount of dirt.

moonlight • 4 months ago

So pleased to be able to try the Flash Speed Mop dry as had been using the wet mop head with every success. Was not aware of the dry version until it was sent to me . It is easy to fix the cloths to the pad and is good to use between using the wet mop head. I have certainly found it easier to do cleaning around the house with this item and the Flash Dust Magnet duster which is actually making dusting fun. A job I didn't like. However in no time at all you can get round the room and the extendable handle covers the full height of the room so dust has no safe place anymore. I highly recommend both these products and am so pleased that Flash introduced me to them with their Flash Challenge. Both items make life easier and are not expensive and the refills mean that dust and dirt are thrown out and disposed of.

moonlight • 4 months ago

The Flash Challenge has enabled me to try both products and I highly recommend both as a good addition to fighting dust and grime on floors.
A hard job has now become easier.

Tanis • 4 months ago

My wet room its so quick to do with the Flash mop

skinnyhips • 4 months ago

The Flash dust magnet has been a godsend for whizzing round everywhere in record time and collecting a huge amount of dust in tiny spaces that other dusters just cannot reach! And the dry pads on the Flash speed mop are the best solution I have yet found for fitting under our ottoman beds with ease and dragging out all those dust bunnies & hairs! Win Win! Both very welcome additions to my cleaning tools army!!

RosieT10 • 4 months ago

The Flash Dust Magnet is brilliant! It reaches everywhere & the amount of dust it collects is amazing. Its easy & light to use & the refill just slots in. Its a 'must have' if you want to make housework easier.

Chrissy1971 • 4 months ago

That feeling when you think you have finished your housework and sit down with a brew only to find that the table you dusted has already collected more dust arghhhh.... Well, the dust magnet has banished that feeling from my home. I was late to this party as I caught Covid just after receiving my pack but I'm so glad I have it now. In addition those speed mop dry sheets are fantastic for removing dog hair from furniture in addition to their normal use. I have 2 ridgebacks who sprinkle golden furrbaby dust over everything, I wiped my furniture with one of the cloths and was amazed at the result. Thank you 😊

MichaMiska • 4 months ago

I don't believe it. My husband started to dust every day. He also mopped our floors twice tis week. Miracle :)

Aleighxx • 4 months ago

Love it. Amazing for dusting and mopping my dirty floors, my flat is cleaner than ever!

Laroseblue • 4 months ago

The flash dust magnet 🧲 and the mop are mind blowing , highly recommended.
Bonus 🤩 my son started to dust his room 😍🥰

Meganleo23 • 4 months ago

This is amazing for picking up pet hair and dust on hardwood flooring, hovering doesn't always do the job but this is exactly what I needed to make cleaning the floors so much easier

stvgreen • 4 months ago

You can use it to get right in to the corners to get at that well-settled dirt that gets bedded in over time. Corners on my kitchen units - amazing, they were hidden for years until I used this!

Stressed-out • 4 months ago

The Dust Magnet is fabulous, the amount of dust it collects is twice as much as using a microfiber cloth. It is also a lot quicker, brilliant 👏

orchid16 • 4 months ago

Really loving the duster and the speedy mop.
They’re just brilliant!
However, I’m having trouble leaving reviews, please can somebody contact me to assist?
Thank you

Gothiclady • 4 months ago

really love the duster and mop cleans my kitchen floor just great my huddy likes theduster for his computer thanks for the kit

Latoya87 • 4 months ago

I show my mop and duster off and hand out a voucher whenever anyone comes over!

Kk1205 • 4 months ago

Back of tvs and side board for dust magnet and kitchen floor and bathroom floor as it’s amazing on tiled floors

hooch • 4 months ago

my Flash Dust Magnet and Speed Mop Dry are in demand by my grand daughter so that since i have recived them i do not get a chance to use them as soon as she get's home from school she go's round the house cleaning with them i have not had a chance to use them since the first time i got them so i can tell everyone that they are a real hit

L15rxo • 4 months ago

Perfect for cleaning dusty dashboard & all those awkward to clean places in the car

Cler28 • 4 months ago

I’m addicted to the dust magnet it works so well just upset I forgot to take a before picture and didn’t realise how much dust there was 😳. It’s saved me so much time with little effort. Now the speed mop is also now my favourite go to mop. I still haven’t used the dry pads but the wet ones have made a huge difference especially with the rainy weather we had and having 3 dogs in and out most of the day leave my floors clean and shiny and dry really quickly too.

GeorgieL • 4 months ago

Loving my dust magnet - it’s like magic and so easy to use! Makes me actually want to the the cleaning lol!

Suki348 • 4 months ago

Thank you Flash for allowing me to test these products. Im disabled and trying to stand to do the dusting has been very awkward in the past, but this Flash dust magnet is brilliant. Not only is it light and easy to hold but instead of trying to struggle moving dust around with the usual dusting cloths. The Flash magnet quickly collects the dust and keeps it there. But the best thing is the extendable version (that I purchased myself). Meaning i can now dust areas out of my reach instead of having to rely and wait for someone else to do it for me. Flash you have gain two new customer's because of this trial as I also let my wheelchair bound mom have have a go, especially with the extendable one (that I just had to go and purchase). She is also a very happy lady to be able to do the dusting herself. You don't realise how wonderful these little wins make a disabled person feal, to be able to do things for themselves and not rely on others is just amazing and a bit overwhelming, so all I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH FLASH.

Suki348 • 4 months ago

Flash you Speed Mop is brilliant!
Im disabled and I'm unable to bend down to the floor or carry heavy mop buckets, so having a mop that i can get away with doing either of those things is just amazing. Firstly I sit at my little table and lift the mop up to the table to attach my speed mop wipe, then lower it back down to the floor and get to work. Once finished I just lift up the mop and wip off the dirty wipe. It feels wonderful to actually be able to do things like this for myself instead of waiting on others to do it for me and at least doing it myself means I know the job has been done right.
I know mops like this have been around for a wile but lets be honest they were rubbish. The wipes were quite dry, the handle wasn't flexible or hinged meaning you couldn't get to all those awkward areas. But Flash you solve all those problems and came up with a truly wonderful product. Thank you for allowing me to test it.

Vivenne • 4 months ago

Fantastic for quick clean and the wipes smell fab the little cute duster is amazing great for in at radiators I have told everyone about these products loved testing them out

testercarly • 4 months ago

Loved taking part in this project. The duster is amazing. Will definitely continue to use it. Loved the dry pads. Combined with using the wet for more tougher marks then the dry ones for a quick once over. Thank you for making me part of the team

mystimood • 4 months ago

Love this product just what needed

IDButters • 4 months ago

I’ve not been well thanks to COVID and the last thing you want to be doing is housework! But… I found these delightful devices an absolute game changer! No effort floor cleaning and dusting… just what the Dr ordered.

I was thrilled to be able to carry out effortless dusting - reaching high up with a click of a button to release the extension - collecting those pesky spiders webs! I actually didn’t realise his many I actually had until I started to use this!

My floors are clean - the dry cloths pick up stuff my broom doesn’t and the wet ones ensure my floor is hygenically clean!

zoewaghorn96 • 4 months ago

I look forward to cleaning now!

samira28 • 4 months ago

I use anywhere dust build up and definitely near tv areas and shelf’s, anywhere I notice that has dust build up

Ezzyboo • 4 months ago

Loving the mop and duster.

batsy • 4 months ago

I just can't believe how dusty my home was till I had this duster
It is so quick to use put the kettle on and give a quick dust waiting for it to boil
I am so in love with it

Clairelawry • 4 months ago

With 2 fluffy woofers in my house these new flash products have been an absolute game changer for me. So easy to use. The dry mop wipes just wow I can’t believe how much pet hair they collect. Both products will definitely be on my cleaning buys every month 👍🙌🥰

botto • 4 months ago

This is a fantastic product and all of my friends have said the same, dusting is no longer a chore and those hard to reach places have been finally given that long needed spring clean

Joanne123 • 4 months ago

Well what can I say,my house has never been so dust free absolutely love this duster works like a dream picks up the dust and keep it on the cloth and so easy to just pop on clean cloth for next time.

Hotfox12345 • 4 months ago

For some reason the url gets blocked...

Kikyo • 4 months ago

Loved every part of this project ! Thank you

SavvySus • 4 months ago

Tried the dust magnet first and was well
Impressed really does collect dust and gets into all the corners you can’t reach! Amazing

SavvySus • 4 months ago

I have now tried the Flash Speed mop and it was so easy and quick to use and I loved the smell so fresh I am hooked. So light and easy to store makes cleaning fun!

Claire8622 • 2 months ago

I loved this bundle the dust magnet is AMAZING but unfortunately I did not receive the actual mop 😔

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