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Review Flash Dust Magnet Review Flash XL Dust Magnet Review Flash Speed Mop

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@all: Did the Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry make your cleaning regime quick, easy, and fun?


Net1 • 5 months ago

I really love the Flash mop and dust magnet. They are definitely a game-changer! I'm so pleased I got to try these out..

botto • 5 months ago

No more death defying reaching with this great extendable handle, grabs the dust fantastically. The wet mop sheet smell amazing too, so happy I got to try them

SavvyKP • 5 months ago

I was given the opportunity be part of the Flash#DustItOff trial. My parcel finally arrived after being delivered to the wrong address and for me could not have come at a better time as I had a surgical procedure on my right hand and have to wear splints for 2 weeks. I am trying use my left hand. No problem with the dust magnet and the speed mop, so light and easy to use and the swivel head on the mop makes it easier still to get around those awkward corners I.e round the toilet and the basin pedestal in the bathroom, cloakroom and en-suite.

I love these products, I feel they are far more hygienic to use than a mop and bucket, floor cloths or dusters. Once you have finished your chores dispose of the wet or dry floor wipes and the dust magnet clothes in to the bin.

I have them great on all my hard floor surfaces including laminate and wooden flooring and ceramic floor tiles. The dust magnet is exactly that it attracts the dust and you know after using it I’d had captured all the unwanted dust. It is really good for dusting delicate items and superb at getting in the tiniest nook and crannies. I would nightly recommend these products.

NatsMum1 • 5 months ago

I am loving the duster it’s amazing! Leaving reviews everywhere it works so well even on pet hair!

Traceyr1 • 5 months ago

I have loved this test. The dry cloths are a great addition to the cleaning arsenal and the dust magnet has been a game changer for me. No more sneezing constantly when trying to dust.

thecatsmother • 5 months ago

Loved this test, one of two halves kind of…..the dry cloths are great and with extendable hand,E very useful for difficult to reach places. Also for tiny spaces and going round things if you want a quick dust.
The speed mop is good but not great, does the job but much the same as any other mop. I used it daily around cat food bowls and it did find dried in bits a challenge. I presprayed first to soak and loosen, even then I sometimes es had to use a cloth down on my hands and knees. I would anyway so it’s Devi it’s,y not worse. Would I buy….the duster, most definitely, the speed mop, the jury is still out.

Ludkruger • 5 months ago

It is amazing what this magnetic duster can do, before I use to dust the house and sneeze all the time because the dust would be everywhere, this new flash duster just keeps the dust to one place and makes dusting life so much easier

Christyg • 5 months ago

So quick and easy to use, All of the downstairs floors swept in minutes,
This is a very effective product to use especially if mobility is limited, There is next to no weight to the mop which makes it super efficient .

Luna818 • 5 months ago

I was so happy to be given the opportunity to test the Flash Dust Magnet, it’s something I never knew I needed a normal duster the dust always falls off but with this it traps the dirt instead of dusting onto the floor/

Luna818 • 5 months ago

The flash speed mop is very good and easy to use the wipes smell amazing I never realised I needed to use the dry sheet too works very well for lifting hair and access’s dust off the floor

Hmills • 5 months ago

I love both the duster and speed mop it's made it so much easier cleaning with having a busy lifestyle and 2 fur babies.

Mahi05 • 5 months ago

Incredible product. They’re so quick and easy to use on laminate flooring. Also a real cheat for skirting round thr edge of my rug in dining room and living room to pick up little specks that my broom is just too big to get round.

Carlyfh • 5 months ago

My favourite out of the two products is definitely the flash dust magnet, I can literally glide it over the surfaces I want to clean and it is done in seconds! It collects all of the dust without it going everywhere and you can even cheat clean as it fits through small and hard to reach gaps!
Cleaning my blinds has never been so easy and no more sneezing from all the dust!
The dry pads I got to test were easy to use too! The flash mop is super easy quick to use and gives a decent clean!

weeann • 5 months ago

The flash mop and duster was a amazing I so glad I fou'd this amazing product

stvgreen • 5 months ago

Strange to say but I almost look forward to cleaning now I have these in my armoury. They seems to halve the time it takes, well worth buying in my opinion.

cmrb • 5 months ago

LOVE IT! My friends and family have also tried it out and a few of them used the vouchers to go and buy one.

Kinako • 5 months ago

Done review! I really love the products. I wish I could have XL handle and mop starter kit, so that I can have mop in hand in another room.

Tanis • 5 months ago

Done both reviews I really found both items very helpful and I am still using them. All vouchers were used by friends and family and even hubby was impressed now that's saying something !!

RosieT10 • 5 months ago

Vouchers shared & much appreciated! Any money off helps. I gave some to a neighbour & she is going to buy the mop & the duster! She didnt even know these were available!

Summerleigh • 5 months ago

Amazing products and such a game changer for daily cleaning, super easy to use and child friendly! Win win situation!
Magnet duster is really easy to use and so flexible it fits though all the small and awkward spaces!
The dry pads are also brilliant and pick up all the dirt, dust and hair, I loose alot of hair daily and these are superb at collecting it all!
Great products x

znaylor85 • 5 months ago

Did everyone get the extendable handle with the dust magnet? It's asking me to review the dust magnet xl but I didn't receive that one

Monine007 • 4 months ago

I found the flash mop very useful when washing down a small area but on the larger floors etc I prefer to use a good old fashioned mop. Although very light and convenient to use I think that in an age when we are trying to recycle and reuse the use of disposable wipes and dusters is a waste of resource. Sorry Flash but a thumbs down from me on this one

EllaDee99 • 4 months ago

I was super impressed by the dry Flash mop - I already had the wet wipes but the dry ones really changed my "sweeping game". Now I just put some music on and mop away all the crumbs!

goathland2 • 4 months ago

Hi There,

I am really sorry but I have had a family emergency and have been away from home for several weeks and have been unable to take part in this project. My apologies.

Latoya87 • 4 months ago

The dry pads and the dust magnets will be staples for me now. Both great timesavers.

Honesttester • 4 months ago

Flash dust kit is an amazing product. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to get a mop/duster but doesn't know where to start. Have already shared the coupons and they have been redeemed already and as a result have already heard feedback that the duster got rid of a significant amount of pet hair. The dust magnet also does make it easier to clean those hard to reach places. The mop is very lightweight and not heavy at all. The speedmop does exactly as the name suggests, it is very effective at cleaning and gets the job done in no time. Overall flash is a very good brand and this product doesn't disappoint.

xxxxRoguexxxx • 4 months ago

The flash speed mop dry pads really add shine to your floor.
I gave mine a clean with the speed mop wipes then once dry another go over with the dry polish wipes and my floor looks good as new, you wouldn’t know it was laid 7 years ago

Starryeyex • 4 months ago

The speed mop is exactly as described, speedy. It is lightweight, easy to use and apply the wipes are dry or wet which gives it a dual purpose, have deffo made my life easier. Although I would say the wipes don’t last too long.

The flash duster kit too was really easy to use and put together. This is great for all surfaces but especially crevices that you cannot fit you’re hand down like the blinds. Love the product as it eases the way I collect dust deffo does work

lisa1983 • 4 months ago

I'm not convinced how much I like the flash duster. Doesn't seem to fluff up very well?!
It does pick up dust though....
As for the dry mop! I absolutely love it! Dog hair on the kitchen floor.... not anymore! Picks up everything!! So glad i got to test it!

zoewaghorn96 • 4 months ago

I found these made my cleaning regime so much quicker! Will definitely go on to buy more!

Beth210691 • 4 months ago

Yes very quick and easy! Especially when I’m working full time and running a house on my own! Amazing products! ❤️

Sugars • 4 months ago

I have added my reviews about these 5-star products. I loved the Slide Speedmop and how clean my doors were with such a fresh scent. I found the duster with an amazing angle handle great for door tops, and along with radiators and just about everywhere. I shall continue to use both of them.

L15rxo • 4 months ago

Flash dust magnets, I love them, so much better than usual micro fibre cloth both at home & in the car. Any hard to reach areas not a problem any more.

nanniejuju • 4 months ago

I love both the magnetic duster and the speed mop, both products were easy to use especially with having a disability. The extendable handle on the dust magnet is a great idea and makes hard to reach places so much easier to dust. The wet sheets for the speed mop have a lovely fresh smell to them. Thank you for letting me these products, I have left reviews and photos as well.

Mum_life_nofilter • 4 months ago

Ive really enjoyed trying these 2 products out the dry wipes are just wow even after hoovering the dust and hair it picks up is amazing i even used it on the rug... game changer
The duster was another fab product although it would be better if the refills were washable which works out cheaper and more eco friendly but i does lock in the dust and not just move it around on other areas

Sammiebr • 4 months ago

I really enjoyed doing this product test and it’s introduced a new product into my daily cleaning routine . Both products were easy to use, durable and efficient and done the job to a high standard i was very impressed. The wet cloths were really wet so worked well however they did dry out so I needed another to finish the floor. The duster was great on my blinds and rads.both a lot more hygienic than other ones also by being removable

danny1988 • 4 months ago

I love both the mop and the duster. Will definitely keep on buying them. Thanks

zuza43 • 4 months ago

I love these products.I feel they are far more hygienic to use.Make my life easier.So quick and easy to use.

John55 • 4 months ago

Okay, today I thought I would surprise my wife by doing some housework, namely trying out the new Flash Speed Mop Dry and the new Flash Dust Magnet.

I’ll start with the Flash Speed Mop Dry. We currently have the Flash Speed Mop that is wet and washes the floors and we are very happy with that. We normally vacuum our vinyl floor tiles in the kitchen and hall before washing using the speed mop.

Today I used the Mop Dry and yes it did pick up dust and hairs but not crumbs. In that respect it failed as I still needed to brush them up. So, the Mop Dry is of no real benefit to this house. However, I can see the advantage of using it to sweep under furniture that is low to the floor and is on a hard surface.

Saying that, I have shared my coupons out with my family and friends as they may have more of a need for it.

#dustitoff , #flashfamily , #savvycircle ,#ad ,#supersavvymeofficial

John55 • 4 months ago

Okay, today I thought I would surprise my wife by doing some housework, namely trying out the new Flash Speed Mop Dry and the new Flash Dust Magnet.

The Flash Dust Magnet. Handle was easy to assemble. Finding where the prongs of the handle went on a flat dust pad was not so obvious, but my wife showed me where!

So, all in all it is very very light and easy to glide over surfaces and around delicate objects. The dust was picked up and overall, it was very nifty. A plus factor for this over a similar product that we use, is that the dust head stays on.

I am quite impressed with it 🙂. #dustitoff ,#flashfamily ,#savvycircle , #ad , #supersavvymeofficial

Rhodes51 • 4 months ago

Best dust products I have used . Easy to use .

Rhodes51 • 4 months ago

Hope every one liking these

Jessie16 • 4 months ago

Love the mop it take up dog hair really welc

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