Are your pals Flash fanatics?

You’ve been a busy lot, chatting, sharing and posting and we love hearing from you but now it’s time to let us know what your pals think!

Are your pals Flash fanatics?

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From visiting neighbours with mobility problems (and taking cake and coupons), to hosting a family gathering to chat all things pet hair and allergy related, you’ve been busy and active. It turns out that everyone wants to banish the dust!

Savvy circler Davinder is actively spreading the word:

Demonstrated how to assemble the Flash Dust Magnet and it's ready for action! Savvy circler Davinder

While savvy circler Midnightqueen said:

More family members are happy to receive vouchers for the Flash Dust Magnet Starter Kit and Flash Dust Magnet refills. She said she can't wait to try it out! Savvy circler Midnightqueen

The Flash team want to hear from everyone so be sure to let us know, just like savvy circler Tash262001 said:

I've been banging on to my bestie about the Flash Dust Magnet and she just had to try for herself. Savvy circler Tash262001

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Why not take inspiration from your fellow savvy circlers and visit family and friends who you think could benefit to share them out. Comment below to let us know what your pals have been saying, too.

@all: What do your friends think of the Flash Dust Magnet and Speed Mop Dry?


cazpost • 5 months ago

My Sister-in-Law was pleased with her vouchers,she has recently got a new dog!! She is a bit of a clean freak,so she was very impressed with the duster. Mum was also impressed as she has a lot of mobility issues,so the duster will be great for her. Shared the rest of the vouchers with colleagues, all delighted to try things out

Tgloki • 5 months ago

Shared these with my daughter who has a pet plus 4 children . Wow these are amazing she said loved the speed mop dry .my 94 year old nan had a go with the flash dust magnet she thought this was great as she has mobility issues left her with mine so when at the shops I'll buy another thank you flash#Dusustitoff

cazfergo • 5 months ago

As soon as I tried out the Dust Magnet on my blinds, I was straight on the phone to my Mum. It's a chore we both hate doing as it's not the easiest of tasks. She snapped up some coupons and is going to get herself one too. She's going to pass some coupons on to her friends as well.

CateW • 5 months ago

I targeted friends who have allergies and they were very impressed and are using the vouchers to improve their home’s cleanliness

Missy1967 • 5 months ago

I've had to gently persuade my mother to try the Magnet Duster, she was determined that a Duster in her hand was sufficient. She's now tried it out and loves it, she can't get enough of it to be honest, she is in awe at how much quicker it takes to dust the house. The fact it catches all the dust in one and not just taking the dust up and then transferring it is very clever and ingenious - mom said she is now converted and has used her coupons.

Dawney777 • 5 months ago

My friends and family love the Flash speed mop and dust magnet - a big hit with everyone to clean quickly and effectively. Both super amazing and we love them. Passed out all the discount vouchers and could do with more as there wasn’t enough for everyone! 5⭐️

BubaKey • 5 months ago

I've showed both the dust magnet and the mop and pads to family and friends and everyone was impressed. I gave all coupons to family and friends today and they'll be buying their own to make their life easier when it comes to cleaning.

Baggiefan • 5 months ago

All my vouchers have been given to my work colleagues. I took photos to show them at work what I had to use and they all seemed super excited to try the duster over the mop but some had the vouchers for the mop refills who already had a flash mop

Juejue1967 • 5 months ago

just from my recommendation friends and family where ready to purchase the mop and duster even before i told them that i hade vouchers for them

OpalPam • 5 months ago

I have been chatting to a couple of friends on doggy walks and they were very keen to try the new Flash products. With the use of some vouchers they are now proud owners of this dog hair/muddy paw print busting kit.
Their opinion - the Dust Magnet is brilliant for keeping the surfaces dust and hair free and more importantly they stay clean for far longer with this method.
The floors are so easy to wipe over whenever needed with the speed Mop.
Two more converts!!

Wkdmeow • 5 months ago

My family and friends love the products. They are very handy for my friends who have dogs. How fast they can flow through the house, to collect the dog hairs. It has cut their cleaning time by more than 50%.
Couple of my family members are disabled. They did find the Flash dustmagnet. Some what awkward to place the refills on. Especially when they had come off, said cleaning. But was amazed at how much dust was taken from surfaces.
However the speedmop, has made all the little things, we find easier to do. More bareable, with the mop been light and can get into all the tiny spaces. It has made life changes for them.
Two of the vouchers I can not comment on. As I gave them to some strangers in the supermarket. They was placing them in their trollies, so I rolled over in my wheelchair. And passed them vouchers. They was very grateful, for the gesture.

Rowson • 5 months ago

I love the flash magnet Heidi rowson ❤😍

mrsc0n31ll • 5 months ago

My friends & family have snapped up the money off vouchers and can’t wait to try the speed mop dry wipes & flash duster!

lin1956 • 5 months ago

my friends and family are quit impressed with flash duster and mop had a great afternoon trying them out

sallmay • 5 months ago

Carnt do the quick question poll🤷‍♀️ Have gave out all my coupons and demonstrated the dry/wet mop and duster with my man who’s 91 she found them light and easy to use than her current floor mop and wash happy that she has something more simple to use without getting to worn out

stevied72 • 4 months ago

All coupons given out and some used, people loving this product!

MrsB28 • 4 months ago

My school mum friends were so grateful to have been given the coupons, they were impressed with my pictures and can’t wait to try out these amazing gadgets!

CaroleM • 4 months ago

I showed my elderly aunt the Flash duster when she was visiting. Although she has a cleaning lady, she thought it would be good for her if she needed to do a 'quick dust' between visits. She's 92 but quite mobile and impressed with the lightweight feel of the duster and ease of use. I shared some coupons with her.

SophieSophSoph • 4 months ago

My family all love the Flash Dust Magnet products! My sister has adopted a lovely rescue dog & found these especially useful & efficient to use, saving her time as she has two young children too! I have handed out all of the discount vouchers to friends and family and my friends at our local PTA group too who all have young children & pets! Could have done with a few more vouchers, they were a hit!

Ffionowen • 4 months ago

The flash duster has been a game changer for me, just using one item to dust is great!

eris1234 • 4 months ago

My Mum has been given some for the flash floor kit, she is very happy they have a good date life as she is waiting for her kitchen to be finished. One of my neighbours was interested in it all so she has 2, my Sister was interested in the magnetic duster so she had 2. All mine have been given out.

Honesttester • 4 months ago

Flash dust kit is an amazing product. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to get a mop/duster but doesn't know where to start. Have already shared the coupons and they have been redeemed already and as a result have already heard feedback that the duster got rid of a significant amount of pet hair. The dust magnet also does make it easier to clean those hard to reach places. The mop is very lightweight and not heavy at all. The speedmop does exactly as the name suggests, it is very effective at cleaning and gets the job done in no time. Overall flash is a very good brand and this product doesn't disappoint.

Ryanmc • 4 months ago

All my family and friends are delighted with receiving these coupons and hopefully they will also be as delighted as myself with the product. Thank you 😃

chrisgains1 • 4 months ago

I loved the Flash Dust Magnet as the handle can be lengthened for higher or lower areas. Having osteoarthritis that really comes in handy. Being able to move the end of the dustmagnet makes dusting surfaces much easier. My neighbour and my sister also liked the way the Dust Magnet can be positioned and cleans so easily if you have mobility problems.

chrisgains1 • 4 months ago

Being able to use the dry cover or the wet cover for the Speed Mop makes it so versatile and a very much needed piece of equipment. I have passed on the coupons and explained how easy it is to use the Speed Mop for either wet or dry usage. My neighbour is so pleased with the items she bought with the coupons and will continue using them.

zoewaghorn96 • 4 months ago

I would have loved to have shared coupons with my friends but I didn't receive any in my package, or a flash card?

samira28 • 4 months ago

I know for sure kids love it because of its fluffy and my friend said she will buy it

Lonicera • 4 months ago

Shared with my Mum ... and she tried the Dust Magnet XL ... she struggles to reach some areas to clean, and found this to be really lightweight and easy to use. Shared the rest with friends.

Catwomen • 4 months ago

I handed out all my coupons to friends and family and they have all purchased the mop and duster set I dont know what I'd do without mine now and my friends and family have already purchased more dust sheets and wet sheets for the mop and like myself they all think the dust magnet is amazing as the dust carreers towards it it's got a very apt name it makes dusting fun as I hated doing dusting but not now I enjoy it thank you for giving me the chance to trial this brilliant duo 🥰🥰🥰

Helen72 • 4 months ago

All my vouchers have gone to my friends and family they used them and living using the products

Moggy • 4 months ago

My friends were over the moon with the discount vouchers they have all been used up and we have 6 very happy dusterers out there not a bit off dust in sight

Clarelou87 • 2 months ago

I didn’t get any coupons in mine so unfortunately I can’t share any out with family and friends

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