Fairy Platinum
20/07/2012 - 09:45

Fairy Platinum: Highlights from our eight weeks.


In two months, we've spread the word about Fairy Platinum far and wide.

Together, we've polled our friends with around eleven thousand product research sheets and sent in over twelve thousand conversation reports (and counting). We've submitted plenty of snapshots to the project gallery and commented enthusiastically on the project blog.

Let's take a look back at our largest-ever Savvy Circle project!

Over eight weeks we have…

Posted… loads of online reviews. Whether at the Tried & Tested page on supersavvyme.co.uk, on amazon.co.uk, or on one of many other product review platforms, the reviews are there for all to see.

Shared… our personal dishwashing tips. In the comments section of the blog, we discussed how best to get the most out of our dishwashers and our Fairy Platinum starter kits.

Eaten... plenty of meals together. We spread the word by cooking dinner, whether for a group of friends or for family, with Annabel Karmel's recipes or our own favourites. Then we put Fairy Platinum to the test afterwards!

Voted... in our first-ever photo contest. The results are in, and it looks like Savvy Circle member oscargrouch and her baked chicken pan have won an extra-special Fairy prize pack. But good news, everyone: the Fairy team has decided to send small prize packs to the other nine contestants too! Congratulations to them, and thanks to all who submitted before-and-after pictures.

Amazed… our contacts at Fairy. The Fairy team was thrilled to be a part of our project and to see and read all of the fantastic feedback that came in over the 8 weeks. On their behalf, thank you for the hard work.

And last but not least… I’d like to say a massive thank you to everybody who contributed to making this project such a success. It's been immensely fun to meet everyone, and I hope to see you again soon!

Your Savvy Circle member viola

PS: We've still got a grace period of two weeks after the project ends to submit our final conversation reports so remember to keep sharing them!

17/07/2012 - 10:00

Our favourite before-and-after Fairy Platinum pics.


We've received lots and lots of great shots over the past week, and now's our chance to choose our favourite before-and-after photo!

Head to our photo gallery to see the masses of great snaps sent in by our savvy circlers in the past few weeks, there are some fantastic efforts!

Also, speaking of sending in, with it being the last week of our campaign - do remember to write any conversation reports or send in any product research sheets that might be missing.

@all - which photo from the gallery is your favourite?!

13/07/2012 - 09:55

What else might we use Fairy Platinum for?

Testing out Fairy Platinum with the Savvy Circle

We've all tested Fairy Platinum for the past seven weeks, and we've thought up more than a few creative uses for the tablets. Check out what everyone's been up to!

We heard whispers that one Savvy Circle member had used the tablets to clean her Jacuzzi. That got us thinking: what else might we use Fairy Platinum for besides dishwashing? So, on the half-time survey, we asked,

What other uses have you found for Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets?

It turns out, 107 had used Fairy Platinum for something other than cleaning and degreasing our dishes and dishwashers. It was good fun reading the answers! Here are the most common ones.

Those bright pink "other uses" were pretty interesting! For example...

  1. Unblocking smelly drains.

  2. They remove red wine stains from material!

  3. I have put my dishcloth in the dishwasher whilst doing the dishes. The cloth comes out lovely and clean and fresh for doing the "bits" that have to be hand washed.

  4. Accidentally got oil on the block paving outside so I mixed a dishwasher tablet in a bucket of hot water and brushed it into the block paving...when I rinsed it away, the oil was gone.

  5. Caught my brother using the dishwasher for his motorbike parts, he claims they are the best he's used as grease came off first time. Mum opened dishwasher after the parts were removed and she said how nice the new tablets made the washer smell, had to leave the room laughing.

@all - Needless to say, we're quite impressed. Have you thought of any more uses?

11/07/2012 - 12:30

Describe Fairy Platinum in a sentence.


After more than seven weeks of testing Fairy Platinum, Fairy's premium line of automatic dishwasher tablets, we've become experts on the product. How would we sum up Fairy Platinum in a sentence?

By now, we’ve all used Fairy Platinum in a range of situations and with plenty of different people. We've shared tips and tricks for getting the most out of our dishwashers and for achieving a grease-free filter - meaning we’ve got a lot to talk about!

Our project handbook provided you with a message to spread, but you no doubt have your own fantastic ways to let your friends and families know about Fairy Platinum's unique cleaning abilities.

So do share the sentence you'd use to sum up Fairy Platinum below - the Fairy team can't wait to collect your feedback in this market research project.

@all: How would you describe Fairy Platinum in a sentence?

09/07/2012 - 14:45

Join our before-and-after Fairy photo contest.

Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets trial opinions product

As we can see from our photo gallery, before-and-after photographs can really capture the effects of Fairy Platinum. Great pics can help spread the word, which is why we've decided to run a contest.

Let's all show off what the product has done to our spectacularly sticky saucepans or icky dishwasher filters! We've got until this Thursday at 9am to submit before-and-after photos of items cleaned by Fairy Platinum. Pictures currently in the gallery will also be eligible to win.

Remember: to submit pics, just send them in attached to a conversation report, along with a short description of what's going on in your photo and how many people it reached.

We'll go through the submissions and reveal the candidates in a slideshow on the blog next week. Then, all Savvy Circle members will be able to log in and decide which before-and-after Fairy Platinum photo is the favourite, most-dramatic reveal.

The taker of that photo will win a package full of Fairy Platinum and other dishwashing-related goodies specially assembled by the Fairy team, who've been delighted by the project and would like to thank everyone for their stories and photos.

@all - Remember, the deadline is 9 am this coming Thursday. I can't wait to see what we come up with!