Welcome to the Flash #DustItOff Project!

Did you receive an e-mail welcoming you to the team? If yes, then congratulations! 👏 We’re delighted to have you on board for this exciting new project with Flash.

Welcome to the Flash #DustItOff Project!

Squeaky clean, every day ⚡

Our homes are often filled with hidden dust and allergens and, while we’d love our surfaces to be permanently dust-free, we can’t dedicate hours to cleaning every day. Well, with Flash Dust Magnet, you don’t have to. Your new handy partner will help you rid your home of dust, hair and allergens in a Flash and make cleaning quick, easy and fun!

Our starter kits 📦

Our starter kits are en route and will be with us from Friday, 9th June onwards. Some kits might be delivered later on (up until 16th June) so please be patient - good things are worth waiting for!

Now, let's take a look at our tasks!

  1. Experience the clean

    As soon as your kit arrives, put the Flash Dust Magnet to the test. We want you to experience the real clean so focus on getting to the hidden dust that's been sitting around for a while.

  2. Your #FlashDustMagnet posts

    Next, it’s time to get social! Head to Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and let your followers know that you’re taking part in this project. Share your thoughts and some great images of your product, as well as all the hidden dust you've trapped inside the fiber pads. Don't forget to include the project hashtags, when posting online: #ad, #DustItOff, #FlashDustMagnet, #savvycircle and tag @supersavvymeofficial and @joyofclean

  3. Share with us

    When you share online or with pals, report back to us using the Photo upload tool and Online Report Tool:

    Share your URLs Share photos

  4. Fill in the final survey

    A hugely important part of every project we do is the final survey. Be sure to have your say once the project is over.

Keep checking the blog as we will share with you useful hints and tips along the way!

We can’t wait to get started. 💙

@all: What are you most looking forward to about this project?


Chubby74 • 5 months ago

Great duster attracts dust at one wipe it’s made my cleaning so much easier I now actually look forward to dusting gets into every nook and cranny thankyou savvy

Alcaris • 5 months ago

I’m allergic in dust and this saved my life from dust. From now we are best friends everyday

muz • 5 months ago

#ad, #DustItOff, #FlashDustMagnet, #savvycircle and tag @supersavvymeofficial and @joyofclean

I'm not one for gizmos and new fangled things I didn't know I needed but I'm so bloomin impressed with the flash dust magnet. I would class myself as a clean person but the amount that came from under the tiny gap of the bed with one swipe, now to go find some more areas !

Sarfaraj • 5 months ago

Great duster attracts dust at one wipe it’s made my cleaning so much easier I now actually look forward to dusting gets into every nook and cranny thankyou savvy#ad, #DustItOff, #FlashDustMagnet, #savvycircle and tag @supersavvymeofficial and

Baby03 • 5 months ago

The best duster ever

Abaltic • 5 months ago

Great dust cleaning tool!
I believe its easy to use for anyone!

Rakel93 • 5 months ago

Sooo good, excided my expectations!!

Testerhath • 5 months ago

This product is absolutely amazing I love it

emily06 • 5 months ago

This really works. I am disabled so dusting the walls and ceiling is almost impossible for me. Now, I simply extend the pole and sweep the ceiling and the cobwebs are trapped in the duster. Such a simple, but genius invention. I have to get one of these. However, my two kittens think it's an amazing cat toy and I need to hide the duster in a drawer and sneak it out when they are asleep. Otherwise I will have just a pole left when I come to use it next.

Jamieh • 5 months ago

Thank you for picking me can't wait to try it out

jazy • 5 months ago

I enjoy dusting now never thought I would say that !!

Tas21 • 5 months ago

What sets the Flash Magnet Duster apart from other dusters I've used is its unique magnetic feature. The duster head is equipped with magnetic fibers that attract and capture dust particles effectively. This innovative technology ensures that dust is not simply pushed around but is actually trapped within the fibers. I found that it was especially efficient at picking up fine particles. Love it

magicalspirit • 5 months ago

This flash dust gets the job done , I can even reach the ceiling !!!!

magicalspirit • 5 months ago

Flash duster really dose get it all and I can even reach the ceiling as I'm only 4ft 11 !!!!.
Only thing is it's not so eco friendly

Sity82 • 5 months ago

Wow this flash dust magnet is amazing!!! Easy to you especially around those little corners and high rise ceiling.....can't believe how quick and easy it is to use...

Izzie123 • 5 months ago

Really enjoyed this project,made dusting a lot more fun

nimmyox • 5 months ago

Happy to be on the team. Thank you for the opportunity!

sadira • 5 months ago

i love this magnetic flash dust remover so much its so easy to use and i can not believe made my cleaning more quick and now i have time to relax and stop worrying about hidden dusty spots

impatientmum • 5 months ago

Looks amazing! It took a while to work out where the prongs go but I am now up and running!

Omalika77 • 5 months ago

I see that everybody received but me unfortunately not.

Gordana • 5 months ago

Thanks for the opportunity. I'm so happy❤️

Emmielou77 • 5 months ago

Really disappointed in the product. Found it too flimsy & the handle too short. Did find it good at getting the dust on electricals like tv, dvd player & sky box.

Loopylass84 • 5 months ago

Absolutely amazing duster helped me loads with me having a heart condition this really did help make it easier for me thank u

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