Sensitive Skin Dream Team

Want to get noticed? We're here to help!

As part of our Sensitive Skin #LaundryDreamTeam, it's up to us to spread the word about the perfect #DreamTeam for those who experience sensitive skin in winter or just want the gentlest clean!

Want to get noticed? We're here to help!

A workshop for creating the perfect post!

You will be receiving your Sensitive Skin #LaundryDreamTeam kits soon and are probably thrilled to be showing them off on social media! We're here to give you a few tips and tricks to help your posts really stand out and get the attention and love these unique products, and your wonderful social media feeds deserve!

1. Get the mood right

When creating the perfect post, composition is everything!
As members of the Sensitive Skin LaundryDreamTeam, we want to convey how this dream team is the absolute best combination for your family’s soft delicate skin.
Include soft and fluffy fabrics to show your followers how snuggle worthy your clothes become when washing with Sensitive Skin Dream Team. The products should be the focus of the shot, so make sure to pay attention to that.

Include soft and fluffy fabrics in your shots Include soft and fluffy fabrics in your shots

2. Get your lighting right

Once you’ve got an idea of the best composition, considering lighting is essential to make sure your LaundryDreamTeam really pops. Find a space with lots of natural lighting or a well-lit surface (Pros can use ring lights too).
Early mornings, or golden hour usually work best to get the most beautiful snaps and highlight the fantastic colours of your Fairy Non Bio pods and Fairy Snuggly Soft Fabric Conditioner!

Make sure the lighting is right This was taken early in the morning directly next to my window

3. Throw in some props

Don’t be afraid to use props that match the colour palette and mood of your Laundry Dream Team! We want to convey softness and delicacy, so setting your kit up with some nice white flowers, a simple, soft white surface (bedsheets, freshly washed towels) can do wonders to emphasize the softness and fresh smell this dynamic duo creates.

Use props to compliment your photo! Match the colours of your props to the products to enhance your shot

4. Get savvy with editing

If lighting is an issue, your smartphone can be your friend! Most smartphones have a built-in photo editing tool, which can work really well to enhance your shot. So if your snap needs to be sharper, more pronounced, or brighter, don’t be afraid to turn to your inner editing genius to create the perfect shot! You can use your built-in editor or use photo editing apps with incredible filters to subtly enhance the colours in your picture.

use apps and photo app to enhance your pics Use apps and built in photo app to enhance your pics!

One more, very important thing - Don't forget to add the hashtags #LaundryDreamTeam, #savvycircle, #gifted, and make sure to tag @supersavvymeofficial

We know that the creative genius is in you, waiting to come out and get noticed by the world on social media. Head over to our wall of fame (where your creations can end up, too), and get inspired by your teammates.

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After that, make sure you upload screenshots of your Instagram and Facebook stories to the photo gallery, so your activity does not get lost:
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Let's get creating!

@all: Are you excited about getting creative for this #LaundryDreamTeam?


Jen47a • 11 months ago

I'm so excited for this!! Let the creative juices flow people 👌🙌💖💖💖

Katiecooper11 • 11 months ago

So excited for our dream team to come and for me to get creative and smell snuggly & cosy!

MissMary • 11 months ago

We're excited for you to get snuggly and cosy thanks to this Dream Team!!

Hallathome • 11 months ago

I can’t wait! My post will be baby themed as I’ll use it for all my 4 month olds clothes and bedding!

Lisam1303 • 11 months ago

I can't wait to get started, just need the kit to get going! Cue balancing in awkward poses trying to get the perfect shot!

MissMary • 11 months ago

We're sure you'll get the perfect shot and are excited to see your amazing posts!

Raisingtheblakenbrothers • 11 months ago

We are so excited to be on board and absolutely can't wait to receive our kit 😍 • 11 months ago

So excited to receive it and start getting creative 🤩💙

MissMary • 11 months ago

We can't wait to see what you have in store for this project!

chloepaige • 11 months ago

Just received my box! So excited to unpack and try it all out and get some good snaps 💙 #grateful

Parkerpen • 11 months ago

I cant wait to get cracking with this. Got some great ideas in mind. Just waiting for them to arrive x

MezzyMoo • 11 months ago

Looking forward to uploading posts and stories for this once they arrive 🥰🤗☺️

MissMary • 11 months ago

We can't wait to see your posts!!

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