Sensitive Skin Dream Team

It's time to fill in the final survey!

Thank you for being such a big part of the Sensitive Skin #LaundryDreamTeam! You've been phenomenal! Now, it's time to play your part in giving feedback directly to the brand!

It's time to fill in the final survey!

It's time to fill in the final survey!

First of all, we'd like to give a huge thanks for your phenomenal efforts in this special campaign. Jemma, along with the Fairy team are pleased with the activity they've seen in the course of the project!

The content you've created around the Sensitive Skin #LaundryDreamTeam has been impressive! It's been a pleasure watching you go all out and spread the word about this amazing duo!

Now, contribute to the improvement of the products you love!

Fill in the final survey!

This is your chance to share your feedback directly with the Fairy Team. It’s time to say what you love and what you think could be even better.

This is a unique opportunity to improve the products that you tried or to let the brand know it's perfect!

Fill it in here!

P.S: It only takes a few minutes to complete!

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@all: What have you enjoyed most about joining the Sensitive Skin #LaundryDreamTeam?

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MrsClarkesCleaning • 11 months ago

I’ve loved being apart of a little sensitive dream team community and getting to know different account.

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