Rose Wonderland Dream Team

Hello Hinchers, and welcome to the Rose Wonderland #LaundryDreamTeam

We are beyond delighted to let you know that out of thousands of applicants, you have been picked to be a part of our very special Rose Wonderland #LaundryDreamTeam. We're thrilled to have you on board this super exclusive project!

Hello Hinchers, and welcome to the Rose Wonderland #LaundryDreamTeam

My name is Jemma, and I'm here on behalf of the Bold & Lenor Laundry Team. I'll be with you over the next couple of weeks, as you try out the Rose Wonderland Dream Team.

Welcome to the Rose Wonderland Dream Team

Calling on #Hinchers and #LaundryDreamTeam members:

We are so happy to be teaming up with the one and only Mrs. Hinch to bring you this wonderfully unique collaboration! After months of preparation, you now have the opportunity to try it out, which we are very excited about, and hopefully, so are you!

Your kits will be delivered starting Monday, 12th October. So as soon as your kit arrives, get ready to dazzle the internet. Start sharing the happy news on Instagram and let your followers know that you're taking part.

Step 1: Get social with #LaundryDreamTeam

When you receive your kit: Share your first snaps, unboxing vids, stories, and your Boomerangs to Instagram and Facebook using the hashtags #LaundryDreamTeam, #savvycircle, #gifted, and make sure to tag @supersavvymeofficial.

Remember to send in the URL links, so we don't miss your post:

Submit your URL links

After that, make sure you upload screenshots of your Instagram and Facebook stories to the photo gallery, so your activity does not get lost:

Upload to gallery

Step 2: Put your dream team to the test

Once you've shared your excitement, start putting the kit to work! Get your laundry on and use your products in this order:

  • First, place the pods in your machine
  • Pour the fabric softener into the drawer
  • Now pop your laundry in and get ready for scent-sational washing experience

Get noticed...

As members of this exclusive #LaundryDreamTeam, our goal is to show the world how the new and limited edition Bold All-in-1 Rose Wonderland PODS and Lenor Rose Wonderland Fabric Conditioner are the perfect combinations to transform everyday laundry into a scent-sational experience and brilliant clean.

We'll be posting useful tips and how to's to help you along the way and the best posts will be shared on our blog!

Until then, we're so excited to see all your posts and stories and can't wait to hear what you think!

@all: How brilliantly do you feel about being a part of this exclusive #LaundryDreamTeam?


Sparkle_and_strawbs • 1 year ago

Its so confusing. I haven't had an email. But it says I got chosen when I look here. I'm guessing its a.mistake ☹. Hope you guys who were chosen enjoy it. Well done on getting through. X

neels115 • 1 year ago

I have this message displaying on my secreen: We are beyond delighted to let you know that out of thousands of applicants, you have been picked to be a part of our very special Rose Wonderland #LaundryDreamTeam.

But the on the dashboard it says: Your application is under review.

Thank you for your application.

I haven't received anything yet so now wondering if I actually made the team or not?

MissMary • 11 months ago

Dear savvy circler neels115,

The blog is accessible and readable to all.
If you haven't received an email confirming that you've been chosen, it means that sadly this time you didn't make it. But not to worry! We still have two very exciting Laundry Dream Teams that you can take part in!

Thanks for your understanding!

Your Savvy Circler Mary

dirtydancing • 1 year ago

I've had the exact same thing too so confusing

Home_with_chelsea • 1 year ago

Still not received anything it’ll be so disappointing if it’s a mistake 😢

dirtydancing • 11 months ago

still not received anything even though it says i have been chosen with a message displaying on my screen

jonesbarratthome • 11 months ago

The packaging is amazing and I’m in love with the scent. It really is indescribable, winter forest infused with cotton blossoms and floral notes with a warm touch of musk - cosy winter in a bottle!
Stock up while they last!!

MissMary • 11 months ago

We're so thrilled that you're loving this Dream Team!

Jasminejessica15 • 11 months ago

Absolutely loved using rose wonderland! Smells amazing and long lasting! Even washed my sofa cushions with it and they smell amazing!!!

SuperSavvy9 • 11 months ago

Absolutely loved being part of the Laundry Dream team for rose wonderland Mrs Hinch special Please don’t be limited edition, it needs to be available always! Smells incredible

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