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We’re overwhelmed by all the love we’ve been receiving from you over the last few days! Now, it's our time to give you some tips...

We are so grateful for your amazing work, now it's time for you to get the recognition you deserve!

Create The Perfect Post

We are so grateful for your amazing work, now it's time for you to get the recognition you deserve!

The #LaundryDreamTeam is back at it again, with Mrs. Hinch's winter collection, Rose Wonderland on the team! Now, that you have had the opportunity to test your very own #LaundryDreamTeam, it is time to share your first impressions!

Sharing your creations is not only an essential part of being a #LaundryDreamTeam member but is a great opportunity for you to let your creativity shine through and introduce yourself to the world!

How to get noticed?

We are bringing you a few useful tips for your social media post to get as many views and impressions as possible:

Get the best quality shots!

Quality - First and foremost, pay attention to quality! Ensure good lighting, favourable angles, and a well-arranged placement of products and props (no clutter).

Mrs. Hinch fans

Mrs. Hinch fans - Are you on a die-hard Mrs. Hinch fan? We are all familiar with Mrs Hinch's white and grey backgrounds. Present your #LaundryDreamTeam in a similar, clean-cut environment, to draw attention to its pretty-in-pink features.

Make it seasonal!

Make it seasonal! - Winter is right around the corner, it's time to dig out your warmest jumpers and blankets from the bottom of the wardrobe - and give them a scentful, regenerating wash! Capture yourself snuggled up on your sofa, wrapped up in your favourite fluffy blanket, that smells amazing and feels softer than ever - thanks to your #LaundryDreamTeam!

Colour Code

Colour Code - We're all about an aesthetic colour-coded feed. Pair your #LaundryDreamTeam products with a matching background, perhaps some of your matching clothes to show how brilliantly clean they came out of the wash.

Extremely organised

For the extremely organised - Have you just finished tidying your bathroom/laundry room? Give a tour to your followers to show how you organised the space around the washing machine and capture where you keep your favourite laundry detergent.

Laundry scent-sation

Laundry scent-sation – Mrs. Hinch really came through with an amazing scent with the Rose Wonderland! Your laundry-room must be swimming in a mesmerizing winter wonderland odour. Capture your #LaundryDreamTeam products just before you pop in a wash, and tell your followers how much you love the smell.

Thanks for the shots to @athomewith.jess, @ginastocks, @homeobsessed2017, @misslaurakayhome and @pink_rose_home

One more, very important thing - Don't forget to add the hashtags #LaundryDreamTeam, #savvycircle, #gifted, and make sure to tag @supersavvymeofficial.

We know that the creative genius is in you, waiting to come out and get noticed by the world on social media. Head over to our wall of fame (where your creations can end up, too), and get inspired by your teammates.

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Let's get creating!

@all: What did you love about your #LaundryDreamTeam till now? Comment and let us know!


Deedee1104 • 1 year ago

It smells amazing! It smells even better on the clothes 😍 it's that nice you almost don't need to wear any perfume 💜

Melmel • 1 year ago

Just put my cushion covers back on and even my husband noticed the lovely smell....which is huge! He mostly never notices anything!

Home_with_chelsea • 1 year ago

I’ve not received mine yet :(

Misslaurakayy • 1 year ago

Today was the first time I've ever smelt my partner's socks... Yes that's right! They smelled amazing, better than brand new HAHA! xoxo

Housetohome_23 • 11 months ago

It smells absolutely amazing ❤️

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