#LaundryDreamTeam Round 4

Welcome to the #LaundryDreamTeam Wall of Fame!

Here, we take a look at posts created by our fellow Dream Team members that stood out and turned out to be stunning! This is the place for you to get some inspiration, and create something truly special with the #LaundryDreamTeam.

If you want to be a part of the Wall of Fame, make sure you use the project hashtags and tag @supersavvymeofficial in your post then submit the post’s URL to the Online Report Tool, and who knows? Your post might just make it here for hundreds of Savvy Circlers to see! 😉

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Tam78 • 1 year ago

I have loved been apart of this dream team. I have a new laundry favourite. They leave everything so soft and the scent lasts for well over a week

Country_View • 1 year ago

I’ve absolutely love been part of this team 🙌🏼🥰
Such a fantastic opportunity to meet other people and share our tips and tricks with each other.
I’m definitely going to continue using the floral dream, dream team for my bedding too 🙌🏼❤️

AnshulSinha92 • 1 year ago

Dear savvy circler Country_View,

We're so glad to hear that! Thank you for being a part of this project. Keep sharing! 🙌🙌

- Mary

Coastalmumandwife • 1 year ago

So so happy to be part of this team!! What an incredible opportunity thank you! Can’t wait to give the washing machine a good clean tomorrow and set to using my new pods and conditioner 💃🏻

MrsLWarrior • 1 year ago

I am loving being a part of this team! I am in love with the Sparkling Bloom Dream Team after using it the last few days! My bedding still smells so good 🥰💐

Ariella • 1 year ago

Dear savvy circler MrsLWarrior,

Creating an amazing scent is so easy now, we could say it's a 'bed of poppies'. 😁 Keep on sharing your experiences, we love hearing about them!

- Mary

sophieslittlehome • 1 year ago

So many beautiful posts on here, I was lucky enough to to be picked for the Sparkling Blooms Team - can’t wait to see everyone’s posts!!!!

Ariella • 1 year ago

Dear savvy circler sophieslittlehome,

We are very excited to see everyone's posts too!

- Mary

Coastalmumandwife • 1 year ago

Incredibly lucky to be chosen as part of the sparkling bloom team!! I’m loving the products the pods are huge!! And the scent throw is amazing! I love my hone smelling of it 💕

LornaFun • 1 year ago

My laundry has never smelt more amazing 😍 Love these products ❤️

Devendeanne • 1 year ago

I loved being a part of the Sparkling Bloom dream team! The products were amazing! X

Ellenduke5 • 1 year ago

I’m so happy to be picked for the sensitive skin laundry dream team! I’ve used my dream team duo this morning and it smells INCREDIBLE! My laundry And utility room has never smelt So good!

Morethanjust • 1 year ago

Yay! I made the wall of fame. Thanks guys. I am loving the sparking bloom fragrance, definitely buying this on my next shop. My new favourite!

Ariella • 1 year ago

Dear savvy circler Morethanjust,

We loved your creation with your Sparkling Bloom #LaundryDreamTeam! 😋

- Mary

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