Sparkling Bloom

Welcome to the Sparkling Bloom Dream Team!

Have you received an e-mail which confirms you to be part of the Sparkling Bloom Dream Team? We’re delighted to have you on board this super exclusive project!


My name is Jemma and I’m here on behalf of the Bold & Lenor Laundry Team. I’ll be with you over the next couple of weeks, as you try out the Sparkling Bloom Dream Team.


As #LaundryDreamTeam members, our goal is to spread the word on social media that the Bold All-in-1 Sparkling Bloom & Yellow Poppy PODS and Lenor Sparkling Bloom & Yellow Poppy fabric conditioner, and how they are the perfect combination to transform everyday laundry into a scent-sational experience and brilliant clean.

Your kits will be delivered starting Monday, 31st August. Once your kit arrives, get ready to break the internet. Start sharing the news on Instagram to let the world know that you're taking part.

Step 1: Get social with #LaundryDreamTeam

Share your unboxing vids, your initial snaps and your Boomerangs to Instagram and Facebook using the hashtags #LaundryDreamTeam, #savvycircle, #gifted and make sure to tag @supersavvymeofficial.

Remember to send in the URL links, so we don’t miss your post:

Submit your URL links!

After that, make sure you upload screenshots of your Instagram and Facebook stories to the photo gallery so your activity does not get lost:

Upload to Gallery!

Step 2: Put your dream team to the test

Once you’ve shared your initial excitement, it’s time to put the kit to work! Do a laundry load and use your new products like this:

  1. POD

    Place your POD into the machine first

  2. POUR

    your fabric conditioner into the drawer as usual

  3. GO:

    Pop your laundry in and get washing!

  4. STORE

    the pack away from the reach of children!

We’ll be looking out for all of your social posts and shares and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

@all: What are you most excited about for this #LaundryDreamTeam project?


At.Home.With.ChloeMay • 1 year ago

Very excited to be selected for this laundry dream team! I've not tried this one before so I am very excited to give it a try and see how well it does 🥰🥰 Thank you x

Kates95 • 1 year ago

so excited I’ve been selected! can’t wait to use and see how amazing this smells 😍😍

Mumma_of_daughters_ • 1 year ago

Beyond excited that I've been given this opportunity! Can't wait to get started 🤩 xx

CleaninginRecovery • 1 year ago

I’m so pleased to have been chosen for this campaign! I’ve not used this scent before but I’m excited to receive them. They sound gorgeous 💛

Chelseh • 1 year ago

Woo so excited to have been picked for the laundry dream team! Can’t wait to test these products 😍😍😍

our_little_bubble_x • 1 year ago

Hi everyone! So excited when the email popped up to say I’d been chosen for this! Excited to get started xx

SavvyDonna123 • 1 year ago

Can’t wait for my laundry dream team to arrive! Haven’t used Bold pods before so looking forward to seeing what they’re like ❤️❤️❤️

ms.b_home • 1 year ago

Beyond excited to be accepted for this! It’s a scent I’ve never tried - can’t wait to receive it 💜

AnshulSinha92 • 1 year ago

Dear savvy circler ms.b_home,

Congratulations! We hope you have a sparkling time with your #LaundryDreamTeam! 😁

- Mary

HomelyHome135 • 1 year ago

Omg I can’t believe I have been chosen super excited! 😍 thank you so much 💖

Christine24 • 1 year ago

Carnt believe I got chosen to try these products super excited thank you 🥰🥰

Danella • 1 year ago

Excited to have been chosen. Can't wait to get going and more importantly try the products ☺
Danella @our_houseproud_renovation

TWT • 1 year ago

I’m so excited to be a part of the #laundrydreamteam
I can’t wait to get started

Blooms_abode • 1 year ago

Hi everyone, I’m Ffion (insta blooms_abode) I love doing product reviews and sharing cleaning, money and time saving tips. Cannot wait to try these and share them with my followers. Thank you ever so much for choosing me to be a part of this. Have a great day everyone xxx

mummyandjames_ • 1 year ago

Super excited to try out this scents together!

katenolan05 • 1 year ago

Wow!! So excited and can’t wait to start trying the kit out!

Homeatthirtyfour • 1 year ago

So excited to try this scent 😁🌺🌺

Thetrendygreyhome • 1 year ago

Hi 🙌🏻. I’m super excited to have been chosen as apart of the laundry dream team 😁So excited to try this scent and to be working alongside you with this 💕🌺🌸🌺 xx

LuckyCain • 1 year ago

I'm so excited to receive and unbox my kit and try these out. The scent sounds so incredible and I can't wait to smell it on my bedding! @cain_chronicles

MrsLWarrior • 1 year ago

I’m so excited to be on this team! I love a good scent in my wash so cannot wait to try this one, it sounds gorgeous 💕

Sofemarie92 • 1 year ago

I'm so excited to try this scent and be on this team! Its sounds incredible 🧡

Ems09 • 1 year ago

Soo excited to be on board!! Absolutely love trying new products and sharing them with followers,family and friends 🌺🌺

StaceyWatts • 1 year ago

I am super excited to have been chosen to be on the team! Cannot wait to get started x

amymhome • 1 year ago

So excited to have been picked to take part in this laundry dream team! I can’t wait to receive my kit! 🥰

LornaFun • 1 year ago

So excited! Can’t wait to get started ❤️

Ourh_appyplace • 1 year ago

I'm was so happy to be selected to be part of the #laundrydreamteam! Can't wait to recieve them and give them a try as both scents are ones I've not yet tried! Thank you xxx

hally.home • 1 year ago

Omg I’ve just read an email and I’m super excited that I’ve been picked for this project!!! I cannot wait to test it out 😍

AnshulSinha92 • 1 year ago

Dear savvy circler hally.home,

Congratulations! We hope you have a great time with the #LaundryDreamTeam! 🎉

- Mary.

Coastalmumandwife • 1 year ago

Aggghhhhhh!!! So excited I’ve made the team!!💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Cannot wait!!! I’m so happy thank you so so much!! ❤️

Cleanqueen_ • 1 year ago

SO SO excited to be chosen for this! I can’t wait to try this dream team! Thank you! :)

Morethanjust • 1 year ago

Excited to try this new scent 😍

Ems09 • 1 year ago

Hello! Soo excited for dream team arrives tomorrow and I cannot wait!! Self confessed hincher and product fanatic lol

kaylaJordan20 • 1 year ago

Well .. I'm just a little bit excited for this one ladies 😍 I love bold so to be given this chance is just everything ! My parcel is expected tomorrow and I can't wait to get started. Thank you for choosing me xx

Mama.DelilahX • 1 year ago

So so excited I’ve been selected for the laundry dream team! Absolutely love bold and Lenor 😍 Cant wait to smell the new scents!

Ljhappyhome • 1 year ago

Thank you so much for a great opportunity I received my delivery today and posted on my instagram it smells so good and I cant wait to try it out.

StaceyWatts • 1 year ago

Received my box today!! Super eager to get started & I absolutely adore the scent and cleanliness of this product!

lizajp • 1 year ago

Excited to receive box today but i haven’t had email 🙈

lizajp • 1 year ago

Super excited to get started posted on instagram 😃

Charlcleanhinch • 1 year ago

I recieved my sparkling bloom products today and cant wait to do my washing load. Cant wait to share my views and opinions with you all. X

Mylittlehomehaven • 1 year ago

Cant wait to get washing!!! 😉💕 thank you for selecting me! Looking forward to my special delivery! X

AnshulSinha92 • 1 year ago

Dear savvy circler Mylittlehomehaven,

Congratulations! We look forward to seeing your posts in the days to come!

- Mary

hannahbavington • 1 year ago

It’s wrong how excited I am to do the washing 😂😂

Devendeanne • 1 year ago

Can’t wait to try them!! X

chalkfieldhouse • 1 year ago

These smell amazing and I can't wait to use them today. Excited to see how long the smell lasts on our bedding throughout the week. Can you make reed diffusers next please? 😂

Inside_twentyone • 1 year ago

Just had a notification that my package has arrived while I’m at work! Excited to unbox it later 😍

AnshulSinha92 • 1 year ago

Dear savvy circler Inside_twentyone,

So happy to see you excited! We hope you have a great time with the #LaundryDreamTeam! 🎉

- Mary

ms.b_home • 1 year ago

Washed my towels with the dream team today - they smell fab! Can’t wait to try on my sheets to see how long the scent lasts! 💗

life_at_sams • 1 year ago

Got my pack and posted my first grid post on @life_at_sams on insta plus some stories, absolutely love the smell, cant wait to do a laundry load and put it to the test! Exciting stuff!

homelifewithsian • 1 year ago

I’m so excited to try them out! Thank you so much 💗

AnshulSinha92 • 1 year ago

Dear savvy circler homelifewithsian,

Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉

- Mary

Charlcleanhinch • 1 year ago

Wow wow wow i think sparkling bloom is going to be up there with my favourite scents!
My whole house smells of it. Thankyou savvy circle 👍

Ourh_appyplace • 1 year ago

Used it for 4 wash loads now and the scent is amazing! Washed my bed sheets and 3 days in they still smell fresh! Xxx

Ariella • 1 year ago

Dear savvy circler Ourh_appyplace,

OMG what amazing results! Great to hear you're enjoying the project.

- Mary

31_thecouncilhouse • 1 year ago

I have just done my 2nd wash with this dream team & managed to get it line dry. The smell is absolutely lush. Even made my hubbies stinky work tops smell fresh

Ariella • 1 year ago

Dear savvy circler 31_thecouncilhouse,

Sounds like the whole fam is benefiting. 😍
We love having you on the team!

- Mary

Mrssarahg • 1 year ago

They really do work together as the perfect combination. The beautiful floral smell when I opened my washer door was divine. I could not fault the clean, freshness floral smell they really did work perfectly together.

Housetohome_Em • 1 year ago

Smells divine - amazing and looks beautiful too

Morethanjust • 1 year ago

Love the scent of this. I'm definitely switching to this combo next time I shop!

Mummydaddyandcharlie • 1 year ago

Omg I absolutely love the combination!! So I go running everyday and obviously I sweat when running. You can still smell the fragrances on my clothes even after I’ve been on my run!! I’m astounded!! I will definitely be buying them again!

no29.makeover • 1 year ago

Hi Gemma so excited to be part of this amazing project

shannenmcgarva • 1 year ago

I am absolutely loving this dream team it smells absolutely amazing!!! 😍😍😍

Littlebox • 1 year ago

I was most excited to try the scent and it didn't fail to impress.... love it

Our_home_at_number8 • 1 year ago

I loved using my Yellow Poppy dream team! Smells amazing and the scent lasts so long x

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