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Discover the Dream Team for your laundry!

When it comes to doing our laundry, we have pretty high expectations...

We all want certain things when it comes to our laundry routine. Whether we care most about getting the toughest stains out of clothes, keeping garments soft against our skin or ensuring our bedding has the most irresistible freshness, our laundry is personal.

Teamwork makes the dream work, and in this project we want to discover together the #LaundryDreamTeam for our laundry preferences.

If you want to be involved then all you have to do is submit your personal application form - and with a little bit of luck - you'll be recruited in one of our Dream Teams:

  • The Ultimate Clean Dream Team with Ariel and Unstoppables
  • The Sensitive Skin Dream Team with Fairy Non Bio
  • The Scent-sational Dream Team with Bold and Lenor

In this savvy circle project we will:

  • Receive one of our fabulous Starter Kits for free
  • Share the exciting news via selfies, snaps, videos and Boomerangs of your #LaundryDreamTeam progress
  • Post updates with your experiences online to help your friends and followers discover their #LaundryDreamTeam
  • Feed our opinions back to the Brand teams via one online survey

Most importantly, we will enjoy ourselves and have fun in this exclusive project (and maybe feature on a SuperSavvyMe article too).


The application phase for Round 1 has already closed, but as it was so succesfull and many couldn't make it in, we decided to start a second round!

Visit the project details of Round 2 to catch all the important information and apply right away:


eris1234 • 1 year ago

I hope I am picked for this. We have just had a new washing machine as our old one was on recall with Whirlpool, so I am looking to give it a great testing. I love it when my washing comes out of the washing machine and smells heavenly.

Kellyne28 • 1 year ago

I wish everyone good luck hope I’m one of the lucky ones to be chosen I love my washing to smell nice and look great

manxjb • 1 year ago


LenaS • 1 year ago

I wish to be one who can try this lovely products. Finger crossed.🙏❤️

Solostaruk • 1 year ago

Good luck to everyone involved cannot wait to hear how everyone gets on.

Victoriasharpe1990 • 1 year ago

Oooh! Exciting! Can’t wait to find out if I get picked!

River89 • 1 year ago

Hope I get picked for this. Don't know who makes most washing my partner or my dog.

Harleysgirl • 1 year ago

Hoping I get picked for this. Just got a new machine and currently spring cleaning all my bedding so will have a good amount of washing to do. X

Beauty • 1 year ago

Hope I get picked for this I’m always washing

Araba • 1 year ago

Would love if all of us could be picked. Good luck to every one.

Lauracata • 1 year ago

Looking forward to the selection day, hope I made it onto the team!! Good luck everyone xx

Ambersham • 1 year ago

With 5 adults and a 8 yr old my house laundry basket is never empty, with 5 st bernards that are show dogs my dog laundry basket is always overflowing with bibs towels for slobber and blanket for beds, got to have a nice clean smell in the house especially throws and cushions as the dogs love to pick them up and give them to you

logan2015 • 1 year ago

Really hope I get picked as love doing my washing

Jessicaking92 • 1 year ago

Would love to be chosen nothing better then nice smelling clothes

Druso2 • 1 year ago

Excited about this new project

Ladylana • 1 year ago

Fingers crossed that I get to be part of the Laundry Dream Team x

DianeGamrot • 1 year ago

I hope I'm picked , washing is my chill out thing, sounds bizarre but I love doing laundry and ironing is a joy... I know I'm weird !!

Kellyb35 • 1 year ago

Be great to be picked for this. Ive got 3 cats, 4 dogs and two young children that fill up my wash baskets, plus myself. 🤣🤣 Nothing beats the smell of washing on the line on a warm day sat in the back garden with a cuppa ☕☕ Cant wait for winter to be over. 😊 good luck fellow savvy savers. 🤞🤞

eph19 • 1 year ago

looks like a brill opportunity

Annabrown11 • 1 year ago

Good luck everyone! I hope I am picked. I have loads of washing to do

sadie2375 • 1 year ago

Hoping to get picked picmed for this project and have the opportinity to try some new products out! Reviews pending!

Dullers • 1 year ago

Keeping everything crossed🤞

JPrev • 1 year ago

Hopefully I get a place on this project. Our family of 5, plus our little dog, create a lot of washing. I’m a bit of a clean freak so I’m always keen to try a new product. 😀

BrunchInPairs • 1 year ago

Would love to be a part of this project!! Who said washing clothes was a chore when its this exciting, bring it on!

pookie8911 • 1 year ago

With a little baby in the household, more than ever, I'm looking for sensitive laundry products for his delicate skin whilst not sacrificing on that fresh scent. Hoping to join the project team!

DivaDee • 1 year ago

I love my bedding fresh out the dryer, crisp and fresh. But the scent is the most important part when I slip between the sheets of a night, cause when the lights go out and your eyes are closed you're easily carried away on a cloud of fragrance.

Janet • 1 year ago

Hope I get selected.. I love washing you can’t beat the smell of fresh laundry.. wash everyday and look forward to trying new products hopefully.. fingers crossed

Chellesmells • 1 year ago

Really looking forward to seeing where this goes. I have a bit of o.c.d when it comes to my laundry smelling good. I work as a home carer and often have my clients ask what perfume I'm wearing when it is actually my fresh put the washing machine clothes ... so would be great to try new products and see what all my clients think. Good luck to everyone who has applied.

Stickytoffee19 • 1 year ago

My mum used to test for you. I loved getting the samples and seeing her fill in the questionnaires. I love the smell of freshly laundered clothes. I can smell it now- it’s great, my husband thinks I’ve been busy while he’s been in work!!! 😂

HappyHopalong • 1 year ago

Washing is a daily thing with me as my husband works as a fish processor. Lol. You can imagine how he smells when he comes home. The local cats think he is a messenger from heaven. I like fresh, clean, clothes and love them to smell good when they come out of the machine.

Eliskan • 1 year ago

Hey! Just looking forward to test this things! Laundry is something I love to do ( MY husband always said that! lol) Let's begin!!! :P

hannahp • 1 year ago

Hoping to try new products 😁 even if they are just 'new to me'
Fingers crossed I join this panel it sounds fun

InspirationsByAnam__X • 1 year ago

I Hope To Join The #DreamTeam as I absolutely love trying out new cleaning products and finding new favourites that I'll be able to try out & confidently & honestly promote on my instagram.

Geminirooster • 1 year ago

Big Lenor fan here! Looking forward to spring, lighter nights and brighter weather.. so I can start using the washing line again ☀

Claire317 • 1 year ago

Oooooh hoping I get picked for this as its the perfect one for me x

Fi1701 • 1 year ago

I really hope I am selected. I like trying something different. And I have quite a wide social group and we chat about what things we’ve tried and any new products that come on to the market.

Cath87 • 1 year ago

My 1 year old and 4 year old are ready for the challenge! Stinky bums are ready and waiting lol

Natbeck8407 • 1 year ago

I am really excited about this new project, I know it sounds sad but there is nothing more calming then the fresh lasting smell off conditioner on clothes, fingers crossed xx

MargyH • 1 year ago

I am really excited that I maybe picked to try your products. Trying the different smells, as they are very important, especially on towels and bed linen. 😊

Mrslinzi • 1 year ago

I am really excited about these products that we maybe picked to try I love all the different smells you can create with washing powder liquid and fabric conditioner I am that woman that spends ages sniffing them all in supermarket so really hope to join the #dreamteam

Lis69 • 1 year ago

Thanks, here’s hoping I get the email to say I have been picked. Ready and waiting for that email.

eliza77 • 1 year ago

2 messy boys plus 3 adults ready for challenge :)

Um_Saleh • 1 year ago

Application done! Can’t wait to see if I am chosen - 4 messy kids and a filthy husband (oo-er) so washing is a major part of my life .

Clox • 1 year ago

Hope I get this chance, love having fresh smelling washing, 1 messy little boy and 1 messy boyfriend always washing with these two 👶🏼💙

Windy58 • 1 year ago

Fingers crossed hope i get through

Addicks47 • 1 year ago

Would love to be part of this campaign. When my son’s clothes come back from uni I wash them all even when he says they are clean!!

Amzy88 • 1 year ago

Wow! This would be amazing to be a part of! Fingers crossed to test out the dream team! :-)

Jillf19999z • 1 year ago

Hoping to be a member of the dream team

Strathmorespirit • 1 year ago

Omg what an amazing opportunity I’d love to be part of this campaign. Four smelly boys and I’d love to make them smell amazing and look squeaky clean. Excited to see the outcome and fingers crossed I get to try the products. 😍👚👕💐🧼

Stukaz • 1 year ago

would love to be chosen to test this product good luck to everyone who has applied

Ayshazen • 1 year ago

It would be great to be picked for this trial. I have 4 indoor cats, and at least two of them dont always use the litter tray. Messy beasts lol! But I love them. Of course, this means i need effective washing and a sweet scent too.

Ducklington • 1 year ago

Doing your laundry and getting a offer to feedback it's a fantastic opportunity .fingers crossed all!!!!

karen561150 • 1 year ago

Would love to find something that actually still makes my clothes and bedding smell nice after a few days rather than just one day if I am lucky.
Also do my dad's washing so could really put it to the test.
And also have dogs that in this weather all their bedding coats and blankets need washing more and be good not to smell so doggy

NannyChegs • 1 year ago

I've got a habit of ripping my husbands work top off the minute he walks through the door. Not in a kinky way may I add (ha ha) just because I want to wash it as I love smelling my clean washing and cant get enough of it lol xx

oliviarawley1992 • 1 year ago

Wow! What a brilliant opportunity! I use my washing machine 4 times a day, i love nice smelling washing which lasts! Fingers crossed

Mandap74 • 1 year ago

Fingers crossed I get picked. With a mechanic for a partner I'm always trying to get his oily workwear clean and smelling fresh. The laundry dream team would hopefully achieve this

sweetmummy2012 • 1 year ago

I can't wait to find out if I will get a chance to join the dream team.yay😄🤸🤩

Vixen • 1 year ago

I would love to join the team! Awaiting positive results 😁

LoopyLu • 1 year ago

Hope I’m chosen! My son has ASD and the only laundry products he’ll let me use are Fairy. He knows it by smell and touch 😊

JT133 • 1 year ago

Fingers crossed I make the cut! Good luck to all who have applied!

Jules12 • 1 year ago

I hope to be a part of this as I have 2 teenage sons so I need a good detergent to remove sweat and stains and keep the clothes fresh.
Good luck to all who have applied

Kaylee7088 • 1 year ago

I have an obsession with washing powder an comforts 😍 fingers crossed for this one nothing beats the smell of fresh clothes and bedding my washing machine is constantly on haha well I do have 4 children too 😉 would love to be apart of the team xx

Emma.jwlife • 1 year ago

I always have washing to do and I love something that keeps the smell...I love giving the kiddies a cuddles and their clothes smelling so fresh after being in drawers for a week 😍😍
Fingers crossed I can try and fall in love with a different washing combo 💖

Jade • 1 year ago

I would love to join the team cant wait to see if im picked I love the smell of fresh washing

Sparkey • 1 year ago

How exciting is This!!!
Looking forward to reviewing some amazing products and finding out how outstanding they can be!
Have a great one! X

Paro • 1 year ago

Wowww! I'm super excited about this amazing project. I love washing clothes and using the best washing products. I wish if I can make it on the team and be the part of this Super Clean Project. Looking forward for a positive response. Thank you Supersavvy Team.

Smidgen • 1 year ago

I would love to be on this team...to be able to share with everyone and extol the virtues of the products being tested by me hopefully would be just brilliant..
Good luck everyone 😊

chinora • 1 year ago

Excited 🧺🧺🧺
I love laundry and the smell of freshly washed clothes

Samba • 1 year ago

I love to smell my clean washing when it's just come out the machine before being hung up to dry. Recently i got the Lenor Dazzle parfum des secrets fabric softener, and it smells absolutely amazing with the Persil Powergems.

juliefreak2 • 1 year ago

Another excellent product to try can’t wait to try these on my families and friends washing and of course spread the word by mouth and social media

Marlucy • 1 year ago

I love all projects that I’ve had an opportunity to participate. I hope I can be selected for this one as well. Fingers crossed 🤞🤞

Honeysuckle01 • 1 year ago

I hope to be selected for this exciting project. I can’t wait to try the products and share the results. Good luck 😉 and happy washing 🧺

BabyFlo • 1 year ago

Never too late to try something new!

Lizideacon30 • 1 year ago

This would be great to be a part of this amazing community I love to wash clothes I have my machine on daily more than once fingers crossed and good luck everyone 🤞🤞

Cookie2015 • 1 year ago

I would absolutely love the chance to give this project a go. I love to try out new scents and feel quite strongly that reviews are the best way to show if you like a product or not. I often buy things from recommendations so I would like to do the same to help other people.

hadz • 1 year ago

I love fresh smelling clothes that have that just washed feeling . I lots of washing loads a day .Today we have strong windy weather some may moan .But that means I can get our bedding wash my duvets and large blankets and let them get a good blow dry whilst the fragrance of the washing products waftsvacross the air

Cupcake137 • 1 year ago

Would love to become part of the #LaundryDreamteam x

chrissym85 • 1 year ago

Cant wait to see if I'm selected for this I love th smell of fresh washing!

Bashette • 1 year ago

I do hope I'm chosen with the husband been an engineer and 4 children and one been a set of twins, thats a lot of washing I'm constantly washing clothes and i love to smell the washing to see if it smells amazing if it doesnt it all has to be washed again 🤣

Janehelen25 • 1 year ago

Good luck to all and to me! Love fresh smelling laundry!!

floyd • 1 year ago

So excited to be a part of the supersavvy family ♥️♥️

Roisin_x • 1 year ago

What a fab project- Just applied! Fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞.

Chell1975 • 1 year ago

In my house there is 5 adults, 2 golden retrievers,1 rag doll cat and one long haired blue russian. i am constantly washing either clothes or pet beds as i love to have fresh clean house

Bina88 • 1 year ago

Can't wait to test the products out! #laundrydreamteam

sonyawh • 1 year ago

#LaundryDreamTeam cannot wait to see if I'm picked, wishing all you guys luck ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜xx

rev30 • 1 year ago

Hoping to be part of this as would be my first one and look forward to testing

Maya • 1 year ago

I would love to be a part of this project! :) It looks like something for me as I love washing my clothes and making sure they are well taken care of

VickyV79 • 1 year ago

Obsessed with laundry products and scents. This is deffo for me x

Mon28_10 • 1 year ago

Simply cannot wait to have fresh smelling clothes that lasts until the end of the day, like that fresh bed feeling #LaundryDreamTeam

Agathulek • 1 year ago

It would be lovely to get this and just in time for my little one first birthday and the cake smash 🤞

fairyg • 1 year ago

Sounds like a great project, would love to be part of the team

Minimiha • 1 year ago

Such a great opportunity . Will love to be part of it x

Kia45 • 1 year ago

I love washing clothes I won’t mine been part of the team

Kia45 • 1 year ago

I won’t mine been part of the team

cherry05 • 1 year ago

I have just applied. Fingers crossed I am accepted.

Layla.mew • 1 year ago

Looking forward to this project, hopefully the weather is lively for Some line dried washing

weeziebe • 1 year ago

Would love to take part and join the team.

V1CK1 • 1 year ago

Can’t wait to see if I am picked, I love 💓 Lenor and bold and the gold is my favourite, not tried the lenor gold scent boosters yet so would love to try but always use bold and lenor gold

Ahtnamas87 • 1 year ago

Can’t wait 😊 and would 💯 love to be part of it

Mariaward • 1 year ago

Here’s hoping! I absolutely loved doing the last project for the speed mop 🥰

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