Our project with Daz
15/03/2017 - 09:00

Thank you... we've loved every moment

Thank you for all being your dazzling best!

We've arrived at the end of our project with Daz. It’s been a great experience putting the brand’s latest laundry detergent to the test and spreading the word to those around us.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone on the team for helping make this project such an enjoyable one.

There've been so many amazing contributions made during the project - the thoughtful insights, the dazzling photos, all the brilliant conversations we've had. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you’ll join us in our upcoming campaigns too!

That's all from us at the savvy circle this time round, but do remember you can still send in any extra bits you have until the 24h March!

Share your online posts, reviews or blogs here! Tell us who you've spoken to and what they thought of Daz! Upload any final photos here

@all: What do you love most about these projects with the savvy circle?

10/03/2017 - 08:00

Time for our final thoughts before we finish!

Take the final survey

Our project with Daz is coming to an end. Before we finish, we have one final thing we need to do!

We’re now experts with Daz for Whites & Colours. Over the past four weeks we’ve had more experience than anyone else in the country. That means our insights are incredibly useful for the Daz team and now is our time to share them in the final survey.

Let’s finish on a high and complete the final survey by clicking the link below:

The final survey has now closed. Thanks so much to all of those that took part!

This is our last opportunity to share what we think of Daz for Whites & Colours with the team behind the brand. Our opinions will be heard by those who can make the changes we want!

If you’ve still got some bits you’d like to share, remember you can still share your online links, submit conversation reports and upload your photos until the 24th of March, so do visit your dashboard to find all your project links!

@all: What's been your favourite moment during our dazzling campaign together?

06/03/2017 - 09:30

Taking our talking online

Some of our team have gone above and beyond

We're in to our final week with Daz and we want to keep up the amazing momentum we've created by taking our experiences online.

There are so many ways we can help get the word out about Daz online. Some of us have already started!

The quickest and easiest way to spread the word online is by posting about our experiences on our social media channels. Remember to add #DazBrightnessChallenge to all your posts!

Tell Daz where you've been sharing by submitting a report here

Get sharing online

Some of our team members have gone a step further with savvy circler Staceyann1992 making her own review video and savvy circler kat333 sharing her thoughts on her blog. If you've done any of these be sure to share it with us using the button above so the team at Daz can see!

Remember to share the link to where you post by submitting a report! That way we can show the team at Daz and calculate just how far our message is spreading.

@all: Do you have any tips for creating the pefect post online? Whether it's how to take great photos or the best hashtags to use, share your thoughts below.

03/03/2017 - 09:00

"This is definitely the one for me"

We're at the end of week three with Daz. What a week it's been! There's clearly a lot of love for Daz right now.

Spreading the word like a pro! Remember to tell us what they think with a convo report!
Lots of you have taken to the streets to spread the word and savvy circler Jenscakes is doing it in style!
Stains? What stains? Keep sending in your before and after photos.
Savvy circler Cheeseball really put Daz to test by giving the work tea towels a spin. I think the below results speak for themselves!
Have you given out all your samples and 'Ask your friend' sheets yet?
Savvy circler Dreamgirl has been heading everywhere with Daz. Make sure you help others dazzle too!

We thought we'd take a moment to pick out some highlights from the heaps of great feedback we've had on the project so far.

Savvy circler Rhodzy86 is certainly a fan!

The more I try new Daz the more impressed I am! My whites seem to have got whiter with every wash and have such a clean fresh smell. This is definitely the one for me in the future! I've had positive feedback from my friends and family too who have tried new Daz for themselves. Brilliant project!

Savvy circler annegoodale is leading the way, brightening a friend in need's day and spreading the word, great job!

I saw my friend was struggling to get her sons football kit clean so off I went with a box of Daz and told her to give it a try. After Saturdays match she put the kit straight in the machine with a dose of Daz and said it was the only time she has ever got the kit so clean without endless soaking and washing. She is going to recommend Daz to all the mums in the team.

This team is doing an incredible job so far! Make sure you capture all of the great work you're doing by filling out conversation reports so we can hear what people think!

Fill out a conversation report here

And also remember to have everyone fill in the 'Ask your friend' sheets so we can compare people's verdicts too!

Submit your collected 'Ask your friend' sheets

@all: What's been your favourite moment from our project so far?

29/03/2017 - 10:15

What do they think of Daz?

How do you plan to spread the word?

We're now a little over halfway in to our project with Daz. Now we've got to know the brands latest formula, let's find out what everyone else thinks!

Lots of us have given our first thoughts on the brand's newest laundry detergent in the starter survey and we've loved hearing the team's thoughts so far! A big part of our aim as a project team is to find out what everyone else thinks too.

Tell us what your friends and family think - Submit a conversation report!

The Daz Brightness Challenge is a perfect opportunity to do just that, but there are plenty of other ways too!

  1. Invite some friends over for a cuppa and clean
    Arrange a little get together with friends and challenge them to bring along their favourite piece of clothing to wash. Whilst you wait for the magic to happen you can have a little catch up!

  2. Brighten up a neighbour in need's day
    Do you know someone on the street that might need a little extra help - maybe Laura two doors down has a newborn and could use an extra pair of hands, or perhaps Pam's curtains could do with a bit of TLC? There's always someone out there who'll appreciate a little help.

  3. Help your community dazzle
    Do any of the kid's sports teams need their mud-caked kits washing? Could you help the local library or community centre by freshening up their sofa cushions? Find somewhere that could use a little Daz love and be the one to make a difference.

Remember, everytime you get chatting to someone about Daz, let us know by sending in a conversation report! It only takes a moment and means we can measure how far our brilliant team is spreading the word on Daz! It also helps us collect even more great insights for the brand.

@all: Share your ideas on how you can spread the word below!