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Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony... on the road!


While we're all used to snuggling up in bed with our Bold-washed sheets and pillows, it has come to our attention here that not everybody has stopped there when using their Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony detergent gel...

Over the last few weeks, Savvy Circle member bonbon67 has sent in several fantastic conversation reports about her camper van trips across the country and beyond, with the Rose Blush & Peony detergent playing its part on the trip too!

"I have just been on a camping trip with my partner. It's a VW car show and we sleep in a 1960's VW campervan. Just in case it's cold at night I always take my fluffy blanket. This time I washed it in Bold 2 in 1 and packed it away. When I made the bed up at night my partner commented that there was a nice smell in the van. I told him it was the new washing gel I was testing. [...]"

And it's seems like the scent became somewhat contagious, with her friend also wanting a bit of action; so she too got to washing her bedding with the new scent:

"One of my friends was impressed with the lovely smell of the camper after I had washed all the bedding in Bold 2 in 1. She has told me that she bought some and washed all the bedding, curtains and cushion covers and her camper van now smells as nice as mine. I'm sure she will tell more friends and we will soon have the sweetest smelling camp site at our next event."

@all: Bedsheets, blankets, pillows, curtains and more - and not just in the home! Let us know what you think about Savvy Circle member bonbon67's camper van antics by leaving a comment below.


Sarahjo71 • 03/11/2011 - 09:37

I absolutley love this pordict, the smell is divine and fills the house with its smell. I will be buying this from now on...I love love love it

Elirojes • 03/11/2011 - 09:44

What else can I say... JUST LOVE IT! You can not ignore the difference. It would be nice to have a product like febreeze with that smell or one to refresh your cloths.

Mamma-G • 03/11/2011 - 12:30

I washed all the winter dressing gowns in the bold 2in1 and the winter cardi's, brought them back to life after being stored away for the summer....

MysteryShopper0007 • 03/11/2011 - 18:41

AAAAAAAAAAAH our first ever project is nearly finishing,I bet everyone has had a great time,On behalf of everyone Thanx Dani for being an excellent project manager!!

macy • 10/11/2011 - 15:01

Washed all the duvets ready for the winter, have just made up all our beds they smell lush and cosy. Can't wait till bedtime

dani • 16/11/2011 - 15:18

@MysteryShopper0007: Thanks for your lovely comment! :) I certainly hope you've enjoyed being a vital part of our project, and genuinely hope you get a place on the next project you apply for! Thanks again.

ingutemaz • 21/11/2011 - 12:57

Amazing Product! As soon as I washed my husband gym T-Shirts, he cae back to me saying that it smells amazing (never diD that before LOL). The most important feature of this product is that it actually stays long on the garnment, but at the same time the smell is not too strong... Definitely will use again!

bargainbin • 28/11/2011 - 22:37

The scent is absolutely amazing. It is so fresh and I kept holding the items to my face. Bedding smells great for so long. When I open my underwear drawer the scent wafts out and as I move my clothes release even more scent. It is a subtle scent and not too strong. I have told so many people about this great new product and several have tried it for themselves. Thanks for letting me be part of this exciting project.

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