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@all: What’s your favourite part of the challenge so far?


jmagill • 23 days ago

have to say I was very sceptical as I have always believed I needed a high temp to get clothes really clean- however Have done a few loads at 30 with the Ariel platinum and have been very pleasantly surprised- will definitely be buying again- great job !!

Bel4 • 23 days ago

Giving out the £1 saving vouchers to friends and neighbours.

bestnewhorror • 23 days ago

Really surprised how well it cleaned at a low temp. Well done!

Daygeeser • 23 days ago

Enjoyed this challenge, and the best part is being able to try something new, plus to aspect of saving money on energy costs. The pods have been a success in my eyes, used a few now and only had one where the pod left a sticky residue in an item of clothing.

Zhod23 • 23 days ago

Seeing the results on stains on whites was amazing and giving the vouchers to friends.

Titch1602 • 23 days ago

The smell of my washing is out of this world.. not only are they stain free they smell amazing

AllieClara123 • 23 days ago

I have loved spreading the word about these pods and giving out coupons to my friends and family but my favourite thing has been discovering a new product I love. The pods have taken stains out of clothes that I thought were impossible to get out. And just today I noticed how good my clothes were smelling even hours after wearing them.

Giraffe96 • 23 days ago

I loved being part of this challenge! Very surprised on the results

Titch1602 • 23 days ago

My friends and family have loved the money off vouchers… some have used them and reported such positive feedback.

Cazza890 • 23 days ago

Love these pods, really cleans my clothes we and leaves them smelling great with long lasting freshness. Gets my whites up great and will be passing on my vouchers to all my friends

Tarawara • 23 days ago

I have been really putting these to the test with engine oil, food stains and dirt from the boys biking. I was really surprised at how well on a cold wash it removed most of the engine oil which usually wouldn’t have made a difference with my usual brand on a cold wash. The smell of the pods is amazing, I definitely have noticed the smell in my laundry as being better. I have shared some of the vouchers already and still have a couple more to give out but over all I have really enjoyed this review. Laundry days were made much easier that’s for sure!

Charlesash96 • 23 days ago

I’ve not been able to use these properly yet as we’ve had no/low water pressure around my area.
Did my first two loads yesterday and got excited doing a white/light wash load. Really came out gleaming…been handing out the coupons to some friends and family who I know will benefit on saving that extra £1.

laurax3x • 23 days ago

They work a treat, even on a low temperature. My family & friends appreciated the vouchers but I have had to keep a couple for myself!

Londohoney • 23 days ago

Was so pleased with how well it cleaned my husbands dirty smelly work clothes on 30. I usually have to do them on high a few times to get the diesel and tarmac smells out but this took it out straight away.

cooptimer • 23 days ago

well i can honestly say i was truely amazed how well the stains were removed on a lower setting wash, but still leaving a finished wash with a good clean natural scent, im very impressed with these "Ariel" pods, im recommending widely.

Cake10 • 23 days ago

Loving the pods especially in a could wash 😍

IndianPrincess • 23 days ago

Loved the mission - Ariel has really done what it says on the box - love it that you can wash it under 30 degrees and my washing smells so clean and fresh

Mandiieg83 • 23 days ago

I must say really pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of these pods. Really good.

Shellebelle • 23 days ago

Loved the challenge and thought the pods performed well at 30⁰ although one or two stains on a couple of tea towels were just noticeable.

Laundry smells fresh and colours stay bright, so I was fairly happy with the results, but I will still use a pre wash stain remover spray on really tough stains.

Jlgriff • 23 days ago

Handed my £1 off vouchers to my friends and family hopefully they can get the same great results as I have ,definitely be using the pods again loving the smell the clean stain free clothes plus a win win helping the plant too by washing st 30degrees

Stephyserya88 • 23 days ago

I never received mine and do not know where to contact about this
Please help

tillyandmo • 23 days ago

Only recieved the vouchers .. no pods.. in a very big box, so had to purchase the pods myself from tesco (with the £1 off voucher) so my washing is in at the moment so will see later how it goes.

Mozzetta • 23 days ago

I’ve been so impressed with the stain removal capabilities at 30 degrees we have a 12 year old and his coat looked brand new after a quick 30 wash…! So impressed

Annie1996 • 23 days ago

I’m super impressed with theses pods! There work so well on stains and now I can do my washing at 30 temperature which is fab so I can always save money too.I highly recommend

Van • 23 days ago

I have been so impressed with the pods I have washed my work whites with them and they came out clean and smells nice

Emmap5678 • 23 days ago

I was sceptical about using 30 degree heat to remove the mud from football but I was pleasantly surprised that it took all the stains out and smells amazing. Will be dishing out vouchers at work

Lorelush • 23 days ago

Really pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of these pods ! They work amazing in a low temperature, laundry smells so fresh and lovely! I already shared the cupons and I will definitely buy the pods again and again !

Adalina04 • 23 days ago

Nearly coming to the end of this trial and ong I have loved every minute of it.
I have used these capsules in every single wash including my darks and I can see such a difference especially on my whites. I must say having to constantly wash little one's clothes that are normally stained with food and drink these have made it more using stain remover either as these get the stains out
I will be swapping my normal pods and liquid to these...I've even converted a few family and friends.
Winner winner!

Sparklingshell76 • 23 days ago

Shared the love with friends and family.. honestly mind blown how good they are! I’ve dropped to a 20 degree wash.. and my washing smells soooo good x

wizzyjo • 23 days ago

I realised that I can actually wash at low temperatures and get clean clothes! 😂🥳🥳🥳

Samantha3452 • 23 days ago

Love how fragrant these pods are and how clean my clothes end up on a cold wash. Shared the vouchers out to my family and definitely will be using these from now on. Thank u

line • 23 days ago

Really wasn’t sure that washing a such a low heat would actually get my family’s clothing sparkling clean ! Well I was definitely proved wrong. The biggest difference I discovered was the powerful stain remover also in the pod ! From spaghetti sauce to grass stains totally vanished. This is definitely a product that I will continue to use. So impressed.

Ktkins711 • 23 days ago

These little pods are amazing!!!! My son has gotten through so much of them and being able to wash at a lower temperature is ideal, ive even gotten him using the quicker wash function because of them. I have been handing the vouchers out to colleagues at work to use so hopefully they will convert to these amazing little pods too.

MamaCleanQueen • 23 days ago

being able to do my bit for a better planet. washing in colder water using a shorter washing cycle. It has been a challenge to try and do this whilst still getting a great result, on stains and to ensure my washing is clean & fresh. Well now i am happy to report that thanks to Ariel and its amazing cleaning powers I have achieved this. The stain removal is excellent im so impressed. The smell is amazing it lingers on the clothing for ages. nothing better than getting in to bed with fresh linen and smelling the devine scent. I have loved sharing out my vouchers with family and friends i gave my mom a pod to try and she agreed with me super impressed.

rie01 • 23 days ago

So impressed at how well these Ariel capsules have performed at low temperatures. My friends have really loved the coupons as well.

Badgermum • 23 days ago

Will be buying Ariel platinum for my families laundry from now on. I'm amazed that there has been no difference in results washing at 30°C instead of the usual 40°C

bittesweetberni • 23 days ago

Still haven't received mine despite it saying delivered to safe place (instructions clearly state there is NO safe place) 😕 oh well sounds like it's a dream for washing.

Julzzz • 23 days ago

I've been absolutely delighted by how clean my laundry is at such a low temperature...I'm thrilled to bits. Handing out the money off coupons to family & friends has also been very rewarding...Some happy faces & they can not wait to purchase the new Ariel Pods ... It's been a fantastic & most rewarding challenge....Thank you for giving me this lovely opportunity .

Shortykuk1 • 23 days ago

I really enjoyed using these pods. I was dubious as I usually wash at 40 but wanted to try colder to help save energy and must say these are fantastic.

Clarkey2401 • 23 days ago

Used Ariel Liquid Tabs for years, but when I was selected to try the new Ariel Platinum, I wonder if washing at 30c would work?
Well it certainly did work, with great results.
100% worth the investment and definitely a saving in my energy costs.

Lumiere • 23 days ago

I have already used the pods a few times and I have been blown away by the results. I am so happy to be able to reduce the temperature of the washes as I am very conscious of the importace of saving energy and at the same time obtain great results.

lindylooloo • 23 days ago

I was really surprised at the level of cleaning at a low temperature giving out vouchers to friends and family who have all made positive comments Sunday vouchers and samples went out to the football team members so good to see there responses

Emmylou91 • 23 days ago

Arrived home to a surprise parcel, first load of washing already in and so far smells divine! Let's see if this 30° wash works wonders on those grass stains!

DominikaM • 23 days ago

I received my parcel yesterday with washing pods, so i tried my first 30°c wash today and I'm very impressed.
It's great being part of the #WashColderChallenge team. Thank you @Supersavvymeofficial

motorola77 • 23 days ago

The smell of my washing is absolutely amazing and are they stain free !!!

RitaBombita • 23 days ago

My video has gone down really well with my social media followers. They've enjoyed seeing someone they know test the Pods properly. My lab coat is as clean as a whistle after having being dowsed in Elephant's Toothpaste!

Janecc29 • 23 days ago

I am really pleased was chosen for this project- I absolutely love these Ariel pods and I am really pleased with the results of my washing. I also love the fresh smell they leave on my washing. Maybe I was due for a change as I've used the same powder for years but I have definitely been converted.

Iwona • 23 days ago

Really enjoy this project! I'm so surprised how effective it is in low temperature.

Gabriellas_27 • 23 days ago

So… speechless… I haven’t wrote anything as I was waiting to try them first and omg…. Washed twice, really amazing results. Had a load of white delicate laundry (the ones that I usually wear to work and got them stained of foundation) . Fantastic job of removing the stains just couldn’t believe it. Also, forgot to put laundry softener… took them out to hang them to dry and they smell soo good.
Really happy and will definitely go tesco’s to use the coupons

Pacey2012 • 23 days ago

Im looking forward to the badder weather and white football shirts, sometimes i think the muds different in places.

Nannyjojo67 • 23 days ago

Wasn't sure about washing at a lower temperature, but I have been very surprised at the results. I always wash on a 40, but I am very pleased with washing at a lower temp #washat30#washat20 no problem. These are on my weekly shopping list from now on.

Kporter90 • 23 days ago

Enjoyed the challenge and giving out vouchers, need to get better at posting .

Pachestaone • 23 days ago

Cleaned well on the washes I've done at 30 so that's pleasing enough for me.

Beavis • 23 days ago

Done a few loads of post-holiday washing - really impressed with the results with all the clothes and whites coming out smelling fresh and sun-cream free, even at 20ºC. Really surprised by the proposed energy savings compared to a 40º wash, I think we'll be Turning down the temperature with these Ariel pods in future...

Actually quite enjoyed trying a quick Ista reel too : )

MommyLees • 23 days ago

I’m very sceptical I’ve got kids who make lots off mess I’m putting a wash on tomorrow so fingers crossed the stains come out 😬🤞🏻🤞🏻

Mrxmas • 23 days ago

Perfect timing , I am a victim of a mains water pipe burst,running for over 3 1/2hrs ,this product has definitely worked in our hours of need, given /shared the vouchers almost freinds ,family etc told how great it is Very very Happy and have to purchased 2 more boxes to use , Thank you aerial!

sharonwallis • 23 days ago

Really pleased with the results from these pods! Have had my grandchildren to stay so lots of extra washing which has come out brilliantly clean and smelling fabulous! So easy to use and not messy at all. Will definitely be continuing to purchase these!

Ana212 • 23 days ago

Love the way my house smells after I’ve done. Load of laundry!!

Mipps • 23 days ago

Amazing results at 30 ° couldnt quite believe the results and also the smell did not use fabric softener either. You only need 1 pod on a really dirty wash too as my old pods I was always putting 2 in and not getting as good results

lorka • 23 days ago

Seeing the results after a 30 degree wash.

Lynznails • 23 days ago

Great for getting tomato pasta sauce stains out of my granddaughters top! Washed at 30c and was delighted how well it shifted it.

1stclassbitch • 23 days ago

Wow, what a pleasant surprise. Didn't think washing at such a low temperature would clean my clothes, boy was i wrong. My washing was clean , whites were bright and sparkling. love it. wish i had tried this earlier.

Mariast • 23 days ago

Absolutely blown away by these!
Firstly, the smell of the load when you open the washing machine door is undeniable!
I used without any other product so I could ascertain the efficiency of the tablets.
The feel was soft, the smelly football kit had no lingering, underlying, musty, sweaty smell.
To really get the full experience, I dried outdoors & they were still smelling good when I bought them in.
A product that does what it says on the tin…maybe!!

sammy174 • 23 days ago

When testing out new products I'm always a bit sceptical. I wonder if my findings will match others. I wonder if my washing is coming out the same as everyone else's. I wonder if they really do work better than my current product. Using these Ariel Pods has certainly changed my outlook. I'm so impressed at how built in stains are being removed in a cold wash. I'm shocked at how white my towels are looking and I'm over the moon that I've had the privilege to test these out. I'd highly recommend these pods to others and have been spreading the word to my friends and family over the past week. 👌

mattlins • 23 days ago

My washing smells wonderfully fresh

fizzykat • 23 days ago

The pods are so easy to use. I usually use a liquid. I have used low temperatures on most of my loads. (All except bedding and towels). Everything has been cleaned and smell fabulous!

Griffster • 23 days ago

Washing smells so clean and fresh. Great stain removal at 30 degrees removed hot chocolate stains no problem.

Chrissylovesfreebies • 23 days ago

Trying a new product and sharing my findings on social media

Claralou203 • 23 days ago

Absolutely love the scent that these pods leave on our clothes. On the whole it cleans very well but there have been a couple of nursery clothes that I wasn’t able to get stains out and had to re-soak.

Stack59 • 23 days ago

My washing smell clean and fresh, washing done at 30. I’ve split the box with my daughter, she was pleased with the results. My family and friends have all been given the vouchers.

Lcottle • 23 days ago

Great results! First time washing on 30 and I was so surprised, my laundry is really clean and these pods smell Amazing. I’ve given the coupons to friends and family and they love the pods as much as I do :-)

LuckyLady • 23 days ago

handed all my coupons out and everyone is loving them! I washed 3 loads with the new Ariel pods and the results are great. All super clean at 20 degrees and stains are gone. Lovely fresh smell too !! Brilliant product 👏🏼

LizzyBeth • 23 days ago

Having tested on multiple stains I have been so impressed. Family and friends has loved seeing my results and are grateful for the coupon. It feels so good to share my findings too

LuckyLady • 23 days ago

the quality of the pods is outstanding and exceeds its closest competitor. Am switching to this brand now. Love the smell!! :)

jayoli • 23 days ago

the scent, stain removing efficacy and cutting down bills! seems like everything!

jayoli • 23 days ago

trying out such excellent product for free!

Skepta • 23 days ago

Yup all done!

Bexcee • 23 days ago

I love these washing pods they smell lovely and clean well even at just 20 degrees which I never thought was possible. I’m converted!

Kirsty1988 • 22 days ago

Smell really nice and clothes look nice and fresh!

mcc_20 • 22 days ago

Love the smell and love the coupons!

ashvic97 • 22 days ago

I used to believe that washing was only truly clean and stains would only be effectively removed on a hotter wash of 40-60 degrees. These Ariel pods have amazingly removed grass stains from white socks at 30 degrees! I was shocked!! I’ve told all of my close friends and family and have shared the coupons out with them and also my work colleagues. I will now switch to Ariel pods because not only are they super easy and convenient you just chuck one or two in the drum, they work so well!

madrasa • 22 days ago

Being able to share my thoughts with others!

Anneprit • 22 days ago

So surprised that my laundry could be washed so excellently at low temperature using this brilliant product!!
And the fantastic smell !! The whole house was fragrant !!
#ad, #WashColderChallenge, #savvycircle, and tag @supersavvymeofficial and @joyofclean.

KT15Kath • 22 days ago

I have given out the coupons and my 1st test was red wine stains on a new jumper and the dreaded tomato pasta sauce on a cold wash. All worked well and the clothes smelled great. I’ll have to do a few more successful washes to change my washing products.

Venelina • 22 days ago

It's been such an amazing experience to bring a smile on all my colleagues and friends faces, after sharing the coupons I received from the savvy circle Ariel platinum cold wash

WRose • 22 days ago

Have always washed everything at 40° so wasn’t sure, but after doing a few loads, I am pleasantly surprised. Thank you so much for including me. F&F have loved getting the vouchers to x

Buzor • 22 days ago

I have taken my time to use this product on different materials ranging from dark colours to whites and mixed colours. I must say that the results are awesome. The Very best us that all were at low temperatures. I usually use stain removal on washes but this does well without stain removal. I am supper excited

netty • 22 days ago

Sorry I've not put too many pictures up .. as my Dad passed away ..
But the washing I have done have come out smelling absolutely lovely .. I am very fussy about the smell and stains .. I'm very pleased with the out come of my washing and would recommend Ariel Platinum Cold wash ..

sweet-kitten • 22 days ago

I got to test this and was really impressed at the results when washed on a very low temp, I really wanted to put these to the test, Lilly-Ann is a real little tomboy and a muck magnet. She is in yr1 at school and always takes her jumper off no matter what the weather and ends up coming home every day with food, paint and other stuff on her t-shirt, and my normal laundry powder failed to get some of the stains out, however i have used this product now 3 times and I'm really impressed that the t-shirts have come out the washer really white and no stains even after being washed at just 30d in the washing machine, Safe to say i will be using Ariel platinum from now on, i even gave some of the vouchers to others to try.

home_health_craft • 22 days ago

Having wonderfully clean laundry without using so much energy as you do on a hot wash

Emma2122 • 22 days ago

Enjoyed being part of the team of this project , loving the product and how it’s effective making cloths clean and bright

feedback1 • 22 days ago

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to try the ariel pods which get rid of stains at low temperature I was skeptical at first but after washing towels, bedding I was surprised how clean they came out and the plus side - help save cost of energy bills 😀

Tolu • 22 days ago

My favourite part of the challenge was seeing the excitment on the faces of my families and friends when they received the £1 coupon.

Testerlady • 22 days ago

All vouchers handed out. Enjoying the washing using the ariel pods at lower temperature!

Jane_Davies • 22 days ago

I have shared my coupons, done my reports on FB etc and created a video

Bunia05 • 22 days ago

Washing the white socks of my football-playing boys has always been a challenge for me. First, soaking, then a long wash at a minimum of 60 degrees. Thanks to Ariel Platinum, my nightmare is over. Just wash at 30 degrees and the effect is great. It's a revelation and I recommend it 100 %.

choti • 21 days ago

I've uploaded my reels on Instagram. I'll be sharing my coupons this weekend at a family party but I've enjoyed doing this 'experiment' as love freshly cleaned clothes!

Chrissylovesfreebies • 21 days ago

This product has opened my eyes. I honestly didn't believe you could wash at really low temperature such as 20 degrees and still get such Fantastic results. I'm now a huge fan of Ariel Platinum pods.

Sativa101 • 21 days ago

I'm really loving the Ariel Platinum Extra Stain Removal Pods challenge. My favorite part has to be the incredible stain-removing power these pods offer. They make tackling tough stains so much easier and leave my laundry looking pristine. It's a game-changer for sure!

Khaleesi7 • 21 days ago

I have given out all of my coupons now. I was a little bit apprehensive about using the pics at 30 degrees as I usually use 40 degrees and above. However, the cleanliness in my clothing has been amazing! Totally got rid of a curry again which I was very surprised about. All in all I loved using the pods. If it wasn't for the fact I need two in my washing machine I would buy them but at the price they are in the supermarket I won't be using them again. Shame really but that's the truth.

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