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Roadangel • Project team06/01/2016 - 11:06

Absolutely love this product! I don't use it all the time but switch it on for an hour or so every day. It has lasted ages and will be looking into trying the other scents soon. I think I might even buy one for upstairs. Well done Ambi Pur!

H_R_00000 • Project team06/01/2016 - 11:18

Ambi Pur 3volution is my all time favourite plug in. So many lovely scents available. I absolutely love it! I have one in nearly every room in my house.

louise200899 • Project team06/01/2016 - 11:28

Wonderful product with a very wide variety of fragrances available. The only down side is that with it changing every 45 mins the oils go down unevenly and i found the fragrance in the middle (which it starts on) was used a lot quicker than the other fragrances if there was a way to select your starting fragrance you could evenly use up the oils so your not left with 2 fragrances and nothing coming through on the centre.
Other than that I certainly won't be going back to spays. Thanks for the opportunity to test this product. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

arctophile196 • Project team06/01/2016 - 11:30

This is a great plug-in! I'm pleasantly surprised that it's lasted so long with a usage of about one hour a day. Yes, it's not a cheap product but it's certainly very effective and the long lasting scent makes it worth the initial outlay. Would recommend this definitely.

mummycool1 • Project team06/01/2016 - 11:48

I tried to leave a review yesterday but it wouldn't let me so here is what I think!
I really like this plug in, I put mine on every morning and switch off before bed and my kitchen smells lovely all day long. The smells are subtle but do the job really well and the choice of scents is great. I was looking at refills the other day but mine is still going strong so no need to repurchase just yet. Just what I like, long lasting and does the job all day, every day!

littlemo • Project team06/01/2016 - 11:58

I am relly pleased with my plug in. I leave it on the lowest settings and i still do not need to refill it which im very impressed with. The smell is great and not to over powering. will be using this instead of my other air freshners.

MrsW86 • Project team06/01/2016 - 11:58

Loved doing this campaign. I've spoken to more people about this than any other product I've tested. But down to it being a fab item and it does exactly what it claims to do without being far to pungent like other brands. Everyone I've spoken to have came away either really positive and with a voucher to use to get one themselves. :)

calis • Project team06/01/2016 - 12:13

I really like the fragrance but it hasn't lasted as long as I thought it would.

Amyr2249 • Project team06/01/2016 - 12:14

I have had so many conversations with friends, family and complete strangers about this product. My coupons ran out a couple of weeks ago! Everyone very enthusiastic and I think the product is great!

cookiemonster66 • Project team06/01/2016 - 12:21

Tesco is selling the ambipur refills for £2.50, plus dont forget to use our £1 off vouchers! BARGAIN! time to stock up!!!

Charlene88 • Project team06/01/2016 - 12:21

I like the fragrance alot but yes I agree it hasn't lasted long so the idea of turning it off is good.. but should we have to? I use the middle setting nut have noticed the smell starting to fade now :( loved it at first. It would make me feel good as soon as I walked in my house. I have had some good conversations about this tho and have no coupons left haha!!

sopha1 • Project team06/01/2016 - 12:27

Love this plug in to bits, always brightens up my home and makes it feel warm, inviting and Christmassy! Gets rid of all the pet smells and just makes me feel relaxed!!!!

Natalee • Project team06/01/2016 - 12:42

I love my little Ambi Pur device. I'm looking forward to try new scents!

vickyedgell • Project team06/01/2016 - 13:35

I saw Tesco had them on offer as well, did stock up too. Sad that this is all over though.

mummyoxo • Project team06/01/2016 - 13:55

I've loved this review and as an Ambi Pur addict it was easy to talk about, I have a 3volution in almost every room, I love the spiced Apple it's my absolute favourite and my go to xmas fragrance however after all the positive comments I've received about the vanilla latte I think this is going to be a regular scent in our home
Thank you for allowing me to be part of this review and I'd like to wish everyone involved a very Happy New Year

sueinforest • Project team06/01/2016 - 14:00

Sainsbury had them on offer too. I'm an insomniac and I got a sleep serenity refill. Got to sleep at 6am before that, then plugged my 3volution in, I got to sleep at 4.30 the next night, then 3am last night. Looks like it's working!

LadyLaura1st • Project team06/01/2016 - 14:21

Always loved ambi pur 3volution. I have mine on the highest setting and on 24/7 I love how strong it is in the first 2 weeks. Maybe it's still as strong aFrere but I get used to it. I always change what fragrance I put in when it's due a refill so always pleasantly surprised

sj86 • Project team06/01/2016 - 14:44

I have loved this project, time to buy a refill :-)

flashannie • Project team06/01/2016 - 15:04

Reading through everyones comments I must be the only one who has had a hard time giving out the vouchers. No one has wanted one because everyone thinks they are a fire hazard or prefers certain smelly candles beginning with Y. My experience was ok.... I didnt think the smell was all that great or long lasting. Maybe I need a different fragrance.

freakfire • Project team06/01/2016 - 16:08

I'm enjoying using it and telling others. Had a few chats now, at work and at home, and more to come!

frednsean • Project team06/01/2016 - 16:26

I was very pleased to be chosen for this project and have enjoyed be able to pass on the comments about the 3volution. I myself have purchased another unit and intend to try out all the other fragrances whilst they are on offer at the moment. Bring it on!

vawny • Project team06/01/2016 - 16:30

I love this product so much! I now have 5 in my house three of sleep serenity ones in the bedrooms which I leave on low and they have such a beautiful relaxing fragrance. I have two downstairs sitting room and kitchen. I love having one in the kitchen, just make the room smell so fresh! So happy to be part of this one!

Goodchik • Project team06/01/2016 - 17:16

I've always loved these products. Nothing like a lovely smelling home to make you feel relaxed and content. Its been great trying out a new scent I wouldn't have tried before. I normally go for the cotton fresh type of smells but love the vanilla Latte and I also purchased a Christmas one to get into the spirit of Christmas and it was lovely. I will continue to purchase these product as I love them and I'm sure my family members will too. I've enjoyed spreading the word and handing out some money off vouchers to friends and family. Thank you.

Leedslass39 • Project team06/01/2016 - 17:29

This plug in is fantastic. Even now the change of fragrance still is noticeable. I have bought some different fragrances to try once the vanilla set has run out. I'm sure they will be just as great.

I can honestly say that this product has had the most positive feedback from all my family and friends. I'm so glad I was chosen to test this product, thank you!

Kimmuttock • Project team06/01/2016 - 17:36

I am over the moon to have been selected for this project coming from someone who loves air freshners, candles and aromas this was right up my street. I loved the fact that you actually got different fragrances coming and actually bought another one for my bedroom and office!! Plus I wanted to test the other fragrances :)

MrsDeeDee • Project team06/01/2016 - 17:50

Have really loved using the Ambi Put 3volution. The fragrance has been beautiful and long lasting. It has been a pleasure returning home to such a welcome. It has made me want to try out more fragrances.

Fruitcake • Project team06/01/2016 - 18:34

I really like Ambipur 3volution with the different fragrances, I am still using it, as I don't put it on all day, I usually put it on in the morning and switch it off at lunch time, then put it on again when I cook in the evening. I will definitely be buying refills for the unit and my daughter in law loves it too.

fairyg • Project team06/01/2016 - 18:41

Love this product and I'll continue using it. I've spoken to lots of people 3volution proved a great conversation starter!

DaintyDi • Project team06/01/2016 - 18:51

I've just been and bought another 2 full packs with my coupons. Great value for money and I have the same scents upstairs and downstairs. Thanks for the vouchers, make such a difference.

Eternia • Project team06/01/2016 - 18:56

mine only lasted just over a week--but saw many people only switched it on for one hour a day--bought a second one that lasted 3 weeks, and the last one I bought is still going--maybe I should not leave switched on day and night-- nothing on packs to say do not leave on all the time--so maybe I should have done as most people did. 90 days at an hour a day may be OK !!

geobrads • Project team06/01/2016 - 19:11

I have been so pleased with Ambi Pur that not only have I bought more, I have also bought for family and friends, it a product we love talking about, as it the working week I normally see family over the weekend, so I fill in the days by talking to work mates, we even have one in the office.

Beenu • Project team06/01/2016 - 19:24

I have tried three times to write a review in tried and tested but every time is not submitting and shows that you must complete all fields I tried it through dfferent devices.

sandrafun • Project team06/01/2016 - 19:39

Oh no it's almost over. .thankyou so much for letting me take part. ..I would say it's been a great experience and to share makes this so much fun..well worth it.

Ifrabell • Project team06/01/2016 - 21:34

I really love the Ambi Pur plug in and have been using them for many years now, and also introduced them to Mum who has 3 running at any given time.
I love the vanilla fragrance, but must admit to going back to the Cotton Fresh which I absolutely love.
Thank you for inviting me to share this wonderful product with friends, neighbours, relatives, aquaintances and strangers, its really been fun.

Natasha2802 • Project team06/01/2016 - 22:03

I have thoroughly enjoyed this project, once again thank you so much for choosing me! It was a perfect time of year to do this project with lots of time spent at home at Christmas with a regular flow of guests. I have been out today and bought a refill to replace the vanilla latte one and already my home smells wonderful (I decided to go for the apple spice fragrance as I still want that warm winter scent in my home and it is lush) I have kept my plug in on 24/7 since the start and around Christmas had to turn the switch to max to really notice the smell but, like others have said, I would get it to last longer if I switched it off every day but as a pet owner I wanted to put this plug in through its paces. I have spoken to a lot of people and most have been positive, the only negative (ish) feedback I got was the price of the starter kit from a couple of friends but the vouchers helped!!

worthy1 • Project team06/01/2016 - 22:11

Have loved using the Ambi Pur air freshener, love the fragrance. Have been using on lowest setting to make it last longer but will be using my coupons to get some refills soon. I want to get some for the other rooms as well now. Have really enjoyed being part of the project team, shame it's coming to an end.

icegemsweety • Project team07/01/2016 - 07:06

This was the first time I'd used a plug in air freshener and I feel pretty converted. I had it in my hallway at the bottom on the stairs so the two main times I smelt the benefit was coming through the front door and first thing in the morning coming down the stairs. Am now quite keen to try a lighter flower scent to help get over the Christmas indulgence. Thank you again :)

helenmpeake • Project team07/01/2016 - 09:27

I love this product! it has lasted me ages i think due to being in hospital my other half hasnt had it on, but on my return it has been used and lots of positive feedback from my visitors. Usually i have a very active social life so would have spoke to more people about it. All in all i have had it on for about 3 weeks and ready for a refill now

littlesunshine3211 • Project team07/01/2016 - 17:02

I have thoroughly enjoyed this project! I'm so happy to have been part of the team and so sad it's coming to an end! :(
I've loved writing reviews,conversation reports and spreading the word so much that I'm now hoping to start my own blog! It's been a joy to use this product,I've loved all the positive comments from guests and the confidence in knowing that my house has been guest ready at all times! I'm looking forwards to stocking up on all the other lovely fragrances (there are so many to choose from!) and continuing to enjoy the compliments on having such a gorgeous smelling home!
Thank you so much for the opportunity!

janiegus • Project team07/01/2016 - 19:12

Thank you for choosing me to be part of the project and being with a great team of people I have loved vanilla latte and will continue to use it.I have already purchased another starter pack lavender sensation and several refills.3 evolution has been a big hit in our household and with many of my friends and relations. It's the best!

peachymum • Project team07/01/2016 - 19:31

Loved being a part of this project i have bought two more for my living room and upstairs and a variety of different scents to try.

weemags • Project team07/01/2016 - 19:44

Thank you for letting me be part of this project this was my first one and I have thorougly enjoyed being part of it. Great smell and value for money and love the different smells around the house. I hope to be involved with more projects in the future. Thank you once again for giving me this opportunity

sapnag • Project team07/01/2016 - 23:47

I have thoroughly enjoyed this project!I loved using the Ambi Pur air freshener, love the fragrance. I have been using on lowest setting to make it last longer but will be using my coupons to get some new fragrances. Thank you for inviting me to share this wonderful product with friends, neighbours, relatives and my colleagues. I am sad its going to end now.

debjh • Project team07/01/2016 - 23:58

I have to admit initially I expected this product to smell a lot stronger than it does however I find that with continued use that it has the perfect level of fragrance enough to freshen without being overpowering. I have been using it in my kitchen so as to banish those cooking smells that although great at the time are not so pleasant to wake up to the next morning and it appears to be working a treat. I will definitely be trying some of the other fragrances!

Kat201 • Project team08/01/2016 - 00:56

Love this smell gave all my coupons out plus the comments I get about my flat is amazing how it smells great and so glad it takes the smell away from my son football boots

rose1001 • Project team08/01/2016 - 10:17

I've had many conversations and have reported all of them. Some days there were so many that I put them all in one report! I use my 3volution 24/7 and it still has about half left. I've found that the middle bottle has slightly more in than the others, I know someone said theirs had less, but it's only a slight difference. I just love the gentle scent all day long!

sparklie • Project team08/01/2016 - 10:49

this has been a really fun project on something that everyone I've spoken to has had an opinion on. Really looking forward to chasing up the people who took vouchers and see if they have bought a plug in and report their thoughts now we're getting to the end of the project :-)

Laurarose1984 • Project team08/01/2016 - 14:43

Had so many chats that's I've lost count lol I love the smells didn't last as long tho so brought a few refills

momo987 • Project team08/01/2016 - 18:59

Really Love this little plug looks great and smells mighty fine!

Savvywindowshopper • Project team11/01/2016 - 19:51

I have been using the night time Milk and Honey variety, which smells lovely, as I'm a light sleeper. However it seems a bit wasteful. As theres no timer function on the unit you have a choice of either switching it off when you go to bed, meaning as theres no longevity to the fragrance it dissipates, or leave it on all night and waste the oils. Needs a timer function OR more staying power.

angelabut • Project team14/01/2016 - 19:27

really great item. Enabled lots of interesting conversations with visitors who have now purchased one or more for themselves. House smells fresh no longer dog smells around. Really enjoyed the project and sorry its ending

chelsky1 • Project team19/01/2016 - 13:11

Loved the project everyone who received money off coupons did buy ambi pur.

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