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Always Discreet – Ladies, we need to talk

Ladies, we have a secret and it’s time we came clean. We leak. Yes, 67% of us will experience bladder weakness in our lives but hardly any of us are talking about it. Why are we all keeping it under wraps as if it were taboo?


If you have any concerns about bladder weakness, the first step in your journey should be to seek advice from a healthcare professional.

The second step is to take part in this new project, which encourages every woman to open up. “Women’s issues” have traditionally been hushed up, brushed over and ignored. Well, times they are a changing and we women won’t stay quiet any longer.

We are women, hear us roar!

Project details

The project will take place in two stages:

  1. An initial activation phase where we will chat all things bladder weakness, bust some myths, open the conversation and work out which Always Discreet products are right for us.
  2. A second, project phase, where 2000 participants will be selected to try out Always Discreet pads and get social.

Our Always Discreet goals

Phase # 1

If we join the activation team, we’ll:

  • start the conversation about bladder sensitivity
  • reassure our pals that they’re not alone
  • find out which Always Discreet product is perfect for us
  • bust some myths about bladder sensitivity
  • join a team of fierce women who won’t let anything hold them back
  • be in with a chance of making it to the next phase…

Phase #2

If we join the project team, we’ll:

  • try out Always Discreet pads
  • share our experiences on social media
  • leave reviews online
  • share our opinions with the Always Discreet brand team via a final survey

Are you ready to start your Always Discreet journey?

Yes! I want to register for Phase #1

@all: Do you agree that it’s about time we quit being quiet about bladder sensitivity?


KLight • 4 months ago

It is difficult, people seem to loo down you on, like you have just wet yourself and the disgusted.

Jazzybhorses • 4 months ago

Yes definitely so many ladies suffer bladder weakness it shouldn't be a taboo subject

Zayan10 • 4 months ago

Yes definitely as would like to try this as I'm looking for something that will get me going without any leakage .I have bladder weakness.

jotalb • 4 months ago

Yes, most definitely. I think its something that would be worthwhile discussing in Mother and Baby groups, ante natal groups and anything pregnancy related. Its surprising how little information is shared in relation to bladder weakness following giving birth.

Tank_Girl_Emma • 4 months ago

Brilliant product. They’re not lying when they say the pads are discreet, there’s no bulky outline visible. Definitely a must have purchase if you have a sensitive bladder!

mich106 • 4 months ago

Definitely too many women are embarrassed to talk about bladder weakness

Biddy64 • 4 months ago

excellent product. No leaks and no odour - really worth buyng and will definitely recommend

Harry81 • 4 months ago

Very good product. Protects from all leaks.

Badavies • 4 months ago

I am still yet to try these but they seem comfortable and very easy on the eye

Wkdmeow • 4 months ago

Yes I believe it is time too talk about bladder sensitivity. I know people will always have their opinions. Plus you will be out of your comfort zone.

But it is not a rare condition.
1 in 3 women and 1 in 3 of males have sensitive bladders.
I have had it seen i was 20 I am now 33. In the last 6 years I have been more open about it.

ginig23 • 4 months ago

H i, does anyone know how we get in contact to tell them I've still not received my parcel for this project. Thanks xx

ginig23 • 4 months ago

I have tried calling and sending an email!x

Monkey12 • 4 months ago

yes we should be able to speak freely and open about it and not be embrassed it can happen at any age not just when your old it can happen after childbirth • 4 months ago

I love them I've tried them out a couple nights so far and they have been brilliant!!

Hummybeejou • 4 months ago

I was sent night-time to try but don’t need the pads at night so I wore the during the day. They were very long but we’re still discreet and comfortable.

Tranmere • 4 months ago

I also used during the day was very comfortable and being long was fine as I also have bowel problems I do wear Always Discreet but not these ones but this may change Very impressed with them I shall tell my mates (when I get to see them :) ) & money off vouchers very helpful. As I may have already said just had tumour removed from bladder was cancer but hadn't spread so removed due to this I will be more open to discuss even with blokes they also suffer !!!

Woowoo888 • 4 months ago

We should not be embarrassed or ashamed about. Bladder weakness and we should be able to speak about this openly

maggie87 • 4 months ago

Those Always discreet sensitive bladder, actually it is a good name, because I use a phrase incontinence of urine in my carehome. The pads I tried in this campaign are great. They keep me dry when I sometimes hold urine and have occasional leaks.The pad smells great before and still after use.
I just would like to ask if always will be given to elderly lady as pull ups who is incontinent as she was informed that she will be given pull ups on NHS

oneplus • 4 months ago

The Always Discreet packaging is a lovely fragrance before opening. I received the maxi night time towels (6 pack) but used them in the day. The pads are comfortable to wear and lock out urine smells. I will certainly pass out the vouchers to friends and family. Thank you for the opportunity.

westie80 • 4 months ago

I got the night time towels and was so important I bought the daytime ones too!
Not only are they comfortable, they are really absorbent too and the daytime are just as good
I'm definitely using these from now on

nannie18 • 4 months ago

Still not received project pack

hadz • 4 months ago

I haven’t revised the pack .I have emailed but no answer thanks

hadz • 4 months ago

I would love to be sharing and showing the products to friends with bladder weakness .but it has not arrived

sadira • 4 months ago

im going to try this but not the biggest size only small size this one i got its way toooo big.

Kidder • 4 months ago

I would like a longer pad as my urine leaks at the back especially when sitting so need that longer length pad

Emma1977 • 4 months ago

I’m loving these. They are so soft and you can go undetected and almost forget you are using it. I love how they decoratively show on the pad the front and the back. They are well wrapped and stick well

lucrisa • 3 months ago

Dear savvy circler Emma1977, thanks a lot for your feedback 😊

Paro • 4 months ago

Always discreet and sensitive bladders a complete protection. It can protect us from leaks and embarrassment during day time as well as night time. It gives us peace of mind.

lynjen • 4 months ago

Really comfortable to wear-does not feel like I am using any extra protection yet gives me confidence to venture out for the day!!

lucrisa • 3 months ago

Dear savvy circler lynjen, nice, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with Always discreet 😊

Dziosefina • 4 months ago

Many women speaking about bladders problems very qarefully . I try to speak with my friends and family. To show them...they are not alone

hadz • 3 months ago

Hi I have urgent bladder syndrome so I have to use pads on a daily basis .it’s getting the right ones that are comfortable and absorbent. I would love to be able to try this pads .but despite being picked my kits never arrived and my emails are going unanswered

Janeym10 • 3 months ago

I have received my kit and I have to say, I’m not a fan at all. It’s like wearing a nappy!

ppnuts1 • 3 months ago

I have received my kit and i am pleased so far. They are so soft you sometimes forget you have one on.It means i can go out for the day without worrying where the nearest toilet is.

Twins18 • 3 months ago

I've been using these since I received my kit and. Y oh my they are wonderful very absorbent and comfortable...I've had twin boys and ever since having them I've struggled a lot with bladder leaks laughing , coughing and sneezing can be a great problem for me..but since I've been using always decreet I've been very confident

oneplus • 3 months ago

Passed vouchers to friends and family. Great product.

lucrisa • 3 months ago

Dear savvy circler oneplus, Great, thanks a lot!!

MummyMonsta • 3 months ago

Yes, especially when there’s so many women out there with bladder problems. We need to stop this feeling of shame and to change it from being a taboo subject.

Orange_sky • 3 months ago

this is the best, very comfortable and easy!!

sutty123 • 3 months ago

Will definitely buy for myself after testing/using these.

hadz • 3 months ago

Mine never arrived so I haven’t been able to share .

lucrisa • 3 months ago

Dear savvy circler hadz, We are really sorry to read that. Unfortunately some logistic problems independent of our willingness can happen (robbery, lost, etc.). We deeply hope that you will receive your package soon!

LittleMrsDLB • 3 months ago

These pads are SO comfortable and leave you feeling 100% safe and secure. They smell absolutely clean & fresh and you cannot tell you are wearing them. Considering how good they are for leaks, you just can't believe how THIN they are! Found it unbelievable just how many other suffer from leaks! Definitely #TimeToTalk

lucrisa • 3 months ago

Dear savvy circler LittleMrsDLB, thanks for this lovely feedback of experience😍

Klr0277 • 3 months ago

After trying these pads I am definitely going to be adding them to my shopping list, descreet and not bulky like other incontinence pads, absorbant and no odour, feel comfortable and definitely feel safe/secure that there will be no leaks. I have used these while out and also at night. I wear leggings often as I have a mummy tummy and these are not obvious when wearing and feel comfortable wearing with any trousers.

happybear1993 • 3 months ago

Although I wasn't picked for this its been lovely to read the comments and reviews welldone team for opening up about such a sensitive matter 100% agree it shouldn't be a taboo ♥️

LivMat20 • 3 months ago

Unfortunately mine never arrived so I can’t comment on the product, but I’ve been very open with family, friends and colleagues about bladder weakness (especially from a personal perspective during pregnancy) - it’s not uncommon, we just need to have confidence to talk openly about what our bodies are doing

lucrisa • 3 months ago

Dear savvy circler LivMat20, We're really sorry to read that! Unfortunately, some logistics problems independent of our willingness can happen (robbery, lost, degradation, etc.). We deeply hope that your package will arrive soon.
Nevertheless, thanks a lot for your implications in the project!

Paulinepoo • 3 months ago

I am a captain of a netball team, and i have women on my teams of all ages, including ladies back playing after just having babies - and they have loved the protection of these pads during games. I also suffer from endometriosis and have found these to also be great protection for me on my period. i know they are for leaks, but these are by far the best pads that offer such great protection for leaks and periods.
follow my reviews on instagram @paulinepooreviews

Yasmin-Cupcake • 3 months ago

With 67% of us suffering from bladder weakness at some point in life, this should be talked about more x

Yasmin-Cupcake • 3 months ago

We shouldn’t be quiet about talking about bladder weakness. This should be talked about comfortably.

Maryse • 3 months ago

Since having my first child , I started having leaks and the wet feeling is not nice at all. Using this pads got me a lot more confidence to wear more adjustable clothes , it's very soft , comfortable , discreet , the dry felling a most . Thank you for this opportunity to discover Always discreet. Really appreciate it.

lucrisa • 3 months ago

Dear savvy circler Maryse, thanks to you for your participation in the project! 😊

westie80 • 3 months ago

I was catheterized at the beginning of this year in hospital. I had full body paralysis so my recovery had gone well and I'm back at home but was constantly leaking when standing or doing physio.
These have been AMAZING and I've now been buying smaller ones for day too. I would never of bought these before but reading that so many other women have the same thing and at different ages. I an SO SO pleased you picked me I would recommend to everyone 😊

Janeym10 • 3 months ago

I have tried these and unfortunately they are not for me - they are so big I felt like I was wearing a nappy

Shanmayx • 3 months ago

Never be ashamed ladies!

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