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We’re into the final week of this absolutely fabulous project with Always Discreet and we have to say, this project team, is one of our all-time favourites!

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You’ve invited pals around for tea, you’ve helped bust the myths around bladder weakness & bladder leak pads on social media and now it’s time to help out those friends you haven’t met yet!

We’d love you to leave an honest review of how you’re finding Always Discreet on SuperSavyMe.

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Leaving a review is really pretty simple, just consider what matters to you when you choose your bladder sensitivity products. Consider:

• Do you feel secure wearing Always Discreet pads?
• Do you like the discreetness of the pad and feel comfortable wearing whatever you want?
• Have you experienced the unique way Always Discreet protects by turning liquid into gel (in a thin pad you can barely feel)? Would you buy always discreet again?

These days, we all check out reviews before we make a purchase online, so taking 5 minutes out of your day could be really useful for another woman considering which pads or pants to buy. Especially if they still think all bladder leak pads are built the same & are not aware that they don't need to be thick & bulky to offer complete* protection!

You’re all superstars. Have a great day!


@all: What is your favourite thing about Always Discreet?

*Survey methodology: Online poll among 2,000 UK women between the ages of 18 and over, conducted in May 2019.


Lizzied • 1 month ago

They work! Comfortable and effective

tidymum • 1 month ago

comfortable,forget youre wearing a pad.doesnt move,offers great proection,no damp patches on the floor when doing sit ups as the night time ones are soo long(maybe to much info there but someone might need to know and have the same accidents that i have had ).have used and given out all the vouchers and i know they have been redeemed .

amycurson • 1 month ago

Well these are great so discreet you forget your wearing them definitely be buying them from now

ctpaxton • 1 month ago

They are very comfortable and you wouldn't know you were wearing them. Friends were also very impressed with them. I would recommend them to everyone.

Traymc • 1 month ago

They are so comfortable and stay in place its great they are longer giving more protection a hit with everyone

lucrisa • 1 month ago

Dear savvy circler Traymc, Thanks a lot for those lovely feedbacks 😍

Harry81 • 1 month ago

These are very comfortable and you don't feel like you are wearing them. I would recommend these to everyone with bladder leaks.

boobear34650941 • 1 month ago

these do the job properly definitely recommend to everyone

Dziosefina • 1 month ago

Amazing,comfortable and i can trust this brand. Incredible product

izazag • 1 month ago

Good brand and good working pads,but little too long.Reviews written...

lucrisa • 1 month ago

Dear savvy circler izazag, Thanks a lot!

Klr0277 • 1 month ago

After trying these pads I am definitely going to be adding them to my shopping list, descreet and not bulky like other incontinence pads, absorbant and no odour, feel comfortable and definitely feel safe/secure that there will be no leaks. I have used these while out and also at night. I wear leggings often as I have a mummy tummy and these are not obvious when wearing and feel comfortable wearing with any trousers.

lucrisa • 1 month ago

Dear savvy circler Klr0277, We are so happy to see that you have found in Always the perfect solution to your incontinence 😊

mandy59 • 1 month ago

Comfortable, discreet & l liked the longer length. The absorbency was amazing. I notice they also had a delicate fragrance to them.

summer07 • 1 month ago

Gave out the coupons and pads to family and friends. The results was amazing. Felt comfortable and didn't feel anyone was able to see any lines etc and they didn't feel bulky

CaroleM • 1 month ago

Good to try the always night-time pads as I usually just use ordinary pads. Feel much more secure overnight.

Gizmo2506 • 1 month ago

Really comfortable and feel confident wearing them

Gizmo2506 • 1 month ago

I Recommend these to anyone who suffers any bladder weakness. They are discreet nice packaging and comfortable to wear

nurseizz • 1 month ago

pest product i have tried .
would not use any other product now, comfortable and you know the pads won,t let you down.

nurseizz • 1 month ago

best product i have tried .
would not use any other product now, comfortable and you know the pads won,t let you down.
discreet to carry around too. great packing.

Firstlove • 1 month ago

My daughter only use this branding and so my second daughter, they told me its because they're very comfortable and done leak. The freshness through the day is important which you get with this branding

Wendo • 1 month ago

Really good product ,I have tried both pads and liners ,liners in work pads at home as Iv been off with a chest infection and Iv done nothing but cough and pee and I’m glad to say there’s been no leaks.

lucrisa • 1 month ago

Dear savvy circler Wendo, we're so happy to see that you have found in Always the perfect solutions to your incontinences 😊

Nicola73 • 1 month ago

discreet and no odour as they are scented, highly recommend

Harry81 • 1 month ago

They do the job properly. I would definitely recommend to everyone.

Harley77 • 1 month ago

Absolutely amazing so comfy and not embarrassing at all

lucrisa • 1 month ago

Dear savvy circler Harley77, So happy to read that! 😊

Ooglybear • 1 month ago

I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to try out the Always discreet range.l have tried other brands before but l am pleased to say l will be using Always discreet from now on.
They felt comfortable and l felt confident which is a huge plus and would definitely recommend them.

Kath38 • 1 month ago

Very comfortable to wear 💜

Bunnymama • 1 month ago

So glad to be picked for this trial, I found these to be the best I have tried on the market so will be recommending these to everyone.

Windygayle • 1 month ago

So discreet and forget I'm wearing them

HomewithMrsO • 1 month ago

So pleased to be picked for this trial. Although I don’t use the nighttime pads, I did wear one to try it out and I do wear the daytime pads & liners. Very comfortable and discreet. They do not twist or move about & you can forget you are wearing them.

Baileybear • 1 month ago

Unfortunately I've ended up giving up on this as I didn't get much of a response from the people I gave samples/ vouchers to, it was a shame as it's the first time I've done something like this but I tried

lucrisa • 1 month ago

Dear savvy circler Baileybear, No worries, we deeply appreciate your efforts. Works still have to be done in order to open up about this subject. 😊

chloegrace09 • 1 month ago

These pads are incredibly comfortable and leave you feeling very safe in the knowledge that you won't be having any accidents when you are out and about . You can laugh as much as you want and know you havnt left a wet patch anywhere 🤣

Jhlmat • 1 month ago

They simply are the best I have ever tried

Mumma41 • 1 month ago

Most comfortable and confident I have ever felt

frumpy42 • 1 month ago

I have used always discreet for quite a while now. Bladder leaking has always been a running joke with ladies of a certain age. I am one of those people who when I laugh, cough or sneeze has a little accident, but I don’t worry as much now knowing I wear always discreet. There is nothing worse than worrying if you have a damp patch on your clothes or worse an office chair. I feel confident I’m able to laugh and cough now without worrying

Kat1057190 • 1 month ago

Love the product definitely buying in the future

lucrisa • 1 month ago

Dear savvy circler Kat1057190, thanks a lot for this lovely message 😍

Kibe • 1 month ago

Amazing products, my go-to option going forwards!

shelly_shaz • 1 month ago

I loved the longer night pad, saved me a few times. I wore them during the day too. Found them great when driving. I have bought 3 packs siince my samples and will be buying more.

Jemkate • 1 month ago

They really work and it does not feel like you have them on really impressed

Paulinepoo • 1 month ago

I am a captain of a netball team, and i have women on my teams of all ages, including ladies back playing after just having babies - and they have loved the protection of these pads during games. I also suffer from endometriosis and have found these to also be great protection for me on my period. i know they are for leaks, but these are by far the best pads that offer such great protection for leaks and periods.
follow my reviews on instagram @paulinepooreviews

lucrisa • 1 month ago

Dear savvy circler Paulinepoo, thanks a lot for sharing your experience! 😊

michelledone • 1 month ago

So comfortable, forget I’m wearing one. Very absorbent, soft on the skin.

clicker2 • 1 month ago

Comfortable, discreet and stay in place so give me extra confident to get on with what I like to do

Mariya86 • 1 month ago

Feeling secured and discreet 🥰

lucrisa • 29 days ago

Dear savvy circler Mariya86, Perfect 😍

MummyMonsta • 1 month ago

My favourite thing about Always Discreet is that they’re long and have elasticated edges so I feel confident wearing them at night knowing that whatever positions I adopt, I won’t have any leaks. I also absolutely love the fact that the moisture is drawn away from your skin into the pad meaning that you stay feeling dry. Lastly, they are pleasantly scented, so you smell fresh whilst wearing them without the paranoia that someone can “smell” that you’ve had an accident 😳. Sorry, I couldn’t just stop at one favourite! 😁

lucrisa • 29 days ago

Dear savvy circler MummyMonsta, We're so happy to read this lovely message. Thanks a lot for all of these feedbacks 😍

boobear34650941 • 29 days ago

extremely comfortable you forget they are there, really do work, better than any I have tried before , would highly recommend to others.

Carlyhope • 29 days ago

They work, discreet in name and nature ! Perfect to keep in a handbag

Samona • 29 days ago

Using Always discreet has left me feeling more confident than before I don't have to worry now if I have a little leak when I'm out I no longer get sore from using shop brand pads I now feel fresh and dry Always discreet pads/pants I'll definitely be using all the time and so will a few of my friends

Meena262309 • 29 days ago

Such great protection!!! Definitely keeps you feeling fresh for longer!!!

lucrisa • 22 days ago

Dear savvy circler Meena262309, really glad to hear such feedback 😍

Tranmere • 29 days ago

My 86 yr old neighbour has just had a hip replacement so finding it difficult to get to loo on time as she knew I had bladder problems she rang me bless her she bought the panty liners So I have from my stock of always discreet sorted out different sizes and lengths I cant praise these pads enough I actually love the night ones so much wear during day I am overweight so the long length is ideal for me The perfume ? well it can sometimes irate so to have the choice of perfumed or unperfumed would be nice Haven't really been out to see people/friends to pass on vouchers

ahaya8 • 29 days ago

My favourite thing is I know Always is a brand I can trust to do what they say they will

Cinders43 • 29 days ago

Finding something that works and isn't bulky, so doesn't feel like you're wearing a nappy

Ellibell • 29 days ago

Super comfy! Just what I need for that extra confidence!

sbear12 • 28 days ago

Written! I really enjoyed testing these. Most definitely my go to from now on.

jotalb • 28 days ago

Comfort and trustworthy. They made you feel protected without feeling like you wearing anything other than a liner. Trusted brand and my go to for all my sanitary products.

Bibbitbear • 27 days ago

I felt protected and secure wearing these, but they are very long. I also found them wider in the gusset area of my pants, which caused me to worry they might chafe.

Sallyally • 27 days ago

I am so pleased with this product it fits well, perfect size for me it gave me the confidence I needed. It is so discreet I forgot I was wearing it.
I think that removing the backing paper could be a struggle for someone with arthritis as sometimes it hard to find the edge.
Overall I would recommend this product worth the price for total peace of mind.

aknittingmum • 27 days ago

They really discreet and very effective.

Eda7 • 26 days ago

Thank you giving me the opportunity to be a part of this very important project. We need to talk more about our issues. Go Women!

Linz550 • 26 days ago

They really are a blessing, gave me that extra time to get to the bathroom when needed. I did find it difficult to open up and talk to others about it though, so guess I haven't broken the taboo about the subject, but I hope to one day.

lucrisa • 22 days ago

Dear savvy circler Linz550, we can totally understand that sometimes it may seem hard to open up about this subject... But, let's take more actions to free the speech! 😊

blunderwoman84 • 26 days ago

So much thinner and more discreet than I thought they would be. Can’t even see them through gym leggings!

mumstwoboys • 26 days ago

Just one negative for me, they were just too long. It hasn't put me off though, I will be buying the standard length ones!

suethetester • 26 days ago

Thank you for givingme the opportunity to try these pads. Unfortunately they was not for me. Think I need to buy the full panty ones I feel safer and the padding seems better. Thanks again.

Kibe • 26 days ago

These pads are exactly what I needed to feel confident about leaking and have my freedom once again!

CallieUK • 26 days ago

So very comfortable, even at night-time when other brands tend to "ruck" - thank you so much for the chance to try these out!

CallieUK • 26 days ago

PS forgot to mention my absolute delight at the scent not irritating me (and giving me thrush!). A total winner on this count, alone!!!

Marcie • 26 days ago

They are comfortable and discreet.

izazag • 26 days ago

I wrote a few reviews online,positive,but I have problem to upload some of them on my SupersavvyMe account.I tried to upload a few days later but still the same problem-I can't submit it.

wjww77 • 26 days ago

Thanks for letting me be part of this campaign.
I really enjoyed the opportunity

Alex6471 • 26 days ago

So comfortable you do not notice them , you feel safe and can have fun

Cheddargleam • 26 days ago

Review all done ✔

oneplus • 26 days ago

It has been a pleasure taking part in this project. Have given out samples and vouchers to friends family. Would highly recommend Always.

Yvonne82 • 25 days ago

Its been a pleasure to be part of this insightful campaign!

ritta • 23 days ago

It is been few weeks. I used it. I honestly feel it is so comfortable and smells nice and does great job

Kellylou1981 • 23 days ago

Comfortable, very discreet, don’t move and scrunch up like other brands & they don’t leak, what more could you want. I’m buying these from now on as I know they do everything I need them to do.

lucrisa • 22 days ago

Dear savvy circler Kellylou1981, thanks for all of these feedbacks! 😍

Sugarlips76 • 23 days ago

Confidence building in a discreet comfortable and affordable way..

Charlotte0110 • 23 days ago

I didn't receive a pack, am I the only one?

Buzor • 23 days ago

This worked both ways for me. As inconvenience pad and as sanitary pad for my period.
The length is great with the beautiful delicate scent. Used for night and when out and about during the day yet, feels very comfortable and odourless after use.
I am definitely sticking to this, no going back.
Thank you supersavvy for choosing me for this project. It has been an amazing period.

Laine74 • 23 days ago

Product was good , didn’t feel conscious about wearing them . However nighttime ones were bulky . No way am I getting in bed next to my husband wearing them !!

lucrisa • 22 days ago

Dear savvy circler Laine74, thanks for sharing your experience, we're definitely taking notes of your feedback. 😊

jillbenn • 23 days ago

These are so good, No leaking, no bulkiness, nice and subtle smell. Friends and family will be buying these as well.

Jh63 • 23 days ago

So handy for those times when you have left your bladder full for longer than you should...😁

Shorty1914 • 23 days ago

These are so comfortable

lucrisa • 22 days ago

Dear savvy circler Shorty1914, really happy to hear that! 😍

Idge666 • 22 days ago

Fabulous for the gym. Which where we really put them to the test.

Dilaila • 21 days ago

Very comfortable and discreet( hence the name) will love the same thing in black tho.

carolacr • 21 days ago

I already buy always, so I'll definitely be buying always discreet from now on. Thank you for the opportunity to sample these products.

Katcando • 21 days ago

The pads are really comfortable, you don't feel like you are wearing them. Family and friends were very impressed with the protection you get with these pads to, I would certainly recommend them.

FlexiEm • 21 days ago

I found them great at night times… during the days I couldn’t wear them as there very long and I’m petite so it was very bulky looking…

Jules1149 • 21 days ago

Very discreet and comfortable, I actually forgot I was wearing 1,my friends loved the coupon.

Lyn13664 • 21 days ago

They are so discreet and comfortable

ACAS2821 • 21 days ago

I have had a few leaks and I have to say that Always Discreet have been the best pads for me so far. They have kept me dry(er) and I did not have wet underwear thanks to the fantastic absobancy of the center fo the pads and the wings. My colleagues have tried them too and gave positive comments regarding the comfort aspect of the pads, not being able to feel them during the day. I have advertised them to students at school as we discussed menstruation and as some of them are going through puberty it is all about giving them the confidence to know that products such as Always Discreet can give them full protection.

Emzip • 21 days ago

The size what got sent out to me were on the xxxxxl size you wud need some big ole bum bum for them to fit. So I couldn't really do what was needed of me

LINDAC1953 • 21 days ago

My favourite thing about Always Discreet is the lovely fresh smell when you open the packet

Imoffmenut • 21 days ago

Comfort ,discreet, and they

SandraB • 20 days ago

Comforting and discreet! I loved being a part of this project1

Penguinnia • 20 days ago

comfortable but rather bulky

mackembella • 20 days ago

At first glance they appeared rather cumbersome, and very long. However after i got used to them the protection was fantastic, definitely my 'go to' pad now.

Stitcher • 19 days ago

Best pad I have ever tried, comfortable, fully protected with no leaks. Gave me confidence to go out and about without having to worry about where the nearest bathroom was.

Megsmum2210 • 19 days ago

They are really comfortable and very discreet. I've reccomended to everyone who will listen and will continue to use myself forever now. Thanks Always

Jojoprettyinpink • 19 days ago

Love them would never go back to what I was using before.

Soozie • 19 days ago

You can trust this brand

diannai • 19 days ago

I can trust it is doing the job

nattyjac • 18 days ago

Everything about always discreet gives me the confidence I need to forget about my bladder weakness . Great fresh fragrance, discreet, no leaks and comfortable. Ticks all round

Kellyc34 • 16 days ago

Great product, comfy and they definitely work

City80 • 16 days ago

Brilliant comfortable and you don't know you are wearing them.a few times I've panicked because I can feel myself leak but once I get to the toilet iam so happy I have always discreet on.thank you

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